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message 1: by Chris Warns (new)

Chris Warns | 45 comments Something to laugh about.

message 2: by Brent (new)

Brent McCulley (brentthewalrus) Makes sense (;

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments I'm pretty sure I got my curley-que tail from my pig side of the family.

message 4: by Lee (new)

Lee Harmon (DubiousDisciple) | 2112 comments omg, is that why we're not allowed to eat bacon? Grampa!

message 5: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Well there it is, atheists are going to jump all over that. It came from a university THEREFORE IT'S A FACT. How dare anyone doubt academic science.

I love a good scientific quote:
" McCarthy said that at some point in human evolutionary history, a pig mated with a chimpanzee that might have led to Homo sapiens."

Might have...might have...might have...

I love looking at evolutionary beliefs and underlining all the MIGHT HAVES and POSSIBLIES...the best are the WE ASSUME's.

message 6: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Are we then assuming that God is creating every new little gnat, weed, or amoeba? So much for free will if God is that controlling. Your life is predetermined from cradle to grave, Rod, why bother thinking or doing anything at all YOU foolishly believe to be productive. You've got no more input then a wooden puppet.

message 7: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Let us say a certain type of cocci bacterium has a slight genetic improvement that allows it to survive the antibiotic that has killed off all its colony-mates. Because of the mere fact it survived in isolation it, and its genetic makeup, now become the norm (potential medical nightmare) thus becoming a new species. Rod - are you saying God, rather than evolutionary forces, created this superbug?

message 8: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle God maneuvers many things Robert. Do you assume this Earth and Universe is out of his control? Apparently.

Psalm 139
You have Searched Me and Know Me
…12Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You. 13For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. 14I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.…

Isaiah 44:24
"This is what the LORD says-- your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the LORD, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the earth by myself,

message 9: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Are those verses a bit poetic? Possibly. But nothing gets by God.

Are bugs often used of God throughout the Bible? YES. Don't make YOUR god to small Robert.

message 10: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments You're right, Rod, nothing gets by God. He created the Universe, the Laws of Physics (nature) that govern it and He created all the things He said He created in Genesis. He also created DNA and evolutionary forces to rejigger it so predator and prey could be in a race for survival where neither side gets too far ahead.

message 11: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments OK, Rod, let's go the really BIG GOD route. If God really is the Blob that ate everything like in the horror movies then nothing is unplanned. That means God IS Satan and evil and dark as well as good and forgiving. It would make no sense to pray to a beneficent, just God when He must also be malicious and unjust.

message 12: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle I think God used some very useful systems. But they are never far from his grasp.

Are insects ever beyond his USE? Are draughts ever surprising to God? When Moses brought the curses to Pharoah (frogs, gnats, Blood rivers) was that just the laws of physics?

Does God spend his every moment pushing ants up anthills? Don't know - But I bet he's aware if the hill gets too BIG.

There is always freedom - But it is not beyond God's control. Has a meteor destroyed our planet? I think God is very aware.
He even has the time to know billions of people's hearts (or is that only a feat for a horror movie BLOB?)

message 13: by Robert (last edited Feb 22, 2014 09:03AM) (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Well, Rod, then He also has to take responsibility for the tornados that rip through Bible-belt towns killing hundreds of His most devout Believers.

message 14: by Lee (new)

Lee Harmon (DubiousDisciple) | 2112 comments haha. God sends punishment upon the Bible belt.

message 15: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Rod - astronomy can explain why meteors don't strike earth - Jupiter acts as a giant meteor vacuum. And I don't place blame or praise (good shot with that Sandy and Katrina, God, kill those Godless New Yorkers and Cajuns!) on our Creator for natural events. He merely stands by and lets the Laws of Physics operate. We are discussing what the right size for God is: BIG and all interferring and controlling or SMALL and indifferent. Why we're discussing it is unclear as we, as mortals aren't privy to the answer, but it would appear to me as a Goldilocks summation. The right size God would answer select prayers and work assorted miracles, but would leave the people HE CREATED IN HIS OWN IMAGE largely alone to decide their own fate.

message 16: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle I think God is very involved (I thought you did too Robert?)

Are tornadoes from God? Sure. For his Glory.

How often does God control the weather in the Bible? Does he take responsibility for deaths? Yes he does. Is everything for his Glory? You bet it is. Even Satan's very existence is for God's glory.

message 17: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Rod - I think the earthbounding of His son ended His active participation in human events except for answering prayers and working miracles which, Rod, probably is extremely frequent - I didn't mean to imply God wasn't fully engaged in the mercy business. Now its real simple, come to Jesus and be saved or don't and suffer. It's all individual responsibility. Nations don't matter, groupthink doesn't matter, politics doesn't matter, and most of all, excuses don't matter. Armageddon will come, but the timing is open-ended. If our collective individual decisions indicate Christianity will resurge, then it's put off for X amount of years, if individual's, as is currently the trend, follow the culture and ignore Christianity, then the End of Times is imminent. Why wasn't I Raptured last night, I'm not sitting through 21 tribulations because of everyone else's unbelief!

message 18: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle I don't spend much time on futuristic prophecies. But my local and national Newspapers keep showing how the world is getting worse.
Christianity is getting worse, soon it will be booted into too extremes: Charismatic emotional insanity, or Liberal humanistic hippie cults.

If and When the rapture happens - most people will barely notice because the churches will still be filled accordingly. And we all know the Pope will still be here.

I agree Robert that there isn't much need for miracles (in the faith department) at the moment. Miracles prove nothing and seldom give the correct God authority.
But the Holy Spirit is busier than ever - Condemning as well as saving. I see spiritual miracles everyday chatting with people: people bouncing off of the Word of God...and others being pulled to it.

My top 3 Bible verse:
John 20:29
Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

That's ME.

message 19: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Rod - Why don't you spend much time on futuristic prophecies? It's about one-third of the Bible you claim to follow so fervently.

message 20: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle The funny thing about futuristic prophecies is:

For the last 1900 years (and more) people have assumed the end was just around the corner... ummmmh? Now it's 2014...there may be more corners to go.

I don't spend MUCH time on them - but a very little bit is necessary.

message 21: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Robert comment:
" It's about one-third of the Bible you claim to follow so fervently."

One-third eh? I disagree. Should we count verses?

Many prophecies are about Jesus arrival (the first time). Others are about Israel and World ministries. And anything about Heaven can easily take care of itself later.

I'll leave most of the tribulation prophecies to those who will be suffering through it. They are good to understand - but the Bible spends a great deal of time revealing the TRUTH about i'll let that take up most of my time.)

message 22: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Guys - just how long do you have to ponder over how sinful the world is and who gains redemption?

message 23: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle It appears most of Christianity is confused over redemption. I still hear daily that NICE people go to heaven, and inhospitable people go to (some place where they are lightly scolded and made to promise to be nice upon their reincarnations that eventually lead to all Christians and non-believer's arriving in a Heaven that is just more of what we have now - but with better television reception.)

Apparently everyone gets redemption - except the God of the Old Testament.

Some people definitely need to BEGIN to ponder this. :cD

message 24: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Rod - OK, what you say is undeniably true, but to my mind is part futuristic prophesy. I suppose we could debate where the redemptive/faith part ends and the prophetic part begins, but upon death, judgement could come immediately or it could be way off in the future awaiting the unfurling of more of God's master plan. I like to think we get a quick trial and sentencing, but then I'm saved, I would. Hate to think of trillions of souls in abeyance awaiting the trumpet call announcing the reading of the Book of Life.

message 25: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle To be fair - Everything is futuristic. :D

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