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Dangit now I have to name them again -_- Oh well...
So people say I'm a harsh critic but they still wanna know mah opinions on books before they read it (not tryna sound full of myself...I'm just speaking the truth ;P) So anyways, Here is where I will name all my book do's and dont's and if you have a book and you wanna know my thoughts...feel free to ask!

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Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
Did you read Name of the Star or Nearly Gonee? ;P

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I read Name of the star (I think) It was okay on the good side!
I haven't read Nearly's out already? *goes to download book*

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Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
Yayy Shanks!!! :D

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Dear God, don't get me started

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Deep breaths, Natalya. XD

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Izzy (izzybookholics) | 3317 comments Mod
*cracks up*

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Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
*goggles* XD

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Btw, Nearly Gone was bad…don't read

I must update my dos and don'ts…

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Soo many dontss....XD

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XD Exactlyy

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Did you read Don't Look Back by Armentrout? Because I have a hardcover of it but I keep procrastinating over reading it for some reason :P

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Yup, I've read it. It was alright, but very reminiscent of other books. You have the horrible mean girl who gets amnesia and becomes all nice and she can't believe the person she was before, and she falls in love with a guy she used to hate before she lost her memory.
Not very original :P As much as I love J. Armentrout, her books are very reminiscent of other books…

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Yeah, some of them are :p Okay, I'll give it a try! Thankees :D

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No prob :P

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Did you read The Notebook?

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XD Nope

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I don't like them…it's just not my thing. I mean it has a good plot and such, I just didn't like the writing style or any of the characters

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Did you read Flowers In The Attic?

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XD If you didn't like the first book, i don't think reading on will make you like it more :P

@Aaron: Nopee :P

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Good book!

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Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
Yeahhh.. I'll move it to archives

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