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message 1: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Hello,
I recently finished my first novel, Borderlands. I've proofread and polished it to the best of my ability and am now in desperate need of a fresh set of eyes. HELP ME, PLEASE! It is complete at 124,000 words. My email is:

Brief synopsis:
An idealized life of music, parties, coffee-house poetry and “naked runs” is how Aubrie, Tina and Piper spend their early twenties at Berkeley. But, as they move into their careers of teaching and journalism the existential heaviness that a grown up life brings tests them as individuals and their friendships as well.

Tina, a third grade teacher, internalizes the pressures that life brings. After being accused of mistreating a student, she finds herself in professional and personal limbo waiting in the district’s “rubber room” for a hearing to resolve her case. As weeks turn into months, she isolates herself from loved ones and works on a project to help fix the system that is trying to destroy her.

Aubrie, also a teacher, doesn’t want to live a life of regret. Her philosophy is to dance while the music is playing. When one of her students is put in child protective custody because her immigrant parents were deported, she answers the small voice of the child to feel the weight that is hers. That’s how Aubrie’s adventures of fostering and smuggling begin. Seemingly endless bureaucratic red-tape, custody hearings and a trip to Mexico in a car with a big-ass trunk lead Aubrie to find more than her student’s parents.

Piper, the voice of modern cynicism, pushes her own heavy thoughts and the weight of the world onto the most vulnerable and seems to be indifferent to the pain she inflicts. Piper offers the third perspective of the complicated tale of life.

message 2: by Geri (new)

Geri | 65 comments I would be interested in beta reading for you.

message 3: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm sending it to you this very moment.

message 4: by Sue (new)

Sue | 55 comments I can help

message 5: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Really? Thank you. I'm so appreciative. I'm sending a PDF via your yahoo act.

message 6: by Kitty (new)

Kitty Mckinney | 1 comments Your book looks interesting. POV, are there three? I'm interested in reading. I'll pm you with my email.

message 7: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Thank you, Kitty.

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