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Shannyn Still referring back to her schedule and the provided school map, Rain Wilde walked in, puzzled by Adelgard's many ancient corridors. She stopped right inside the door and searched the room for any signs of life.

Rain was practically bouncing, which was rare considering it was before 8 am and she hadn't had coffee in ages. But English was first period! Aside from any forms of performing arts or history, literature was her absolute favorite class. But the bounciness wasn't solely due to excitement. She had heard crazy rumors about this teacher. Such as being called "The Devil" by his students, but Rain wasn't just about to let a silly teacher ruin her bright mood. Or her bright year.

The words of her hippie-esque acting coach came back into her head and started to echo inside her mind, Don't let anyone dull your sparkle... The familar saying brought her enough courage to take another step forward but that was all. She wasn't sure she was supposed to be in here without a teacher...

Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Carson walked into class, carryon his leather briefcase, as usual. He placed the black object on his table, before turning to face the class. He pushed his glasses up his large nose before clapping his hands, "Welcome to Literature 101," he started to explain as he moved down the rows, once the bell rang. He cleared his throat, "Now let's get started on the rules," he grabbed someone's phone whom was texting near the back, "No cellphones, or any electronics. I like my class to be old school. Through, I do expect you to type up your essays, and papers because some on you just can't write neatly." He walked up to the front of the room, and tossed the phone into a box on his table, "If I catch you with your phone more than once you instantly get detention. If you are a first time offender that I'll only take it away till the end of the day, "Secondly, ladies no doing your hair, makeup, or nails in class. It is disrespectful. If I notice you aren't listening, I will kick you out of class." He ran a hand through his gelled back hair before stating, "Now attendance."

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Eml | 485 comments Grant and Caroline walked in late. "Sorry sir," said Caroline as she quietly took a seat.

Grant grinned,"Carson my love! I got you both semesters, aren't you delighted?"

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Shannyn Rain strolled over to take a seat next to the boy who just walked in, and smiled at Mr. Carson as she passed. Then she registered the girl's face. Rain knew she was a queen, but she didn't know of which country. They all blend together sometimes.

Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Carson cleared his throat uncomfortably at Grant's comment before stating, "Just delighted. Now take your seats, please." He strongly did not want to have Grant for any semester, especially not both, but he was going to have to put up with it, "Now you two have already had me before, and is why I am not going to explain the rules, "Attendance time. Julie? Florence? Miriam? Gr-," Then he already marked him as here, along with Caroline, and the students that he previous stated, "Rain?"

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Shannyn "Right here!" Rain said after mentally preparing herself to do so. She smiled again at him as she took out her stuff. He didn't look that mean.

She turned to the boy next to her. "Is he really as bad as they say he is?" she whispered.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant stared happily out the window, pleased to get back to his daydreaming routine. Though messing with Carson was one of his favorite pastimes, in general he didn't go out of his way to bug him during class time.

Caroline was miserable. This had been the worst start of term ever. My brother is in a wheelchair. My brother actually requires using a wheelchair. Variations of the phrase played over and over in her head. She wasn't even paying attention to Carson. She knew it was mostly Alfie's fault, but she couldn't help but be bitter at the paparazzi for forcing them into tense situations. She wondered if they were going to try something again today.

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Eml | 485 comments Pulled out of his daze, Grant looked at the girl speaking to him, he thought about her question for a second then answered,"Absolutely."

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Shannyn Rain exhaled and smiled. "Crap. Well, anyways I'm Rain," she said glancing sideways at Mr. Carson, checking to see if he could hear her.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant held out his hand not caring if Carson could hear or see,"I'm Grant. Grant Finley." He waited to see if she recognized him. Most people didn't when they first saw him because his hair was always tousled instead of perfectly gelled into place and his clothes were rumpled instead of crisp. But when they heard the name Finley they usually realized he was the First Kid.

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Shannyn "Nice to meet you," Rain said, shaking his hand. "I bet you get this a lot but you look just like the President of the United States. Like, just like him. It's crazy." She thought for a minute and really looked like him. He was pretty familiar... Then it clicked. "Wow I'm slow! You're the President's kid, right!" She laughed. "That took me way to long. Sometimes I forget I go here."

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Eml | 485 comments He laughed, "Don't worry about it, it's not like I've actually done anything important. Other than surviving Carson for...let's see," he counted on his fingers,"5 years now? Yeah I think this is my fifth year with him as a teacher."

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Shannyn Rain Wilde laughed loudly at that, but caught herself and covered her mouth.
Returning to a whisper she said, "Are you kidding? The most important thing I've done was win an award for pretending to be someone else!" She chuckled. And then remembered what she heard in the hallways. "So what's this scandal I've been hearing about? I've only heard little bits and pieces, but I bet you know the whole story."

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Eml | 485 comments This made Grant smile darkly,"Which one? Adelgard is full of scandals."

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Shannyn Rain leaned in closer. "I think it involved a prefect girl and a teacher. Something about an affair...?" She whispered, returning the mischievous grin.

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Eml | 485 comments "Ah. That one." Grant's blue-green eyes lost some of their shine. He glanced nervously to see if Caroline had heard, but she seemed to be brewing in her own personal storm cloud. "Isobel, a girl in our year((I'm assuming your character is a junior since she's 17)) had an affair with the publicity teacher. He doesn't work here anymore and she left the school. No one has heard from her since. Honestly, it was rotten. I think he took advantage of her. She was going through a rough time and went to him for help in dealing with the press. But, something started between them. I'm not actually sure how they got caught. You'd have to ask around to find out."

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Shannyn Rain cocked an eyebrow and nodded slowly. Now the whispers made a little more sense now. "That's kinda messed up. I mean it'd be one thing if they really did feel something for each other, but I agree with you. He was taking advantage of her. I hope she's okay... No one, not even her best friend has heard from her?"

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Eml | 485 comments Grant shook his head, "I mean everyone is pretty close here. We understand each other...I saw her when she was packing her things. She told me she loved him and that they would make it work. But, I don't think people our age can be in love like that. And he's in jail now, so it'll never work out. Somehow the press found out though and we had the worst pap-attack I've ever seen yesterday. Which is weird because Adelgard is usually so good at keeping secrets. Must be because Emerson isn't here anymore."

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Shannyn "I feel so bad for her... Know any other crazy stories?" Rain asked. She truly did feel bad for Isobel. She was a hopeless romantic above all, and she always wanted happy endings. That's why she was in the movies.

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Eml | 485 comments "Well, I guess since we're on the subject of Emerson, you should know the current headmaster is a total asshole. Emerson has been headmaster since the beginning of time, but Oxley always wanted his job so he was going behind his back for years and gaining support to steal the position. Oxley is horrible at the job though. And I really miss Emerson. He was such a cool old dude."

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Shannyn She leaned back in her chair slightly. "Aah the conniving schemers of the education system. Gotta love 'em... or your grades will suddenly drop. I knew a teacher in sixth grade who despised this one student so much that she would literally take off points for giving the same answer twice in a row on his multiple choice tests. It didn't matter that questions 1 and 2 were both choice B, she would take off points! That poor kid."

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Eml | 485 comments "That doesn't sound legal. My parents would be so pissed. I mean they get mad when I don't try, but there's no reason why a teacher shouldn't be looking out for their students."

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Shannyn Rain chuckled. "It probably wasn't. I'm surprised she never got caught. I love teachers, they love me! I have no objection to them looking out for me." She watched Mr. Carson for a minute then turned back to Grant. "What's your favorite book?"

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Eml | 485 comments "Uh..." The question took him by surprise. Rain was very friendly and open it seemed. A little hyper too. "Hmm. I'm gonna be unoriginal and say any Harry Potter book."

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Shannyn "Good choice," she whispered. "I knew I liked you." Rain turned back to the front of the room, stealing glances at Grant every once in a while.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant chuckled finding Rain to be a fascinating person. He was going to ask what her favorite book was, but he got the sense he might be pushing it with Carson. He couldn't tell if the teacher had noticed them talking.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Ashton entered class late. He had lost track of time with Reese, and he knew Carson was going to kill him for it. He entered the room, and tried to tip toe to his seat.

"Grant, and Rain," Carson started as he crossed his arms across his chest with a sigh, "Is your conversation more important than my lesson." Then he heard the door clang, "Mr. Komo. How wonderful for you to join us."

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Shannyn "I wouldn't doubt it," Rain muttered under her breath after Carson had passed. When the door swung open, she jumped in her seat a little, startled by the sound. She half smiled at the new comer and tried to busy herself with pencils.

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Eml | 485 comments Overlapping his fingers and holding them close to his cheek Grant said in a airy voice,"Nothing is more important to me than listening to the sound of your voice Carson. Please continue."

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Shannyn Rain laughed at Grant and took a minute to get a hold of herself and noticed some of the students staring at her outburst. "Whoops," she said giggling a little more.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant grinned at Rain,"You know, you and I are going to get along very well. Let me introduce you to my friend Caroline, she's in front of you."

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Shannyn She smiled and leaned in toward Caroline and whispered, "Caroline? Hi, I'm Rain."

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Eml | 485 comments Caroline smiled back,"Hello. I see you're getting along well with Grant. Be careful, his troublesome tendencies might rub off on you."

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Eml | 485 comments The bell rang, so Grant and Caroline quickly got out of their seats. They walked outside to see Alfie and Maeve waiting for them.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Reese met up with Alfie and Maeve outside before grant and Caroline saw them.

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Shannyn Rain picked up her books slowly and smiled to herself. That was good. This is a start. Maybe I ought to introduce myself to the teacher... So she walked over to Mr. Carson and put on her mega-watt smile.
"Hi, Mr. Carson, I'm Rain Wilde. I really looking forward to the class. What books do we read this year?"

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Mr. Carson flashed her a smile, surprised that someone actually had an interest in his class. Most students never took it seriously, and it gave him a sense of joy when a student showed any sort of passion for the class, "Hello, Miss Wilde. I'm glad to have you apart of my class. I was planning on starting with Of Mice and Men, Hamlet, 1984, and finishing it off with Grapes of Wrath. Are you new to this Adelgard?"

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Shannyn "Yep, this is my first year," Rain smiled running her fingers through her hair. "I absolutely adore 1984. George Orwell is a genius! Animal Farm was golden too." She was suddenly very glad her father made her read the classics instead of Twilight.

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Izzy | 127 comments "Do you see Grant?" Maeve asked, attempting to look at the see of heads.

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Eml | 485 comments "There he is," said Alfie pointing.
Grant dragged Caroline over to Alfie, Maeve and Reese.

"Hey man, how you doing?" asked Grant.

"I'm alright. Got a free period, you?"

"I do now." Grant shrugged.

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