11/22/63 11/22/63 question

Which is better?
Roberto Acero Roberto Feb 13, 2014 01:33PM
This or the Shining?

Being a fan of history and the JFK era I would choose 11/22/63.

loved both for different reasons. Ilove the backstory and building of tension in the shining, but king really delivers with a plot twist in the end that was really good. Ill take the shining, but only by a hair.

The Shining.

It's hard to choose because the two books have different storylines.
But I think 11/22/63 is better.

I also enjoyed 11/22/63 over The Shinning, but they are very different books.

I did love both books, but to me I think "The Shining" was more eerie, more King-ish. Whereas, "11-22-63" was more historical fiction.

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