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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. British author, newer book, science fiction - souls into new bodies [s]

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Krystal (00krystal) | 132 comments I was skimming through channels the other day on the radio and happened upon the middle of an interview with an author about what I am assuming is his recent book.

The author was British, he talked as if his father was also a writer. The book sounded like a science fiction novel; there was mention of possibly souls being relocated to new bodies?

Any ideas? My generic googling didn't come up with anything concrete. Thanks in advance.

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Strange Bodies? Marcel Theroux is British, his father is writer Paul Theroux.

A gloomy English academic with an unappreciated gift for forensic nuance, Nicholas Slopen is in serious need of money when entrepreneur/collector Hunter Gould asks him to authenticate papers purported to be Dr. Johnson’s handiwork. Close examination convinces Nicholas the papers are indeed Johnson’s, but also that they are fakes (the papers’ old-fashioned script on more modern material suggests foul play). Sure enough, Nicholas is drawn into a network of enslaved human bodies inhabited by the souls of dead people. Following the death of the human currently inhabited by Johnson, Nicholas undergoes a crypto-scientific procedure reminiscent of something from an old horror movie, after which he finds his body inhabited by someone else, while his soul is trapped inside an ex-convict’s sturdy, tattooed physique. Attempting to explain himself to his ex-wife lands Nicholas in the modern incarnation of Bedlam.

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Michele | 280 comments There's Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan and it's two sequels. He is British but I don't think his father was a writer. Also the first book is about 10 years old so maybe not.

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Krystal (00krystal) | 132 comments I think Strange Bodies might be it. I looked up Marcel Theroux and did find he did a recent NPR interview. Thanks everybody!

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
You're welcome.

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