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Eml | 485 comments ...

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Eml | 485 comments The Windsor siblings arrived for dinner at precisely the same time. This was not done on purpose, but more due to their upbringing. As usual, they were 30 minutes early.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Reese entered the dining hall, dressed in her school uniform, sadly. She hated wearing it. She wore her red skirt, knee hight socks, a white collared shirt and a red tie to match. There weren't many people in the dinning hall. She could make out a few whispers about her. Isn't that Resse?.... You haven't heard about her?... The party animal......She hooked up with....We all know what she did this summer. She sighed, it has approximately been about a year since she went cold turkey, but people will always see her as she same old troubled girl. She quickly searched the room to find Ashton, since he was her anchor.

Ashton entered the room not that much after Reese. He ran a hand through his disheveled dirty blond hair as he looked around the room. He was the same room that he had seen every year, but this time he knew that it would be his last welcome back dinner, and he sighed softly. He was dressed in a green tie, sweater, a white collar shirt, and a pair of black slacks. He was already starting to miss this place.

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Eml | 485 comments ((Is he wearing green pants too?))

Freddie noticed Caroline looked slightly bothered. He gave her hug to make her feel better. It was one of her favorite things about her youngest brother, that they didn't need to speak to understand each other. She ruffled his hair, "How are you? Are you all unpacked? I can help if you had any trouble. "

"I'm okay. We made some friends. " Freddie saw Reese and waved her over.

Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments ((Lol OMG NO. such bad decision if he did. imma edit that ;) ))

Reese started to walk over to Freddie and Caroline as she tried to smile but he was kinda of difficult as she felt other peoples eyes on her. She took a deep breath and tried to shake off the uneasy feeling. She already missed the summer and couldn't wait for this year to end.

"Hey," Reese said, once she had made it to Freddie as she awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck, "Did you guys mange to finish packing?"

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Eml | 485 comments ((Lol I was like wow he really loves green))

"Yep. We're all done."said Alfie with a goofy smile on his face. This made Caroline look at him sideways.

Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments ((LOL naw it was his uniform and i was like reading down the requirements and i guessed I was high or something because I decided to say everything was green. ;) lets not speak about this ))

"It was almost impossible to finish it all in that time period," Reese chucked softly, as she flashed him a grin, "Ashton was pissed that I didn't have time to do his room this year." She chuckled softly at Ashie's laziness. She ran a hand through her curly blonde hair as she turned her attention to Caroline, "I'm Reese, by the way."

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Eml | 485 comments "Hello. I think we're in the same year. " Caroline said smiling. She gestured to her matching uniform.
"You seem to have made quite the impression on my brothers. " This made Freddie grin where as Alfie turned several shades of red.

Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "I hope we have some classes together," Reese replied as she glanced down at their uniforms and then turned her attention back to her and slightly raised her brows, "Oh, really?"

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Eml | 485 comments Alfie gave Caroline a glare that said her great great grandchildren would feel his wrath if she said anything to embarrass him. She laughed, "Don't worry it's good. I hope we have classes together too."

Freddie frowned, "I wanna have classes with you guys."

"Don't be stupid, Fred," said Alfie, feeling slightly grumpy that Caroline was once again ruining his life.

"What Alfie means to say, is that you shouldn't worry. You'll make plenty of friends in your own year." Caroline gave him a comforting smile. Then she noticed how messy Freddie's tie was and adjusted it for him.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "Good," She responded with a slight smile before continuing, "If I get Mr. Carson. I'll cry." Reese then quickly moved her attention to Freddie, a warm smile, with a look that basically said, 'don't listen to Alfie,' before saying, "Caroline is right. I remember my first day. It seemed scary at first but then I met some other in my class." She thought the way Caroline babied him was cute. It showed her that she truly cared for Alfie. It remind her about something that he brother would do to her.

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Eml | 485 comments ((What does Mr Carson I'll cry mean?sorry))

"Yeah I guess,"Freddie grumbled. Then his eyes lit up, "Look it's Ashton!"He started waving at the blonde boy.

Caroline wondered if Reese and Ashton were okay with Freddie's attention. It didn't matter how little or long he knew someone, he treated everyone like a best mate. Some people found that off putting.

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve hugged her purple jacket closer to herself, as she opened the door to the dining hall and took it all in, she looked around the cafeteria from the door, looking at all the people there. She walked in a little farther, grabbing a tray and grabbing food before looking at the tables for an open seat.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments ((I really shouldn't multitask. . . . Edited))

Reese smiled down at Freddie. He was truly such a wonderful kid to have around, and seemed to always be full of joy. Oddly enough, he seemed to rub off on her. Almost, like his happiness was contiguous. She started to wave Ashton over as well. Her eyes flickered over to Alfie because now she understood why she didn't want him to be exposed to the media. He was too innocence.


Ashton started to make his way over to Reese, Caroline, Freddie, and Alfie. He started to make his way over but bumped into a girl in a purple sweater and who was holding a tray.

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve felt someone bump into her, and felt her tray jump out of her hand, but she quickly caught it again, before anything could fall. She looked to see who had bumped into her, and muttered "Sorry", even though it hadn't actually been her fault.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "I'm terrible, sorry," Ashton responded, as a worried look across his face as he saw the food tray start to fall. Once she caught it, his worrisome look had vanished, "I should of looked where I was going."

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Izzy | 127 comments "It's alright.. I shouldn't have been standing in the way anyway..." she admitted, making a close attempt at eye-contact, "I'm Maeve by the way." she added nervously, looking at his eyes for a moment before looking back down at her tray.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "I'm Ashton," he replied as he flashed her his cute boyish smile. Her looked down at her innocent face, and reckoned that she was probably around 16, or 15, "It was totally my fault. I should of watched where I was going."

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve gave a small smile, and remembered her need of a place to sit.
"Do you think, I could uhm.. sit with you? I don't know anyone yet.. and I was looking for a place to sit.." she stumbled over her words a little, but managed to get it out in one sentence.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "Yeah," Ashton replied as he gestured over to Reese, Caroline, Alfie, and Freddie, "You can come and join me and my friends." He remember how hard it was to find friends on her first day here and he would do anything to make the girls time here easier.

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Izzy | 127 comments "Thank you." She said as she looked over at the people he was gesturing too. She hoped that it would go over well, and his friends would like her.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "No problem," Ashton grinned as he grabbed her tray for her, and carried it over to the table where his friends where at. He placed it down upon the table in front of a empty seat once he had got there.

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve followed behind him, sitting in the empty seat and thanking Ashton for carrying her tray. She waved hi to the others, before taking a bite out of her food.

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Eml | 485 comments Alfie held a hand out to her,"Hello. I'm Alfie. We're in the same year." He pulled at his purple tie to show her,"Though I must say, purple suits you much more than it suits me."

"I'm Caroline." said Caroline with a small wave.

"Freddie." Freddie said this while bouncing slightly.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "Reese," Reese responded, nonchalantly as she pulled out a seat at the table, and quickly sat down. Then move her attention away from the new girl and to Aston. It quickly occurred to her that she was starting to become more and more friendly with others, and she felt as if she was making herself vulnerable.

Ashton grinned as the others introduced themselves to Maeve, and he felt he should give himself a pat on the back for helping her make friends, seeing that they were very friendly with her. He took a seat down across from Reese.

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Eml | 485 comments Out of breath, Grant gave a sigh of relief when he saw the large mahogany carved doors that led into the dining hall. They were a gift from the King of Sweden or Switzerland or something. Grant had changed into a pair of khakis, a white button-down shirt, a red tie and a black jacket that had the school crest on it. He even put on shoes. However, the air was sucked right out of him when he saw Dr. Carson standing just in front of the doors. He looked at him trying to figure out if he was in the mood for handing out detentions.

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Eml | 485 comments "Has anyone seen Grant?" Alfie asked while looking around. He left the seat next to him open for his best mate.

Caroline stiffened next to him." Nope. Haven't seen him at all." She turned to Reese,"So what's your extracurricular this year?"

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Izzy | 127 comments "I'm Maeve." She smiled looking around as each person introduced themselves, glad to have made some sort of friend.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "I took Drama," Reese responded as her eyes flickered over to Caroline, with a slight smile, "What about you?"

"Hopefully he doesn't run into Carson," Ashton pondered, as he rested his elbows against the table.

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Eml | 485 comments Caroline frowned, wishing they were in the same class,"I took photography. I love to travel, so I thought it'd be a good idea. I'm planning on joining some clubs too. Do you know your class schedule yet?"(I'm assuming they don't find out their teachers till they show up to class)

Alfie thought Maeve seemed to be very timid. He tried to engage her in conversation,"So, did you say this is your first year? I don't remember seeing you in any of my classes."

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments ((okay :) ))

"I've always wanted to do photography," Reese stated as she ran a hand through her hair, "English, science, Drama, and politics. You?" She enjoyed all the classes she had except for politics. She thought it was a snore fest. She never truly cared for politics.

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Eml | 485 comments ((Aren't you Carson?))

"I've got, English, publicity, Etiquette, photography, politics, gym and math unfortunately. My parents don't believe in me having free time."

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments ((Awks Awks. I so am.))

Carson looked down at the boy in front of him, "Do you have a reason for being late, Mr. Finley?" He gave the boy a very disproving look, as he waited for his answer.


"Ah," Reese groaned as she imaging having her parents decide her classes, "I took some of courses I'd need this year last term. Just so I wouldn't be bombard with work. But at least we have english together." She was glad she knew someone in her class since Ashton was a year older and she wasn't taking any year 12 courses this term.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant wondered which would sound worse, that he needed to go get shoes because he had been walking around bare foot again(that had caused his last detention with Carson), or making up a story about a cat in a tree.
"Um, no sir. But, if you give me a minute, I can make something up." He smiled at him.

"Yes. I actually like Dr. Carson. I think he's funny."

Alfie scoffed. "That's one what to describe him."

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "I'm not in the mood, Grant," Carson responded as he rolled his eyes that the teenager. He didn't understand how hard it was to be just be somewhere on time. If everyone could do it, so could he,"Detention tomorrow after school. I aspect to see you right after the bell rings, and not a second later."

"Same. He keeps the class interesting," Reese responded as she glad someone agreed with her opinion on the teacher. Most saw him, as a scary, knit picky teacher.

"Dude," Ashton responded as he shook his blond head of hair, "He may look shy and innocent, but he is pure evil."

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Anastasia | 87 comments Cassandra hurries up to the dining hall, straightening her purple tie as she does. She spots Carson busy with Grant, so she tries sneaking past the duo.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "Not so fast, Miss. Pierce," Carson stated as he took a deep sigh he moved his attention to her, "Why are you late?" He was annoyed that they couldn't accomplish one simple task.

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Eml | 485 comments Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Cass trying to sneak in. Figuring he was already in trouble, Grant decided to take one for the team.

"Aw Petey! Please don't do this to me!" Grant threw his arms around Carson, fake tears brimming his eyes,"My parents said if I got detention one more time they'd take away my boat. Have a heart, I beg you! It's only the first day after all." Cue dramatic sob as he blocked his view of the door.

"Let's not forget insane." added Alfie.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments His eyes flicked over to Grant as he gave him an astonished look before stating, "Are you serious? A boat. Damn. How will you live?" He ran a hang through his disheveled brown hair as he continued to rant, "You rich kids need to learn that stuff like boats, aren't important. Learn to survive without money."


"He's not that bad," Reese chuckled as placed her elbows on the table, rolling her eyes jokingly at Alfie, "What did he ever do to you?"

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Eml | 485 comments "You're so smart, Pete. Really. I don't know how this school would function without you. I am forever indebted to you for your infinite wisdom and guidance on life." He hugged him tighter. Still pretending to cry.


"He tried to make me read. Isn't that bad enough?" said Alfie.

Caroline rolled her eyes. Freddie laughed. Alfie would pretty much agree to anything to not have to read a book.

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve looked over at Alfie and nodded. "Yeah, it is my first year here. I'm 15 though, so I've started a bit late I guess." she added, knowing that the school starts at 7th grade. She listened as the others talked of their classes.

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Eml | 485 comments "Do you have any siblings going here too?"asked Freddie. He pointed at himself Alfie and Caroline. "We're all siblings." He found it strange that people didn't recognize them. But then again, he was used to only hanging out with people that were connected to his family or invited to accompany them.

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Izzy | 127 comments "No, it's just me. My parents decided that it wasn't necessary for my older sister to come here. She was 'perfect'." She mentioned, taking another bite of her food, and recognizing the family resemblance between the three siblings.

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Kimmi walked in. It is her first day and she's terrified.

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Anastasia | 87 comments "Oh you know, saw a Melitaea athalia. You have to stop for one of those, they're rare!" She stifles a laugh as Grant pulls his stunt. "I see you're busy, I'll just be going then." She half mumbles, and backs into the dining room.

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Eml | 485 comments "Oh." Alfie enunciated each sound of the letters sounding amused. "So you're part of my group. What'd you do to get yourself in here? I got meself in trouble and poor perfect Caroline got sent here to help watch me. Sweet Freddie is a victim of my shenanigans too."

Caroline snorted in a very unprincess manner," I'd hardly call you and Grant ditching your bodyguards, and then your clothes, and running down the streets of London only stopping to go into pubs trying to get free beer shenanigans."

Alfie shrugged his shoulders like it was nothing, "I was only 12 and I wasn't completely naked. We kept our briefs on." He seemed to think this made the whole thing okay. "

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Izzy | 127 comments Maeve laughed. " I didn't really do much, my etiquette skills aren't the best, but it was mostly because my parents wanted me to go to a good school." She shrugged, realizing that most people here, were here more for the refinement part, then the education part.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments Eml wrote: ""You're so smart, Pete. Really. I don't know how this school would function without you. I am forever indebted to you for your infinite wisdom and guidance on life." He hugged him tighter. Still pr..."

Peter tried to push the boy off of him, awkwardly, "I do agree with what you are saying, but Grant I don't approve of this intimacy." Mr. Carson had felt uncomfortable with his student being all over him, "If I agree not to give you dentition will you let go?"


Reese chuckled at Alfie's story as she ran a hand through her blonde hair. She thought it was quick funny that this had occurred. Ever in his life. "Why did you think it was a good idea?" She chuckled, as she rested her cheek against her hand.

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Eml | 485 comments Grant nodded his head eagerly, trying to hide his shock that Carson was actually loosening up. He'd have to remember this trick for next time. "Yes sir, I supposed I could do that. Thank you for your kindness and compassion."


Alfie leaned back in his chair trying to look confident. He crossed his arms for good measure,"I like to live dangerously. And I wanted to send a message to my parents that they couldn't control me." This was all a lie. Or at least back then it was. It might have some truth in it nowadays, but back then it was because of a dare. A silly dare from one of the servants' kids who told Grant and Alfie they were pampered cowards. The consequences got them going to the same school together, but mostly they wanted to be closer to their mothers.

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 242 comments "Consider yourself lucky," Carson sighed as he shot Grant a 'i'm watching you' look before he moved out of the doorway to allow him into the dinning hall, "Don't make be regret this."


She felt she could somewhat connect to Alfie since she had parent issues of her own and had done some pretty outrageous things to get her parents attention in the past.

"Such a bad ass," Ashton chuckled softly as he ran a hand through his already disheveled dark brown hair. He had an habit of touching his already styled hair which get him his trademarked look. He then gestured to Reese, "Reminds me of this one right here. Thug life." (view spoiler)

"You will never let that time go," she groaned, as she hid her pale face between her petite hands. She shook her head back and forth in a disproving motion.

"How did you know I was talking about 'the time'?" he asked, as he put his hands up to make quotation marks when he said 'the time.'

"You always bring it up," she sighed as she removed his hands away from his face, as shot him a playful glare.

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