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Jillian remained silent throughout the car ride, not wanting to make the situation awkward. She propped herself up with one arm, staring out the window and watching the world fly by. This was all so much to take in, and she couldn't face her mom right now. Not after what had happened. When they arrived at his house, she let out a soft gasp. "Wow." She breathed, her eyes running over the exterior of his house. Jillian had figured he was rich, but this house was a skyscraper compared to the apartment complex Jillian lived at with her mom.

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"Jillian." She replied curtly, still in awe at the beauty and size of his house. "My stage name is Jelly Bean, though." She told him, accepting his hand and climbing out of the car. "You've got a nice place." She commented, teetering on her toes and taking his house in, in detail, before glancing back to Sebastian.

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"You're so different." Jillian laughed half-heartedly, shaking her head. "What I mean is, you're gorgeous." She stated plainly, but then stopped herself, her cheeks reddening. Here was her way with words, coming out to show itself. "I mean, you're quite the gentleman." She said solemnly, nodding her head and trying to maintain seriousness by stifling a laugh.

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Jillian blushed, shaking her head. "If I wasn't gorgeous I wouldn't be a performer." She teased, poking him lightly in the arm. At his question, she split out into a full grin, "I could think of a few things." She raised her eyes, looking around the room in mock innocence. "Where are your siblings?" She murmured softly, having heard a crash. Forgetting about her state of dress, she nodded, "I want to meet them." Jillian had always yearned to meet the half-sister she had only heard of.

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"Oh." Jillian muttered, letting out a small puff of air. "Alright. What am I eating?" She raised an eyebrow, forever a tease and a flirt. "No but seriously, I don't need to eat." She stated firmly, lifting up the shirt to expose her toned abs. "I don't need any more weight on me, thank you very much. I'm only hungry for one thing anyways." Smirking she paused before asking, "Where is your bathroom? I'll just shower quickly."

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Jillian nodded, shutting the door gently and undressing before climbing into the shower. The cool water soothed the aches on her stomach, where the man had hit her with his belt. She rubbed her wrists softly with her hands, and bit her lip down at the pain the restraints had caused her. Jillian just wanted to get the smell of the man off of her, and all reminders it had happened she wanted to disappear. For now, she was safe. And the man better not come to the club again, or Jillian would not be practicing any self restraint to inflict pain on him.

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Before she knew it she was crying, and she turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. Even just thinking of it was painful, and her body racked with sobs. Wiping at her eyes after a few minutes, she regained normal breathing and wrapped herself in a towel. She supposed she didn't have anything to change into, so she wrapped herself in the towel and exited the bathroom, looking for Sebastian.

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"Sebastian?" Jillian called our softly, then one time more loudly. If she was to come across one of his siblings before she came across him, especially in this state of dress, it would not be good. But being only in a towel and not wanting to go back in the lingerie she got raped in, she needed some clothes. After all this, she was going to burn that ensemble, even though it had been one of her favorites. Her wet hair cascaded down her back in natural waves as it dried, and her tanned skin gleamed with the occasional water droplets.

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Jillian breathed out a sigh of relief, openly running to where she had heard Sebastian's voice. Before entering she made sure the towel was secured tightly to cover all feminine parts of her. "Uh-- I was wondering if you have any clothes I could borrow." She stated softly. Noticing he was in only boxers, her cheeks reddened, and she stared down at the ground, reverting her eyes.

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Jillian was about to let go of the towel to reach for the shirt when he threw it, but thought better of it, luckily. Once he had turned around, she dropped the towel, reaching for the shirt and pulling it over her head. At the same time, her eyes remained on Sebastian's turned form, and she allowed her eye eyes to run up and down his partially naked figure. The shirt came down to just a few centimeters above her knees, so she was fine with it. Now her only concern was her mother, and she was worried her mother wouldn't be able to make it through the night without endangering herself.

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"Oh, uh, you can turn back around now." Jillian told him, stepping forward to tap him on the shoulder. "How do I look?" She raised an eyebrow, making a mock pose by lifting up a hand and cocking her hip out to the side. "It's alright, you don't have to say anything. I know I look as amazing as ever." She smirked, before speaking again. "So can I meet your family?" She asked eagerly.

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"Of course I know Roxanne," She snorted, shaking her head with laughter. "I don't think she'd approve of me being with you, though." Jillian stated sadly, staring down at the ground to ignore the bulge of his boxers. "I mean not being together. I mean like me being here, at your house, with you." She finished finally, her cheeks turning rosy.

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Jillian pursed her lips, letting out a small puff of air. "Oh. Right. I just assumed...never mind." Shaking her head, she combed her fingers through her wet hair. "It'll be fine, I just don't want to lose job or anything." She commented quietly, shifting her weight back and forth on her feet awkwardly. Of course Sebastian had brought other girls home, why had she even thought that he wouldn't have?

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"Yeah, uh, where will I sleep?" Jillian challenged, arching her attractive brows. "I mean, I should probably go home, check on my mom." She said softly. Who knew what her mom was capable when Jillian was gone for over twenty four hours, or even less. At some point or another she would have to tell someone that she had pretty much figured out her mom had mental issues, and was bipolar. For now though, she was going to keep it to herself for as long as possible.

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Jillian's heart fluttered in her chest, and she attempted to stop her cheeks from heating by smiling. Then she frowned, shaking her head. "I'm sure she'll be fine, I just worry about her more than I'd like to admit." She said softly, staring down at Sebastian's legs.

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Honestly, Jillian was only staring at his legs in an attempt to ignore the large bulge in Sebastian's boxers. "And by sleeping together, what do you mean exactly...?" She asked quietly, raising an eyebrow. She wasn't afraid to ask, and most of the time she liked to pretend like she wasn't afraid of anything. But the truth was, Jillian was afraid of a lot of things.

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"Oh, right." Jillian felt warmth spread to her cheeks, and reluctantly climbed into the bed. "I'm sorry for everything that happened today." She whispered softly, moving her head upwards to look him in the eyes. Pulling the covers over her partially naked body, she waited for his reaction.

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Biting down on her lower lip to keep the words, I'm always sorry, inside. "I just am." She told him, a scowl slipping into her face as she rested her head on his chest. "Do you usually bring girls home to sleep with them?" She dared to ask quietly, dropping her voice low.

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"It's nothing." Jillian told him softly. "I'm just going to sleep." She said, nodding her head and gently shutting her eyes. "Good night." She whispered, willing herself to fall asleep. Jillian was already planning on waking up before Sebastian, and leaving before he could notice she was gone. That would be best.

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((time skip? ^_^))

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