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The basement- Those who love the dark visit here a lot, the basement is a huge area that is almost as big as the Academy itself but underground.

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((Onyx, I'm going to create a character so that we can rp, please tell me if you want a boy or girl and what species))

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Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments ((Oops, I already sent her to Class 10 xD But I guess a boy would be alright. I don't really mind what species he is))

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(( Alright,gimme a minute))

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments Running as quickly as she could down the steps, Victoria tripped over one and fell onto the cold basement floor. She groaned lightly and slowly pushed herself off the ground. She glanced over her shoulder up at the basement entrance. She glared hatefully as a student laughed and shut the door behind her. She slowly sat up, pulling her knees up to her chest. She looked up at the tiny light that she sat under and sighed.

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Andrew saw a girl get pushed into the basement, he watched her look up at the light bulb that hung from the ceiling, the only source of light in the underground labyrinth of a basement. Andrew decided to stay in the shadows for now, see what would happen.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments Victoria frowned slightly and looked around at the surrounding darkness. She wasn't alone. She slowly stood up, her chain belt clicking against her spiked belt. She slowly turned in a circle, hoping that she might see whoever was hiding in the darkness.

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Andrew smirked as she looked around, at least this one had good senses... He casually stepped out of the shadows, "What brings you here?"

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She sharply turned to look at the stranger. She stared at him for a second, then her eyes trailed to the ground. "Some douchebag chased me here..." she responded quietly.

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He nodded, "I see, do you need to get out of here?" he asked, shadow traveling a bit closer to her, he leaned against the wall.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She shrugged, not noticing him. "I'll probably be better off if I stay here for awhile..." she said slightly louder. She didn't look up at him, scared that their eyes would meet. She felt that whenever someone looked in her eyes, they would be able to see right through her. And she liked to hide.

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"As far as I know, both of us are supposed to be in math class, you are in class 10, right?" he said, asking though he already knew the answer. Andrew took a step closer, "You afraid? Aren't you some sort of demon? Demons and other creatures of the dark are around the same level, there's not a lot I can do to hurt you even if I wanted to, though.. When you don't look at someone when they talk to you, it means you're hiding something." he finished.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She stood there silently, staring at the ground. She sighed softly and lifted her head to meet his eyes. "Fear demon..." she said, answering one of his questions. "And I guess I am afraid... Not very many people like me, but I guess it's for the same reason," she said softly.

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He looked into her eyes, "And for what reason is that?" he asked, a smile playing at his lips.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She wanted to look away, but somehow she couldn't. "They're afraid of me," she answered quietly.

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"Show me what they're afraid of then and I'll be the judge of if I'm going to fear you or not." he told her, his eyes were daring her to do it.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments Victoria bit her lip as she started to feel afraid again. The fear corrupted the atmosphere around her and she looked away from his eyes. And she started to remember the incident that sent her here four months ago.

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He smirked, she wouldn't, that was interesting...She was powerful nevertheless, he could feel the fear in the air.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She backed up slowly and covered her face with her hands. "I'm sorry... I'm just scared of everything ever since what I did..." she said meekly.

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He sighed, "You know, fear corrupts but if you know how to overcome that, you'll get stronger and tougher to break." he said, offering up some advice, he'd know, he used to be afraid of so many things and know he didn't even blink an eye when someone pissed him off, he just flung them against the wall with his telekinesis or shadow traveled to them later and kicked them in the face for good measure if needed.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments She slowly moved her hands from her face and dared to look in his eyes again, but she stayed put. "How...?" she asked quietly.

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He smiled darkly, "I don't know how you can conquer your fear, only you do. Try and do what you fear and maybe that'll work." he said, shrugging.

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments Her eyes darkened and she frowned. "No... I can't do that..." she said strictly.

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(( I gtg, bi!))

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments ((Bye))

Onyxia The Dragon | 24 comments ((Whenever you're ready))

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