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message 1: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Voilá!

message 2: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments :D Hello! So your plot(s)???

message 3: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Well it depends what you're looking for if it's a simple romance or explicit. As well preferences of the two in the relationship such as if you like incent, student teacher, age gap, teens,etc...... What do you want it to be?

message 4: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments I don't mind for how far... nor the relationship... You can decide :)

message 5: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Well I had in mind one between a stud 18 year old and a 27 year old fem tutor. I'd prefer to be the fem as I image her the "top" due to her age experience. From there we can make up a story line

message 6: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Okay, fine by me :)
Could you make her first??

message 7: by iomai (last edited Feb 14, 2014 03:13AM) (new)

iomai (irun) {Full Name} Genevieve Avril Lancaster
{Nickname} Viv, Avril, Miss L

{Age} 28

{Date of Birth} 15, April 1986
{Place of Birth} Toronto, ON Canada

{Gender} Cisgender(view spoiler) [born female]
{Sexuality} Pansexual(view spoiler)
{Relationship Status} Single [not monogamist]


{Hair} Black [she shaved a section of of it off]
{Eyes} Hazel
{Weight} 140
{Height} 5'7
{Body Type} Curvy, possessing 38C breasts, a flat stomach with abs visible, wide hips, and a large butt and thick thighs
{Distinguished Markings}
Sge has these tattoos running down the right side of her body. The flowers signifying spring, which is a new beginning in some senses. The face is a crudely drawn illustration of her deceased grandmother who raised her as her own once her parents disowned her. If shows the women in her thirties as she'd always said she give anything to relive those years

{Personality} Viv is very layed back. She lives life for her and doesn't care what people think about her. She is blunt though the way she delivers the message is diplomatic so she is not viewed negatively. She is a very calm person though at the same time she is spontaneous and wild.

{Other} Her Siberian Husky: Rose

message 8: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((Hello?))

message 9: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( sorry O-O Didn't see this.
But your charrie is awesome :) ))

message 10: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((it's fine. Omg thanks!!!))

message 11: by Azzy (last edited Feb 15, 2014 05:37PM) (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Full Name: Jenna Hunter Dillons
Age: 18
Date of Birth: December 8th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, but prefers women
(view spoiler)
Personality: Hunter is a fighter, a snarky, sarcastic, cold, sly, and clever fighter. She loves to tease people and be the one to stand out. She laughs at other people's mistakes. She's quite tough and doesn't like people much. She never goes done without a fight.
Likes: Walking, running, some exercises
Dislikes: Slow walkers, school, stuck-ups, smart people, dumb people
Other: Hunter isn't really a school person, she doesn't learn anything from teachers rambling or worksheets.

message 12: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((I like her but isn't she supposed to be a stud?))

message 13: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( explain stud..

I thought it was where you slept with a lot of people for the heck of it.... and I didn't specify... ))

message 14: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((You're thinking of "slut". A stud is a masculine looking lesbian. Weather it's their body style or clothing they come off as masculine.))

message 15: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( oh goddamnit >.< I'll fix it.... ))

message 16: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) (((Alright but I still like her though, if you not want to they can be fem fem))

message 17: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( no... I'm just slightly confused because this is my first time doing one of these and you want her to be a certain way (which I understand completely) and... so... ))

message 18: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((It's fine, she's your character and I really like her. You don't have to change it if you don't want))

message 19: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( I already changed her so... ))

message 20: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((It's better, I love her!!!! <3))

message 21: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( Thank you *bows* anything else I should add? ))

message 22: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((Nha, you good. Wanna start?))

message 23: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments (( could you please?? ))

message 24: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) ((Sure))

Viv was wearing galaxy pattern leggings and a black crop top. Her hair, half shaved was down her right shoulder. She wore sunglasses and carried a large leather black bag which matched her outfit. As well she had on black high heels. That day she had to begin tutoring a girl for the district. At twenty seven the job was just a way to save money for her to launch her clothing line and pay school loans. She walked up the steps of the home and rang the door bell

message 25: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments A man answered the door, he had a crop cut and cold gray eyes. He didn't look at all pleasant. He opened the door for the tutor and let her inside. "Hunter is upstairs, second room on your left," he said coldly.

Hunter was leaning back in a chair, kicking her feet, having boots, on her desk. She was balancing on the back two legs of the chair, playing with a pencil. This wasn't going to be at all fun.

message 26: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "Thank you." Viv walked in, and went to walk up thd stairs, assuming he wouldn't lead her up. She assumed he was her father. Finding the room, Viv knocked gently, putting on her best smile. She had two folders in her hand and a Caramel ice latte from Starbucks in the other hand.

message 27: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter leaned back. "It's open," she said. She twirled the pencil in her hand, looking at the desk. She wanted this to be over, all tutors were teacher except younger. They gave out worksheets and acted like you're baby. She looked at Viv, as if she was annoyed by her presence.

message 28: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Viv entered and shut the door behind her "Hi Jenna." Viv called her by her first name which was on the folder. She placed her things on the desk and sat beside the girl, gently tugging down her crop top though it did no good. "I'm Genevive Lancaster I'll be your tutor." She introduced herself

message 29: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments She watched her and glared slightly. "It's Hunter," she corrected rudely. "What are we going to do today, Ginny," she said, picking out a nickname for the tutor. She turned to face her, still looking annoyed with her completely.

message 30: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Viv raised her eyebrow sarcastically at the girl. She took a sip of her coffee. "It's Miss L or Viv. Pick one and stick with it." Viv said, returning her snarkiness with equal bite. She wouldn't take any disrespect from a girl her age

message 31: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter rolled her eyes. "Okay, Ginny," she said, still using the nickname she chose. She wasn't going to let this be an easy day for the teacher. She was going to have some fun with the tutor, guessing Ginny was inexperienced. Getting another tutor meant someone else to piss off.

message 32: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "Jenna, get your math book open to chapter seven." Viv ordered, opening her own work book to follow along with her. She sat on the girls left side so that their arms wouldn't collide. Viv was a leftie and hated when her arms bumped with another persons. She was slowly sipping her drink, knowing this girl wanted to piss her off. She had only been tutoring for three years so hadn't had much experience

message 33: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments "I thought good tutors would remember the names that their pupils want. I go by Hunter, Miss Ginny, until you call me by the right name I will not open my math book to chapter seven," she said coldly, talking to her as if she were the student. "And it is rude to eat and/or drink in front of a student." She watched her, a small smirk playing on her lips.

message 34: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "I will do as I please, I'm twenty seven years old." Viv took another sip "And Jenna when you call me my bane then I'll call you yours. I've got all day sweetheart." She really did. She was getting paid by the hour so it was fine by her. Viv flipped her hair back, revealing her top breast slightly.

message 35: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter looked at her and bit her lip slightly. "Then I shall waste my dad's money until you call me Hunter, Miss Ginny," she said. She leaned back and continued to glare. She didn't like this tutor for her teaching skills.

message 36: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "As I said Jenna I have all day." Viv stood up, still smiling at the girl, and turned to go and lock the door. She was allowed to do so with home tutoring. She leaned against the door, eyes on Hunter. "You're a tough little girl," she commented

message 37: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter shrugged. "Yes, I'd hope so or I'd simply be a defenseless little girl and we'd be finished in one hour," she said. She watched her as well, standing up. "Don't think that I will crack because you're standing by the door."

message 38: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Viv shrugged, "Didn't plan on it. I just don't like sitting too long." She said, pulling out her phone and pacing. Her heels were silent against the carpet. She texted her friend that she would not be visiting that day. It was more of just a hook up which our be rescheduled. She looked back up at Hunter

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Azzy | 532 comments Hunter twirled a pencil in her fingers and watched her carefully. "Why are you really doing this?" She asked. She had never seen a teacher with a half shaved head and tattoos. "I've never seen a tutor like you."

message 40: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "Well I sure ain't doin it cuz I like kids." Viv informed her "But it's a cushy job the pays good. College don't pay itself you know," she said to her. "I gotta pay though law school some way." She said. She was pairing in Political science and had a minor in paralegal studies. "And what do you mean a tutor like me?"

message 41: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter rolled her eyes. That's for sure. She thought to herself. Then raised an eyebrow. "You have a half a head of hair and tattoos, no public school would hire you or caring families. You should've done something better," she said. "I mean, you look like someone who could be an actress in a movie that kicks ass."

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iomai (irun) Viv chuckled humorlessly "I'm not sure if I should be flattered or offended" she said. Usually she didn't care how her looks were perceived. Admittedly she had issues with some families thoug her skills made up for it

message 43: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments "And I'm guessing your skills are not being used here? Since we're only standing around and talking," she said. Hunter liked this tutor, no work was getting done at all and talking for a few hours with this strange person is quite nice.

message 44: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) "I don't want to do math either, I get paid for being here. Weather you let me teach or not is your call." Viv combed a hand through her hair. "But lemme clue you in on something, learn this while you can. Next year I'm guessin you're supposed to he in college. You don't want to be a second year senior. It's embarrassing to be with a bunch of babies and you're nineteen while your friends are on their own." She informed her. Oddly enough Genevieve had had the opposite experience. She graduated early at sixteen and while she was off at school her friends had two years to go.

message 45: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter laughed coldly. "We aren't doing any work due to part of my call," she said, giving a smirk. "And if I was to graduate late, I'd be shocked that any of my friends missed me, I have no friends Miss Ginny, they left after after this year."

message 46: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Genevieve frowned, "if we're just gonna be here turn on the air conditioning will you? Je suis chaude." The last sentence she said came out in French accidentally though she didn't notice. She was used to speaking either language without fear lung people wouldn't understand her. Genevieve fanned herself with her hand and took yet another sip of her drink.

message 47: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter raised an eyebrow and turned on the ceiling fan and opened a window. "Best I got you, French speaking Miss Ginny," she said, joking slightly and bowed as if her tutor was her queen.

message 48: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Genevieve rolled her eyes "Jenna, perhaps you need an out doors lesson." She walked to go pack her things. "Follow me." She unlocked the door to go find her father. She planned on teaching the girl in unorthodox ways.

message 49: by Azzy (new)

Azzy | 532 comments Hunter sighed. "Fine," she said. She went out the door as her father looked up. "How are the lessons?" He asked.

message 50: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) Genevieve sighed "We don't seem to be getting anywhere so I thought it fit that perhaps I'd just take her out to relax her a bit. Would that be alright?" Viv said very professionally though had a warm smile on her face. The was she stood her top was slightly lopsided, allowing her boob to pop out a little though not in an obscene way. It made her look care free

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