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Eml | 485 comments (This is a place for students to hang out in their free time)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Klara entered the common area, hoping to run into someone

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) It was fascinating just how large Adelgard truly was. Luna had yet had the time to truly explore; so far she'd only been able to see her suite, the dining hall, and the library. Finding herself in a somewhat open area, her eyes landed on a rather lost looking girl. "Um..Hey, I'm guessing you're new around here too?"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Klara looked up, "Oh, hi!" she jumped up and extended her hand, "I'm Klara Bach, Princess of Denmark! Nice to meet you!" She flashed a brilliant smile

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Luna was taken aback by the girl's enthusiastic response, jumping slightly in place before releasing a laugh. Raising a perfectly manicured hand of her own, she took the one offered to her and gave it a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Klara-- or should I call you your Highness?" Her tone was joking as she questioned, a light laugh falling from her lips. "I'm Luna Deveraux, Princess of...the Deveraux household," she finished with another snort of laughter.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She smiled, "nah, you dont have to call me that" she said with a laugh, "and its wonderful to meet you" she said with a flourish of her hand, and then a giggle. "When did you arrive here?"

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Eml | 485 comments Haruto((He's a prefect)) walked into the room hearing voices. "Excuse me ladies, but you can't be here right now. We're in a code blue right now. Please follow me."

((Go to the safe room thread))

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