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message 1: by Eml (new)

Eml | 485 comments If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also post suggestions here.

message 2: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia | 87 comments Hello! New here, if it isn't obvious. I was wondering if this is a rp in modern times? It seemed so at first, but one of the characters is first in line to be the queen of France. France hasn't had a queen since early 1790s. Can we pick any country to be a heir(ess) to or must they be a monarchy at this time?

message 3: by Eml (new)

Eml | 485 comments Yeah I think I wrote it's set in an alternate world. You can pick any country, just check to see if there is a prince or princess already, you can also make up countries if you want. And you can be an heiress or a Duke or duchess, celebrity. There are lots of options.

message 4: by Eml (new)

Eml | 485 comments I mean if there is a princess of France, there can also be a duke or duchess.

message 5: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia | 87 comments Oh alright, thank you!

message 6: by Eml (new)

Eml | 485 comments No problem

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) I was wondering if you planned on adding more places for the students to go? Like maybe off campus since some of the students have work and such, plus being cooped up in school all day isn't really all that much fun right?

message 8: by Eml (new)

Eml | 485 comments I mean I might do it by a request basis. they can't really work while in school. On weekends they might be able to make trips or they could have field trips. They also have to go to classes. Those can be interesting

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