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Miss Belrose walked in, blonde hair flying around.

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Eml | 485 comments Julian and Freddie walked into class, looking like matching lemons in their bright yellow sweaters. Being sixth graders they hesitated at the door not sure where to sit,"Um, are there assigned seats?" Freddie asked politely.

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HipsterAurora | 10 comments Ari walked in wearing a black nirvana shirt. and blue jeans.

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"No, there isn't just sit wherever you want. I'm Miss Belrose." She smiled.

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Eml | 485 comments Freddie smiled,"Hi, I'm Freddie Windsor." He knew most people knew who he was, but he still felt it was polite to introduce himself. He took a seat by the window.

"And I'm Julian Orrick." He took the seat behind Freddie.

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