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message 1: by arabella (new)

arabella | 17 comments Love her music she has great music like Right Now, Stay, Rude Boy, and Love The Way You Lie.

message 2: by ≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (last edited Feb 16, 2014 11:14AM) (new)

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Do someone say Rihanna? O.O I LOVE RIHANNA!!!!! ^_^

Janhavi♥herondale (janhaviherondale) | 21 comments Yup, i love her. She just has a really different voice (in the good way)

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) That's what makes her unique :p

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) She's anything but Smiley O.O

Janhavi♥herondale (janhaviherondale) | 21 comments hahaha yup it did. Totally agree. Wouldn't want rihanna to be miley crazy.

Janhavi♥herondale (janhaviherondale) | 21 comments hahah. Auto correct should know the word miley since the VMA performance.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) HEEEEEEEEE! TWERK!!! DX

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