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Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam, #1)
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Sam (legoman_86) | 131 comments Mod
I have now finished the book

I quite enjoyed it.

It seemed to me that Oryx didn't have as big a part in the story as Crake. Do you suppose that Crake tracked her down just to set in motion the events that would cause Jimmy to kill him? Or was there real love there? Jimmy's thoughts on Crake's romantic life seem to say the he wasn't the type to fall in love.

I like the very last paragraph of the book, how he's confronted with these strangers and hasn't decided what to do about them. It leaves it nicely open to interpretation. What do you think he did? What would you do?

I found the Crakers it be quite interesting. It was neat how they seemed to be developing a religion despite Crake's best efforts to prevent that.

Mike I don't think that Crake had loved Oryx. The way Oryx had described their relationship (hers with Crake) it came across very much like business (with some play). This might have been done just so that Crake could eventually bring Oryx along and then eventually set things into motion.

My issue with Crake's plan with Oryx would have depended on a lot of unknowns to Crake at the time of beginning. How would he have known that everything that occurred later would end up happening?

I'm not sure what Jimmy would have done. I believe it comes down to whether he believes what Oryx always says (people aren't that bad) or if what Crake believes is true (essentially that people are bad). From the rest of the story, Jimmy always seems to believe everyone is bad (i.e. the people who owned Oryx were terrible in Jimmy's opinion, but Oryx still thought very highly of them). If I had to choose something, I'd say Jimmy would go back to how he always seemed to feel and would eliminate them and attempt to survive (even though it sounded unlikely for him with the infection in his foot).

I don't know if it was the Craker's who initiated the religion. From the beginning (of the book), Jimmy was talking about Oryx and Crake and how they created them and the wildlife/vegetation. He would continue developing the story and ended up creating himself as some sort of prophet. I don't know if it would have occurred if Jimmy did not stay around and interact with them. If they were left on their own, would they have still developed some religious beliefs? If Jimmy never left, they wouldn't have had a desire to pray for his return. Did Jimmy corrupt them or is it something that will always occur in a developing society, even if they are separated from the rest of the world/civilization?

Frank | 7 comments I am entertained to think that Jimmy braught the Crakers to religion as a sort of revenge against Crake.

I enjoy the open ending to the book, to leave you to imagine how SNowman would deal with those strangers.

Cory Shankman (shade_of_dawn) There was so much in this book that I enjoyed. Jimmy/Snowman is just ever the observer. He's always there, but just watching, powerless to really do anything (for every single event in his life). In the end I think that's also what the Crakers' religion was about. Crake destroyed the world to rebuild it in his vision and even died for it. But it didn't work out. The Crakers still developed religion.

I guess what you think Snowman does next reflects your own views of humanity.

I enjoyed so much in this book, but it's slipped away a little now. It's been weeks since I finished it. I should start taking notes. Or maybe just posting here more often.

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