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FaeryMeganChase I LOVE that song!!!

FaeryMeganChase I so wish she had more music.DX

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FaeryMeganChase ☯ Mimaimi {Raggedy Man, Goodnight} {Call me Mai} ☯ wrote: "Team.
Tennis Court.
Some more... but I just listen to ROYALSSSSS"

Buzzcut Season
A World Alone
White Teethed Teens
Glory and Gore.... I think that's most of them :D

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arabella | 17 comments Yeah her music is great. I love it.

Jαe{Tħe Cøиšυłтıиg Tıмe Hυитeя} I really like Royals. Well never really heard any others...

FaeryMeganChase #notmyrealname wrote: "bravado is awesome"

I've never heard of it, is it any good?

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