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message 1: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Okay...I read the book, but did not see the movie yet! I figured if people started talking about it on here it would light a fire under me to so see it ASAP! ;)

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments Haha I've read the book but not seen the movie either :) At first I didn't want to cry in the movie but then heard they changed the ending! i was upset and so dont know if i'll go and watch it. maybe i'll wait for dvd...

I first read 'The Messenger' and fell in love with Markus Zusak's writing! have you read it? I was just finishing it and realised the copy I had was missing the last page in the book! I mean who rips out the last page of a book!!! I was horrified and went back to where i bought it from. they told me at first that was their only copy... I insisted they look again and they came back with an undamaged copy. I was out front of the shop reading the last page haha

message 3: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I have not read the messenger, but considering how much I loved The Book Thief I will for sure be looking into it! I can't believe you didn't have the last page!! I would have about DIED!!!!!!!!!!

I have not heard much about The Book Thief movie, but if it is anything like the book I will be crying a lot, so I think watching it at home on DVD will be the best... ;)

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments The messenger is about a guy who is on the dole... (ummm the Australian slag for person on unemployment benefits) who's world is changing for the better because of a playing card that has 3 addresses written on them with specific times being left in his mailbox :)

message 5: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
That sounds really cool! UGH, let another book I need to read! haha

message 6: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod

message 7: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments haha I know i'm sorry :) mine also grows dailey if it makes u feel any better!

message 8: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I need to just take month off work and do nothing but read, and then I will be able to get through some of the book on my list! It's kind of bad when I get slightly annoyed to remember I made plans with my friends just after starting a book I want to finish this weekend! haha

message 9: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments haha i know exactly what you mean! but i think my eyes (as i wear glasses) would just get so much worse concentrating on something so near for so long *sigh* plus not to mention neck muscles haha

message 10: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I keep waiting for my eyes to get worse and need glasses, but somehow they keep going! Although I will say....I am reading a paper book right now and it is drying me INSANE! I miss being able to adjust the word size like I can on my kindle! not to mention holding the pages open at the very start of the book is annoying... I'm so spoiled by my kindle!

message 11: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments i know 1st world problems are a killer :)

message 12: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments Layla wrote: "I have seen the movie, and thought it to be a brilliant adaptation. While there were obviously things which were taken out or shortened, and I found that the ending went by a bit to quickly, it was..."

have to ask... did u cry?

message 13: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Yeah, I want to know that one too! Cuz I thought I was going to die I cried so much at the book!!

message 14: by FantasyFan J (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 11 comments OMG I cried when I watched the movie and read the book. The movie comes out on Tuesday for DVD. I am trying not to lose patience, so I am reading it again.

Cate (The Professional Fangirl) (chaostheory08) | 458 comments This is one of my favorite and most recommended books.

I recently saw the movie and it was beautiful. The child actors were so on point and man, I loved Death's narration.

message 16: by Marika (new)

Marika | 187 comments So I FINALLY got to see the movie last night and it was wonderful! Obviously not everything was the same and they had to leave some storylines out, but I thought the music, the child actors (and the adult actors!), the dialogue, and the cinematography were all so beautiful and well done! The last 10-15min of the movie I just had this constant stream of tears that didn’t stop. I am very pleased with it. Two things…I thought it was interesting that they made Ilsa Herman and Liesel’s relationship pleasant and nice. In the book it’s more complex and less affectionate. In the movie Ilsa was super sweet and Liesel was sweet back and then at the end Liesel naturally runs to her for comfort while in the book it was far more complicated. I like the book version…but I’ll admit I like the movie version too because Liesel went through so much, and lost so many people, it was nice to have that relationship less complicated. (view spoiler) Overall I’m very pleased with the movie! While watching it I kept thinking “Oh this is such a beautiful story! I have to read it again soon!” It was well done enough that I very rarely found myself thinking about or annoyed at changes made.

message 17: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I might have to make it my weekend mission to see this movie...finally!!

message 18: by Marika (new)

Marika | 187 comments Sounds like a great mission!

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I was blown away after reading The Book Thief. It was wonderful to see a different persepective of the Holocaust. Although the book is labeled as young adult, the vocabulary of the book was impressive, and it appeared to be a book for adults.

When I begin teaching Middle School English, this is one of the books I have in mind to teach my students. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've heard it's wonderful.

The Book Thief has become one of my most recommended books after The Outsiders. Wonderful reads.

message 20: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments I agree Rachel it is a really good book for English! Are you allowed to pick the books or do they have to be on a list of books approved by a government body in the US?

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Sam wrote: "I agree Rachel it is a really good book for English! Are you allowed to pick the books or do they have to be on a list of books approved by a government body in the US?"

Sam, I haven't gotten that far into my teaching certificate as of yet, but I believe it all depends on your school district. Some districts have a set curriculum, and some districts allow you to pick you own novels.

message 22: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I have the book sitting on my bookshelf calling me to read it! I'm try to not until after my exams, but trying not to read books is extremely hard!

message 23: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Just make reading it a reward! You get 20 minutes of reading after each exam is done, and then when they are all done you already have some of it done and you can keep reading! haha It took me a while to get through this one since I was really busy at the time, but even with taking breaks it was fabulous! For sure a good book to read slow or get through's beautiful either way!

message 24: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments That sounds like a great plan, definitely going to do that!

Beth (Minimalist Bookshelf) (eweindesign) | 0 comments The film was beautiful.

message 26: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I want to read the book before I watch the film, I hope that the film is as good as what I have heard!

message 27: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 91 comments I haven't seen the movie but the book was great! It had amazing detail and a good plot. I want to see the movie so badly!

message 28: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I have been kind of putting the movie off... I know it will be an emotional roller coaster, and I don't think I am quite ready to deal with all that yet! haha

message 29: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments I'm in the same boat as I haven't made the time to watch the movie. I was going to see it when in the cinema but missed out (which isn't like me). Not sure if I want to buy on DVD but will get around to seeing it eventually.

message 30: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 91 comments I was thinking of renting it soon.... Many people say it was amazing!

message 31: by Mrs. (new)

Mrs. O' Leary (MrsOLearysayswoaf) | 37 comments Overall, I didn't like the movie. It's my favorite book, so of course I had really high expectations. I honestly hated who they cast as Hans. He just seemed way too old, and I always imagined Hans younger. Also, the end scene with Death where he is talking about talking to Leisel in her old age... They cut so much out of that whole soliloquy that is sounded cheesy and I felt that it totally missed the point of the whole thing. They cut out my favorite part from the whole book, The Word Shaker (book Max wrote).

message 32: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
I still have not seen the movie, but how could they cut out The Word Shaker?!?!? That was a MASSIVE thing about the book and helping Leisel understand what Max was going through... Man...that is really going to bug me when I see the movie for sure!!!!

message 33: by Mrs. (new)

Mrs. O' Leary (MrsOLearysayswoaf) | 37 comments Anyone who has read the book would not be pleased at the book to movie adaptation.

message 34: by Ivy (new)

Ivy I loved the books so much. The director and writers could have made the movie better though. They skipped a lot of parts and changed some things. Personally even if it's nothing like the book I like to see the movie adaptation because I feel like it shows someone else's perspective on the movie. So yes I would recommend the movie... Because I did cry at the end and never cry in movies.... But just know that it is different from the book.

ABookGhoul👻 memoirs are my jam (abookgirl1) | 0 comments SPOILER: I finished the book yesterday and stayed up until midnight to watch the movie. I couldn't wait any longer! I have to say that the movie was ok/good. It's always interesting to see what the movies focus on. I have to say that I thought the actors that portrayed Liesel and Papa were perfect in my eyes.
I was disappointed in one particular part of the movie. Liesel made a few comments to Rudy that she was not stealing books, she was borrowing them. This bothered me because I felt that Liesel WAS a thief. It was something she took pride in, especially when she stole a book.
The ending varied slightly, but stayed true to the book.

message 36: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Rackley (3082584) | 9 comments I absolutely loved the book, but was bored with the movie.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

I read this book recently so I could see the movie. If possible, I prefer to read the story before seeing it. I thought it okay, but found it a little hard to really sink my teeth into. The movie is on my 2015 list. :)

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