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The Warrior Within (Terrilian, #1)
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ToriLynn | 4 comments I read this book some time between 1985-1990 and it was one of the first to really get me hooked in the direction of science fiction and fantasy. Unfortunately I borrowed the book from a friend and later moved so I have no idea what it was called and who wrote it. I've been looking for this book almost since that time.

A woman is sent by her job through a portal to another world as either an ambassador or liaison. The chieftain takes her under his protection, which she rebels against, chafing against restrictions she is not accustomed to. Also she thought the job was temporary and he thinks it's a permanent change and wasn't positive he wanted her to begin with. He puts metal bracelets on her but doesn't tell her at first that these represent a marriage bond.

She is empathic and can feel when there are others nearby and she is also a warrior. After her abilities have helped the tribe multiple times the chief grudgingly begins to accept her role.

That's all I remember but I'm positive there was a further story line. I can't remember if, in the end, she returns to her own world willingly or not for the next job, or if she stays.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4873 comments Torilynn, you should change your post title to something specific about the book. Something like "80s, 90s sci-fi, empathetic woman with metal bracelet."

More descriptive titles catch more eyes.

Do you remember if this was geared towards adults or teens? Remember anything about the cover?

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Ok, I remember reading this too. Unfortunately I don't remember the title or author either, sorry. But I believe it was a fairly popular book when it was written.

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Lizzy Lessard I don't remember there being a metallic bracelet, but the rest of the story line reminds me of JARAN. Jaran (Jaran, #1) by Kate Elliott . It was first published in 1992, but was recently rereleased.

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments These are the Terillian books I think.

The Warrior Within

Terillian serves as a liason to a barbarian world, but winds up catching the eye of a local warlord. She's empathic, but the world is a very "women are property" one, and her government lets her become more or less a slave to him. Kind of Gor-ish.

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ToriLynn | 4 comments I think it might be the terrilian books mentioned. I have been searching for years and not come up with this. Thank you! I have placed an order and when I confirm, I will update. Thanks for your help. Jaran sounds interesting too.

ToriLynn | 4 comments This was the series. Thank you! Much of the plot the way I remember it. Possibly not something I would pick up now and the slavery is very heavy handed especially since Tammad doesn't thinks she's a slave?! But glad I could recapture the story.

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