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Madeleine I wrote a blog post about the movie and why it isn't doing so well...I happened to love the movie but it is TANKING.


Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict I LOVED your review. It had me cracking up.

I really wished people would go and give this movie a chance. The book was so good and the story is really different to the usual vampire stories. And how many books out there that have a friendship between two girls as the main plot to the story? Not many.

I haven't seen the movie yet (cuz the movie hasn't come out in my country yet - sucks to live in Australia right now) But a lot of the people that have watched it think it's a really enjoyable movie that is true to the book.

Madeleine You have to love this book to like the movie, the screenplay is a mess and you kind of only know what's going on because of the book, but it is like watching the characters as if they've stepped out of the book. Seriously. Rose was flawless.

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict People have been saying that rose was perfect. And I've seen a lot of other reviews that have stated the things that were wrong so hopefully now that Im expecting them to be there they won't bother me as much when I do eventually get to see the movie.

It just seems like people are comparing YA adapted movies to things like twilight or Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Especially movies where the only common thing between them is vampires. It really annoys me

Madeleine People aren't paying attention to how diverse YA is as a genre, so as soon as they hear YA they shut down. It's either "Hunger Games or Vampires" at this point. Beautiful Creatures got compared to Twilight! It had a completely different plot, setting, voice, a tone. Two vastly different series.

Most reviewers don't want to like Ya adaptations anymore.

message 6: by WinterRose (last edited Feb 14, 2014 12:26AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

WinterRose VA will definitely get compared to Twilight more if Frostbite is made because of a "love triangle" that occurs. I quote "love triangle" because it's very different from most you read. I actually love the way Richelle tackles it. But no doubt, any movie regardless of plot, that has a love triangle, teenagers, and supernatural, is hit with a Twilight comparison.

I think where VA struggled movie wise is that they didn't find a way to appeal to more than just fans of the book. You can't have your only movie base be book fans unless that fan base is HUGE. Otherwise, you have to bring in new audiences.

Marketing as Mean Girls meets vampires was risky. It didn't pay off, sadly. They should have taken a leaf from Warm Bodies. They managed to balance horror, humor, and romance. Warm Bodies was much more successful critically, as well as at the box office.

(The moment I read VA I actually hoped it would be a TV show, rather than a movie. I thought it would work better in episode format.)

Madeleine I don't we're getting Frostbite... I would LOVE that, but I feel like box office performance is going to hurt this franchise. I can live with love triangle because I heard some things about her and (Is it Mason?) and Dimitri and I thought it was built up, but the movie has set up that so shittily. Mason's character in the movie was pathetic.

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict Spoiler It's not mason. But that's all I'll say. You'll have to read Frostbite.

I totally get what you both are saying. I expectations of getting a second movie is really low. But I wish we would get the chance of having one so that the people that made the movie would have learnt from what they did wrong and fix all their mistakes - but I doubt we'd get that chance.

Ayah Maddie wrote: "I wrote a blog post about the movie and why it isn't doing so well...I happened to love the movie but it is TANKING.


loved your review and i was going to go watch the movie anyway and i read the books like 3 years ago loved them

but the movie hasn't come here yet i'm also in australia lol

Madeleine Definitely see it, and thank you! The best advice is to keep your expectations optimistic but guarded. It's a great adaptation, but as a standalone movie, like if the book never existed, it wouldn't be very good.

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict @Ayah

sometimes it really sucks to live in Australia. I've been all depressed today because it's valentine's day and I planned to go to see VA today with my bestie. Then they screwed everything up by changing the date.

Jrlyn Bly I've watched and I totally agreed that Mason humorous aura in the movies is minimized :(( And yeah, only those who've read the book could totally understand the movie b/c as I try to watch it, imagining myself I haven't read the book (I did try with the imagining :D!) I really can't understand how the movie is flowing.
But for those who've read, IT'S TOTALLY GREAT! <3 I love how Zoey portray Rose. But Dimitri's exposure is so little WHY?? 3

message 13: by Chris (last edited Feb 14, 2014 03:21AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chris Rose is amazing!!!!!!!!! Dimitri is portrayed by the worst actor ever!!!!! He's fat and ugly and that's not what Richelle Mead described in her books.
As for the movie, it was good. A little sided toward chick flicks. My advice is to improve the fighting scenes and make it a bit creepier!!! It's not mean girls after all

Madeleine I actually loved the Dimitri. He looked older than I expected but he was a babe. he was bulky because he's incredibly muscular. His fucking forearms changed my life. It was a different choice than what I expected, but I really though he did a good job. He wasn't shot very flatteringly and a few costumes weren't tailored to suit him best, but I didn't mind him so much.

Nikita I liked it. They actors I thought were great and it was nice to see new faces. Rose is awesome, Lissa is fun, Christian and Dimitri were hot, in my opinion. I loved that they have a real Russian playing a Russian character.

I didn't like that it was under two hours long, I felt it could have been better if it was longer. It was too fast in some areas and didn't have enough character development and understanding of the depression issues Lissa was having and bonding time between Dimitri and Rose.

What was changed from the book, I think I can deal with but if it was longer, it might have done better.

Jrlyn Bly Nikita wrote: "I liked it. They actors I thought were great and it was nice to see new faces. Rose is awesome, Lissa is fun, Christian and Dimitri were hot, in my opinion. I loved that they have a real Russian..."

I TOTALLY AGREE! If only it was longer, it would've been better =) They change the way how Lissa channels her pain =(

Madeleine Oh, what did you guys think of Mia?

WinterRose I thought Mia was very cliché in VA. Typical mean girl. She gets some depth though and I liked her more as the series went on.

I actually saw a twitter post that indicated there was news about Frostbite. So maybe they are going to go ahead with it? I'm not sure. I think we need a different director though. Not that Waters didn't do a good job. It just needs to be a darker tone. Definitely agree Chris, it needs to be creepier and scary instead of teen chick flick with vamps.

@ Maddie. I think Dimitri looked a little too old too, but I still liked him. His accent made it hard to understand him at times, but overall he still did a good job with the character.

Madeleine He was a little too old and that accent was a stumbling block, but once you got him wrestling around with Rose I felt like he was perfect. Also one thing that bothered me in the book is I have never heard a faint russian accent, russian accents are like go hard or go home. So I was a bit more forgiving, even though almost the entire movie was "Wait, what the fuck did he just say? I feel like it was cute, but I can't tell."

I wasn't wild about Mia's casting. I def liked her better during Frostbite, but her writing in the movie was just horrible.

I heard about the Frostbite news, but the 11% on rotten tomatoes just isn't giving me much hope. Am I the only one suspecting a spin-off tv series or something? I don't know why but I feel like VA won't be continued in the medium of film. I'm just bracing myself for the worst right now.

The Angry Lawn Gnome WinterRose wrote: "I actually saw a twitter post that indicated there was news about Frostbite. So maybe they are going to go ahead with it? I'm not sure. ..."

At this point I think the "Official Vampire Academy Movie" (OVAM) site/Facebook page/Twitter feed are just pumping out nonsense and all have zero credibility. I wouldn't believe a word that any of them are putting out in trying to put a positive spin on how badly this movie has bombed.

Sorry to be so harsh in my assessment, but I think they're being misleading to the one group that truly wanted the movie to succeed: fans of the books. And I find that, well, if not exactly offensive certainly annoying.

Madeleine Yeah I feel bad because people are getting worked up. I want to see this movie succeed as much as anyone but its no secret the marketing and everything was handled horribly. We'll see what this big surprise is.

WinterRose I always thought VA would make a better TV show than movie anyway, so I'd be pleased with a show. Teen Wolf on MTV is one of my favorites and if they got hold of VA, that'd be stupendous. lol Anyone watch Teen Wolf around here? :)

@ Maddie. I'm not sure book Dimitri had a strong accent. I can't remember if Rose commented on it. (I get annoyed when authors don't include the accent in the book, but then pretend when the movie comes out that it was there all along. No. It's okay to admit the actor struggled with the original accent so it was changed in the movie. I swear that's what happened with Jace/Jamie in City of Bones.)

VA is down to 9% now. It wasn't great, but that's pretty low. It's just disappointing because it could have been better. I actually think they tried to cram too much from the book in a small time frame. If they were going to make it so short, they needed to make some cuts. I actually wish they focused on the dead animals mystery and left out the drama with Mia.

Madeleine The pacing was a nightmare. And they had time to kill with the final cut, so it could have run longer there was no reason for its pace. I feel like a lot of the creators favorite things got missed up into the focus. Mark Waters loves bitchy girls in high school, Daniel Waters loves heinous rumors about threesomes being gossiped about. So nothing was added to detract from the story, but certain points were focused upon that distracted from training on the characters bonding. We needed more friendship, better exposition, and less "hehe rose had a threesome haha blood whore."

As for Dimitri, i really meant that I just can't hear a faint Russian accent in my head, like I know he has it, but I could never water one down to be able to hear it when I was reading. I know it gets thicker when he's...erm... distracted... So I was flip flopping with what he sounded like in the book, the after the movie I was just like okay full throttle Russian I can go for this.

message 24: by Maya (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maya Why see the movie? It was FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I'd go see it again if I could!

WinterRose YES the pacing was a huge issue. I knew it was going to have some rough exposition within the first 15 minutes, which sounded like a prologue reading.

I mean there was a lot of drama/mean girl ness in the first book, which is one of the reasons why it's my least favorite of the series, but I wish they just cut a lot of it out. Those things might be in the book, but it's not really all that relevant to the plot. It could have been minimalized for sure.

Madeleine Yeah once the entirety of the car crash was over I was like...yikes...pacing....

message 27: by KK (new) - rated it 1 star

KK The movie was surprisingly good. The previews made it seem like it was going to be nothing like the book. But it actually was exactly like the book. I recommend it.

Madeleine It's a great adaptation. But you have to like the books to get the movie, and that's where it fails as a movie. Great adaptation though.

Joseph Rouhana Havn't seen it yet :/ but i heard it didn't do reall good so that sucks ass i know it cray of me BUT I REALL WANTED A SYDNEY MOVIE ! Lol that's so not gonna happen now..

Madeleine It's not doing well, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Nicole Buys take a look at the premiere dates on imbd the movie won't be out in my country until late April.

Madeleine And the movie is no longer running in my local theater. SEE THIS MOVIE WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Five things I would like to say.

1. Do not compare vampire academy to twilight. Many people are doing this, and it’s not fair. This is not a Twilight love story. Yes, they both contain Vampires, and THAT’S ABOUT IT. Twilight: A weak girl who falls in love with a vampire and tries to stay alive. Vampire Academy: A badass heroine who tries to protect her best friend from other evils. Rose is SO much stronger than Bella. Do not come into the theater wanting to see Bella and Edward, because that’s not what you’re going to get. There is a love interest, but it is more subtle. Rose is not chasing after Dimitri the way Bella chases after Edward. She is dedicated to protecting her friend, and is willing to sacrifice everything to do so. It centers around the friendship of two girls, to which the romance is secondary to, something not seen often in YA book-movie adaptations. Or in YA books at all.

2. Realize this movie is based off of a book. That’s what makes the plot so complicated. And it is a good plot, but it had to be explained to everyone who hadn’t read the books. They did a great job explaining it, but it took up a long time because of the complexity. It was stuff you had to know though. The books were amazing, and I loved the movie as well. If you read the books, you will like the movie better.

3. Don’t hate on this movie or on the sarcasm in it. If you’ve read the books (and you SHOULD), you’ll know how sarcastic Rose is. It’s just ROSE. And since this is a movie adaptation, they had to include it. (And I liked the sarcasm) Say what you want about the characters, but most of the were portrayed perfectly, and if you didn’t like them, that’s just a matter of opinion, not the fault of the actors.

4. St. Vladamir’s is not Hogwarts. Yes, they both educate students. They both know about magic. THAT IS ALL. Enough with the comparisons, can’t people realize this film as an original?! It’s NOT TWILIGHT, and it’s NOT HARRY POTTER, nor is it MEAN GIRLS or HEATHERS!. They are all YA adaptions. They center around Magic or Vampires, but that DOESN’T MAKE THEM THE SAME.

5. I loved this movie. I thought it was a great adaptation, and followed the storyline pretty perfectly. I can’t think of many things I would want to change, other than small details. If I could, I would see this movie a thousand times again. As a huge fan of the books, I went into the theaters apprehensive, for many other YA adaptations weren’t very good, and I was very surprised. Loved the acting, writing, score, fights, and sets. I totally recommend this movie to every VA fan!

Madeleine I hope this isn't directly addressing my review, because I don't think I meant any of the things in these points, I actually agree with you over them all. You really summed up why this movie is awesome, so thank you!

1. I only compare them because Vampire Academy is so clearly SO superior and point out how it is nothing like Twilight. Vampires in high school was a niche market when these books came out, but now it's exploded in almost a cliche. THIS IS NOT VAMPIRE ACADEMY'S FAULT. IT'S IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT. GO SEE THE MOVIE THE QUALITY OF THIS IS WORTH A THOUSAND TWILIGHTS.

2. I thought the plot was excellent, if rushed. They had the time to spare as well, so they could have slowed down the beginning. But it flowed, it was a bit more steady than in the book.

3. Rose was perfect in this movie. Her sarcasm was great, there were one or two jokes that were a little off, but otherwise perfectly written and acted. The casting was a godsend.

4. Agreed. Completely agreed.

5. Ditto.

In short, this was a perfect adaptation. Not a perfect movie, but the adaptation itself onto the screen was done seamlessly.

Madeleine Anyway, the Frostbite stuff they keep teasing, is that still a thing? I mean I know they were lying but are they still trying to make it happen? Like "fetch"? Get it? Mean Girls?

message 36: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana The movie was poorly done! Dimitri did not look nor sound how he should have. He looked way older than 24. Which is all he should be. There is only a 7 year difference between Dimitri and Rose. The character that played Dimitri reminded me of Jack Black. Jack Black is not god like in any aspect. Well, maybe humor, but... Not attractive! Same with Jesse, who is supposed to be very sexy. Very upset. Also, Rose and Lissa, seemed... Too girly.

Vampire Academy should not have been produced by the same people who produced Mean Girls. Means Girls was a mistake, as was Vampire Academy becoming a movie. My boyfriend took me to see it for Valentine's day, but I was very upset at how poorly it was made.

Madeleine I though it was a bad movie but a faithful, excellent adaptation. I think the way Vampire Academy was written was very cinematic, and worked much better on screen structurally than most YA adaptations that did better. It had major flaws, but as a fan of the books I was satisfied, even overjoyed some moments.

I have to say it's Mean Girls roots were its downfall, and its Heathers roots were it's life support. Especially Lissa's speech at the end, straight out of Mean Girls and painfully awful. The marketing was poorly done, at least the hideous posters were, and it was dependent on the reputation of its director.

And I personally found Dimitri very sexy.

message 38: by Nae (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nae I haven't see the movie, but after reading the reviews I know that I want to now. I hadn't wanted to see the movie at first because looking at the trailers it seemed as if they were just going to turn this movie into a big Mean Girls movie with the Vampire Academy characters. I think that's what turned a lot of people off about the movie, although I can't really speak for anybody else.

message 39: by Lee (new) - added it

Lee this is not due for release until April 23rd
so I can`t comment on here looking forward to this

Sarbi Actually it´s not a bad thing to be compared to twilight I mean promotion wise. Twilight made so much money and became super popular I hope it will be the same with VA. Yeah VA is way superior than twilight so it should be recognized as such.

Caeselyn i really love the series.. and i find the movie enjoyable. i just hope there is going to be a second movie.

Jennifer Dupriest I watched the movie and hmmm... I thought it was okay.

Madeleine The writing was bad but you could tell the people who made the movie cared about it.

Nicole Buys I really loved the movie and maybe that is because i can appreciate the cheese and the kick-assery in it. I personally love the direction they went in and i hope they will make frostbite since the book series gets better with each book. Funny how all critics hate it and all they want to talk about is how it's a misguided version of twilight. That's what I have a problem with. everything is FUCKING Twilight nowadays. Yes, this is a vampire movie in the young adult demographic but that's it. VA is funny, awesome and Fucking filled with action while Twilight is kind of depressing at least in the first three books (CALM YOUR TITS, I don't hate twilight it's just more low key and it does make a great setup to the final book. P.S. read all of them even the companion one). rose is smart, filled with snark and got balls like it's nobodies business. Plus she's a Strigoi hunting, Moroi protecting Guardian, not just a teenage girl falling in love with a sparkly Vampire (CALM YOUR TITS, still don't hate Twilight).

DarkAurora wow! so much 2 read. has it came out in UK cinemas yet?


DarkAurora OKAY!

message 48: by Ayah (new) - rated it 4 stars




DarkAurora i'm gonna c it on sunday,cos' my bff is doing lent,so she can't watch tv except on sunday

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