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If I could give AUTHORS...a list of TIPS

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message 1: by Leslie (last edited Feb 13, 2014 07:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Leslie This is NOT just for this book, its what I have been experiencing a lot lately.

If I could give some of these indie authors some tips from a readers view, some of the things that I would include:

1. Sex doesn't solve problems. When you can't figure out a way to make the character relationships progress realistically, making them have angry sex, or confusing sex, doesn't do it for you.

2. Randomness unexplained. I get that books can't go on forever, but when you are in the process of editing, when things in the story happen for NO apparent reason to fulfill a "after the book" requirement, it makes no sense. Example: out of the blue, getting your home expanded with not even a sentence to make it fit into the story. Or going to the salon and dying your hair green, just out of the blue, not even part of the characterization.

3. Repeating sentences and phrases over and over, and from other books. Saying the same thing over and over doesn't make us feel it more. Or over using a phrase or word (gah, pursing lips, wincing) or using the word 'mercurial' like we aren't going to know you got that from FSOG!

4. Unless it is a erotica novel, If there is long sex scenes in EVERY chapter, your book doesn't have any substance. Oh and if every time they climax, they scream each others names....just no! If the sex scene from chapter 4 is in the same place, same position, and with the same person, as the sex scene in chapter 10, you can get rid of that one... we've read it already.

The list goes on and on, I know I'm not the only one. What else is on the list of TIPS?

message 2: by Paganalexandria (last edited Feb 13, 2014 06:05PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Paganalexandria 1. Either write a heroine as a Plain Jane or the girl every guy wants. She can't be both.

One of my biggest issues with this book was the insecurity of the Dez, despite every extremely eligible man in the book aggressively pursuing her. It skews her into the annoying, instead of the relatable category.

2. Stop with the crazy racist white ex-girlfriends/black boyfriends in BW/WM Interracial Romances.

It is so overdone at this point. Why can't the crazy ex be the same race as the new partner, or even Asian or Hispanic for that matter? It helps play into stereotypes, most read this sub genre to escape.

Leslie I agree with this also. I'm all for an interracial book but I could do without the racism... sometimes it goes with the story, but most times its not needed.

Here is another one of my tips:

1. Every heroine doesn't need to be so pretty but she can't see it. She doesn't always have to be a virgin, or a woman who was promiscuous, or a woman who couldn't have an orgasm before the hero came into her life.

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