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Who disliked the ending of it? *Spoilers*

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Annika Did anyone else not like the ending with Artemis's clone?

Rachel Jackson I thought it was interesting. Something unexpected. I'm just happy that he's not dead.

Annika I wish there were more books. I want to know what happened afterwards. I guess Eoin didn't want to continue writing.

AgCl the whole cloning thing was great. Artemis might've turned away from the dark side ,but he's still the genius he was. I just felt there were so many unanswered things though and it left me quite hanging.

Sophie I think it was good how we were left to imagine the rest. And how the last sentence was the same as the first sentence. I loved it. I do feel really sad though because that clone ISN'T Artemis. The real Artemis is dead; still crying about that, but I think I'm ready to talk about it. :(

At least Holly and Butler have an Artemis to be with.

AgCl Sophie wrote: "I think it was good how we were left to imagine the rest. And how the last sentence was the same as the first sentence. I loved it. I do feel really sad though because that clone ISN'T Artemis. The..."

course it is, that's why they had to lay him down in that place where he "died". The body's not the same but the soul is...That was why Nopal didn't exactly function like a normal pixie.

Sophie I guess. I can't stop thinking about that now. What did you mean about Nopal though. She didn't have Opal's soul or something?

AgCl yep. There was maybe something close to a soul in her, she wasn't entirely useless or helpless especially in the end, but if you'd read that part where all of the fairies' souls were coming into the gate, there wasn't a soul that departed from her body.

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Emily Ann I would like the ending, if there was going to be a next one.When I finished it I actually thought that there must be a next one...but there isn't. I guess It was pretty cool, if only he would make another.

Varshith the ending was quite good,had closure,ina good way!

ColeG CLC I feel that is is a tad annoying that through out all the adventures Artemis just died and his clone did not even get to experience what he had gone through :(

Dark_Magican I thought the last book and sentence went back to the first book and how the whole series is them retelling the adventures. Does that make sense??

Sophie I thought about it and have decided I loved the ending. It was just perfect and when I read the series again I will have the tissues ready (unlike last time)

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I hated the ending because it went right back to the beginning it was really disapointing

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Robyn202 Well, the series didn't really feel complete to me at that point, mostly because there wasn't really any detail, reactions, or even a few months later kind of thing.

It would have been interesting to see how Artemis fared after they took him back to the manor. It probably would've been pretty good if Artemis had said something, although that's unrealistic. Oh well. That's how I feel. It did seem a little disappointing as the end to such a long and awesome series.

Peter M I didn't really like it- okay i hated it. Its just... no i really hated it. I can't put it in words. But the part about Holly narrating the series was pretty clever

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em I am for Holly+Artemis, so I was disappointed when they ended as friends.

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sage I disliked it a lot. I was expecting him to die, and I was expecting to cry (after 8 books I wanted something). But he cloned himself. A little disappointing. However, I disliked the ending for the Opal Deception too, so I think it's just me.

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Paty Nady I disliked the begining. I mean, why didn't they kill Opal before she could explode? Kill her before they kill her younger self. Problem solved. After that, quite liked it. read and Laughed a lot

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