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The need for the great outdoors, adventure

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Bink What's a guy to do when he's hemmed in by NASCAR and Disneyland, the unsatisfying job and family, movies of heroism and his own reality check ... why, rent a canoe and head down through untamed country on a river with friends, Miller ("It just doesn't get any better"), and who knows, your trip may yield some fascinating locals who are hospitable. Or not.

Larry Crane The movie was good, but in the book, I think there is a feeling that the guy who got shot (in the movie), didn't actually get shot. Rather, he may have just fallen out of the canoe and cracked his head on a rock or something. So, the killing of the guy on the cliff above them was not necessarily justified. In movies, you can't have that ambiguity, but I liked it in the book.

Michael Burhans You know you are from the south if you think this is a love story.

Narnie  Kahn  Both the book and the movie were effective in that they disturbed me, which is the goal of great art, right to evoke an emotion of some sort? I don't know what to say about the great outdoors, I love to camp, but I like G.P.S.s and knowing where the nearest hospital is. I hope anything I just said was relevant.

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Ken Pomarco Was Cormac McCarthy influenced by this novel?

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