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"Hello who is this?" he asked his voice rich of his french heritage. No one ever called him. "Elizabeth?" he asked worriedly.

Elle sat in the car with the women wondering what she was doing talking to her brother.

Lostinwonderland "no its Julian i called you because i need help translating for your sister." she said nervously while stroking Elles hair softly.

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"Okay what do you want to know." He sat back in his chair. He normally did this for his sister, part of keeping her safe.


Elle leaned into the woman's hand her skin was soft and felt good against hers.

Lostinwonderland "Elle.., I can't understand what she is saying... Do you mind moving in with me to help her and me out?" Julian secretly wanted Elle to move in with her. She didn't know how to tell her though. How should she tell her? She went to the kitchen to make herself a drink and something to eat. She wondered if Elle wanted anything too.

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"Um... I don't know if I can move in but I can tell you this. She keeps a English to french book on her at all times just... look in between her breasts." he sighed. He hated telling people that, but where else was she to put it.

Lostinwonderland Julian came back and sat down the drinks. She pointed to Elle's breasts for the book. "May I see it please?" Julian felt more relaxed that she would be able to understand her now. "Thanks a lot hun. It helped me out." She said before hanging up the phone. She studied the book returning to her room for the night. "You want me to call you a cab?" She asked her in French.

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Elle replied."No it's fine I like it here. Sorry if I knew that you need the book I would have given it to you earlier." Elle replayed apologetically. She was happy she called her brother this was much easier.

Lostinwonderland Julian stopped and walked to the couch and pulling out to a bed. "I'll go get the sheets.." She walked up the stairs and got the sheets from her lien closet. She handed the sheets to Elle. "If you ever get cold the comforter is in my room. Just come up and knock on my door if you need it ok?" She said happily before kissing her. "Oh and you never answered my other question."

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Elle was confused they didn't come here to have sex but that's what she did.
"What was you question sweet heart?" She said flirtatiously. She rested her hands on the women's shoulders.

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Lostinwonderland Julian backed up and said in French. "I'd rather take it slow... You're different from the rest and I respect that.. Listen I don't wanna hurt you at all. Maybe if we try to rush it.. Everything will fall apart. I'm sorry but it's too soon to have something so precious with someone I actually care about." Julian looked down and blushed bright red.

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"It's fine. I get it. I'm just confused as why I'm sleeping out here and not with you, if this is how you really feel." She put her arms around her neck. She kissed her deeply."dose that mean no making out either?"

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Lostinwonderland Julian nodded slowly. "You can sleep with me." She said while leading her to her bedroom for the night.
(In progress with this... Brain dead right now!)

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Elle followed Julian eagerly through the house. She was wearing her usual outfit which was a pink and black corset and black boy shorts. Normally she would wear a tutu but she left it back at the club when she took a nap.


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Lostinwonderland Julian got into bed with her and wrapped her arms around her while smiling. she hoped that she felt safe in Julians arms. she loved the way she smelled like roses.
(on my phone hopefully its enough.)

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Elle followed her into her arms. She snuggled against her and faced her chest, her head rested on her other arm. Oddly enough this reminded her of her mom when she was little and she had nightmares her mom would do this. She looked up at Julian, "So is there no making out either?"

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled and said. "yes we can make out." she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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Elle smiled as she drafted off to sleep. She dreamt about her mother and father and brother before all of this happened. Before she had to leave do the murder of her own father.((this weekend I'm going to make my brother as an actual character.))

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Lostinwonderland Julian saw the girl wake up and kissed her on the lips. "you remember what happened yesterday? I asked you if you wanted to be my girlfriend.. do you accept it? please say yes."

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Elle was startled by the wake up kiss and the question. She thought about it for a while, really thinking about it. She never really had a girlfriend/boyfriend before,"I'm willing to try." She answered her.

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled brightly and went downstairs to get breakfast and brought it back to her. there was eggs sausage bacon and milk on the tray.

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"You don't have to treat me like a princess." She giggled.she looked at the tray hesitantly. She picked up a piece of bacon and started to chew .

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled at her. "You're a princess in my eyes. Anything more you want babe?" She blushed while looking at her. "I love you... More than you know." She crawled up to her and kissed her slowly on the lips. She pulled back and smiled. "Are you happy with me?" She asked looking down. She was hoping that she was.

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She kissed her back and asked,"What do you mean more than you know?" she giggled. She wanted to wrap her head around this before she answer anything.
"I don't even know your name?" she turned her head to the side curiously like a child.

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Lostinwonderland "My name is Julian." She smiled brightly as she wrapped her arms around her. "What do you want to do? Go on a date? Watch a movie? What what what?" She asked a little too eagerly. She got up to carry the tray to the kitchen and came back up to the bedroom and flipped on the tv. "What's your favorite tv show?" She asked while blushing.

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"I don't really watch Tv. I just work to keep under the radar really." she shrugged, she never understood why she hadn't. She had plenty of spare time, but she spent it all her time calling her mother.

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled and turned on the tv. "Well you should! After that we can get dolled up and head back to the club... If you want." She said cheerfully while sitting on Elle's lap and staring back up at her. "Do you know how curly your hair is? Really curly... It's like I get lost in it. I like it!" Julian started twirling her hair. "It's so soft!" Julian started sniffing it. "It smells good too!"

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Elle giggled. She wrapped her arms around her neck," It should. Me brother pays a fortune for it." she smiled and talked into her ear. She watched the Tv, interested in what ever was happening," Why is that so short it was like a minute long?" she referred to the commercial.

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Lostinwonderland Julian laughed at her. "Hunny that's a commerical... It's supposed to be short. It's like trying to sell you something in a minute. They have to talk really fast to get everything in but sometimes the commerical gets cut off because they don't have enough air time." She said while curling up onto Elle's lap, her head on her crotch. She stared at her pretty face and smiled.

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Elle slid her arms down under her breasts resting on her stomach. She looked down at Julian,"That sounds like a scam to me. So are we going to go on a date? I've never been on one before." she smiled and scrunched her nose.

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled and looked at her. "Soon enough!" She chimed loudly. "Let's go back to the club for our date!" Julian got up and went to her closet and picked out this. Image and video hosting by TinyPic "what do you think of this?" She asked her softly.

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"Very,... club like." she giggled,"Who you mind if I borrowed a dress, I don't really have any with me." she smiled embarrassed.She didn't own any dresses. She left them back home in France.

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Lostinwonderland "Yea you can pick one dress out. Anything that catches your eye!" Julian squealed and got all excited. She wanted to go on this date with her. Her excitement turned into nervousness. She started to panic while pacing back and forth biting her nails. That was one of her nervous habits. Julian yelled at Elle. "Are you ready yet?" She started to sweat so she had to take several napkins and kept dabbing her face.

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"Sorry I couldn't get the shoes on." she bent down and fiddled with the strap showing her breasts.

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