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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:


Rank: (Look at ranks)

Guild: (Either Pandora, Treasure Hunters, or a Loner)

Personality: (At least 3 sentences)

How Long They Have Been In the Guild:

Character Your Character is Most Like: (Meaning, who is this character most like? Natsu? Erza? It has to be from the anime)


Powers: (Explain the powers he has)
Moves: (Explain all the moves. Moves are UNLIMITED)

Appearance: (Picture if you can. If you can't, good description)
Hair Color:
Skin Color: (Pale, tan, light black, or black)
Length of Hair: (Long, medium, short)
Hair Style: (Explain the hair style)
Clothes they normally wear: (Explain color, if it's normally a dress, pants, etc…)

History: (Atleast 3 sentences. Good description!)

Weapons: (Any weapons?)






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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) First Name: Erika
Middle Name: Ghost
Last Name: Roxas
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Guild: Pandora
Rank: Lower class (she is new and never admits to her accomplishments, keeping her skills to herself)

Personality: Erika is a very relaxed individual, evidenced by her incessant sleeping, most often done on a flying carpet. She seems to believe that her power is absolute, or, at least, greater than anyone else's: in battle, she often expresses boredom with his opponent's lack of strength, leading Erika to exude an air of superiority.
She seems to be sadistic; when she finds a strong opponent, she will make them suffer.
However she loves her brothers, when with them she is completely different, She becomes fearful, protective and extremely jealous, latching onto them and following them in the hopes that they would never leave her like their parents did.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: less then a year

Character Your Character is Most Like: Midnight

Team: Elder brother Urn

Powers: Reflector Magic
Moves: Reflector is Erika's exclusive Magic, which has the ability to reflect, distort and twist all manner of objects, save for living things, such as human beings.

Distort Blade: By twisting the air, Erika is capable of generating ethereal slashes which he can send flying at his opponents. Both their size and the numbers of generated blades can be greatly varied, ranging from barrages of small attacks to single, devastating cutting moves which he generates by waving his hands, and which are strong enough to effortlessly slice through solid stone buildings, cleanly bifurcating them.
Distort Shield: Erika's ability to twist everything makes it very difficult to hit her, as she can freely distort any incoming attack to negate their effects, even turning them against the very same opponents who originally employed it. She is capable of reflexively invoking this defensive spell even whilst asleep.
Spiral Pain: A powerful spell which Erika can initiate,this prompts the intended target, located some meters away from Erika herself, to be caught within a vortex of distorted air, which inflicts heavy damage upon them, seemingly striking them with incredible brute force, covering them in bruises and shattering even the most resistant of armors.
Illusions: By refracting light, Erika is capable of generating visual illusions. However, as it is a visual illusion, this spell is only ineffective against those with artificial eyes.
Invisibility: Erika refracts the light around her, becoming invisible and at the same time being shown capable of levitating in midair, appearing and disappearing as though as she was teleporting.


Hair Color: light blond, mostly white
Skin Color: Slight tan, mostly Pale
Length of Hair: Long
Hair Style: Long braided hair
Clothes they normally wear: knee high boots, short pants, Green tunic, simple belt and a cloak

History: When Erika was born she lived in a small village by the sea with her parents and twin brother (and other siblings if anyone's interested), then ever since she could think she always wanted to be a pirate with her twin, traveling out on that great vast ocean. Until one day a group of real pirates visited her village, Erika was about four years old, they rushed through the village pillaging and plundering. When the pirates reached her home, which was their last stop, they grabbed her mother and dragged her to their ship. Erika's father was almost couldn't to move after he was attacked by the pirates trying to defend his mother, however when Iain, her twin, ran after them himself her father followed and so did she. When they reached the pirate ship Iain and his father were easily captured while she managed to sneak into a barrel, Iain was held captive and his father tortured for fun until they'd set sail as she hid. When Erika's father finally died he was tossed overboard. When the pirates moved to toss Iain over after him, their mother lost herself in a panicked attack, however she was soon put down and tossed overboard with Iain.
After witnessing all this Erika hid and cried thinking them all dead, but after a day or so she was found and held captive. After living for two years on their ship as a prisoner Erika finally fought back, she killed four of them before running away ashore where they were docked. Soon though she was found by one of the crew members she'd remembered, but it turned out he was a dark magician and he'd offered to teach her in the ways of his magic if she'd follow him to his guild. From then till now Erika had learned to become an excellent assassin with both her natural and magical skills. Never did she stop thinking about her twin brother and how she would avenge her family.

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, she'd learnt how to make the perfect arrows and ever since had an endless supply.

- Accuracy
- Agility and Flexibility
- Stealth

- Over confidence
- Thoughts of family
- Hatred of pirates

Pets: none

- Deceased (OPEN if anyone would like to make a family member for him, it could be fun)
- Twin Brother (Iain)
- Elder Brother (Urn)
- Younger Brother (Seth)

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) *shivers* Midnight... Reflector Magic has it's weaknesses as Erza said though.

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Which guild is she, and can I make a character that is her older brother? ;3

message 5: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) She'd be in a dark assassins guild, so I suppose Pandora :)

and sure feel free to make an older brother, she's Ghost's twin so he'll also be Ghost's brother :)

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Sweet! CONNECTION!!! Got it :3

message 7: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) haha yeah :) so what're your plans for the brother?

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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
First Name: Urn
Middle Name: Kai
Last Name: Roxas

Gender: Male

Rank: Unknown

Guild: Pandora

Personality: Dark and full of hate. He almost never is in the guild, but if he is, he is with his younger sister, Erika. He remembers his other brother, Iain, and hates him very much. He almost never shares his true nature to anyone, and has very powerful magic that is very hard to defeat. He can seem quite majestic at times when doing what he does best (Archery) and is very fast. He doesn't have any secrets, and hates Fairy Tail with all his heart.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: Unknown

Character Your Character is Most Like: Zerif, powerful and head on strong

Team: He is with Erika

Powers: Shadow dark magic. He can manipulate darkness, and is the most powerful out of Erika and Ghost. He is there older brother, and wished Ghost was never born. His hate makes his powers more powerful and has very powerful "unstoppable" magic. this dark magic he has was banned, but he knew it was his destiny. He can control it better then anyone else and normally doesn't give it his all because he knows he will win.

Moves: To many to count!

Appearance: Dark black hIr with piercing glowing red eyes that glow in the night. If the eyes stare into your eyes, your in trouble! His hair is always ragged, and skin his a pale like tan. Lips are black, and under his eyes is grey because he NEVER sleeps, which makes under his eyes turn grey.
Hair Color: Dark black
Skin Color: Mostly pale, somewhat tan
Length of Hair: Shortish
Hair Style: Ragged, always messy
Clothes they normally wear: He wears a dark black shirt with long sleeves that is torn, burnt, etc… His pants are black also that stick to him. His cloak is very long, and is torn on the end. It also has burnt marks, scratch marks, etc… On the back of his cloak is a skull that it covered in blood. He also always wears his bow and arrows.

History: urn was separated from his siblings when his two younger sister and brother were born. He was handed over to a master that trained him greatly. In the end, he killed his master and joined Pandora. When he saw his younger sister, walk into the guild, he immediately told her he was her older brother. He knew his other younger sibling was somewhere else. And when he is somewhere else, that means he is good. Urn saw Iain a few times, he destroyed whatever he was near. His hatred for Iain was so strong, he had the need to kill.

Weapons: Like his sister, he does archery. He has a black bow and arrow made of dark shadow leather. His arrows are made of real bones that turned black. These arrows will NEVER miss. If they dodge, they swerve and hit the person. They can torture people, and KILL. He is very majestic when it comes to him and his bow.

- Agility
- Speed
- Hate
- Erika

- Light magic
- SOMETIMES the sun hurts his eyes

Pets?: He has a dark shadow raven named Rave that sends messages. The raven is made out of shadows.

Family: Deceased Except for younger twin brother and sister Erika and Iain


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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Hope he doesn't underestimates Archer and his Shadow Dragon Slayer magic.

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Oh he'll underestimate him alright XD

message 11: by Sun The Espeon (new)

Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Like Gajeel, Laxus, Cobra and many others did to Natsu? That much?

message 12: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) It'll be like the stalemate between Natsu and Totomaru :P
Sounds like this'll be fun

message 14: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Ummm... Yea... Sorry but nothing is unstoppable... Has been proven in the series

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
I know. That's why I put "unstoppable"

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Name: Doku Ryū, The Poison Dragon

Gender: Male

Rank: Second Powerful

Guild: Pandora

Personality: (At least 3 sentences)

Years in Guild:

Character Your Character is Most Like: (Meaning, who is this character most like? Natsu? Erza? It has to be from the anime)


Powers: Poison Dragon Slayer magic
Moves: (Explain all the moves. Moves are UNLIMITED)

Appearance: (Picture if you can. If you can't, good description)
Hair Color:
Skin Color: (Pale, tan, light black, or black)
Length of Hair: (Long, medium, short)
Hair Style: (Explain the hair style)
Clothes they normally wear: (Explain color, if it's normally a dress, pants, etc…)

History: (Atleast 3 sentences. Good description!)

Weapons: (Any weapons?)






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John Parvin | 138 comments Hmm... Would be interesting to play the long lost twin Ian... Similar magic styles....

message 18: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) ? similar to what?

message 19: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Erika has deflection, Ian would have manipulation, even though he relies mostly on his own abilities, he can use whatever magic is used against him in his own physical attack. If he is hit by ice magic, he can use it and deliver a physical/ice attack.
The drawback is he is a close range fighter, and can only use the ability in hand to hand combat.

message 20: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) I'm confused :/ sorry, not really understanding what you're trying to say with the ice magic and stuff

message 21: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Saying is that Ian would be able to take the magic used against him and incorporate it into his own attack.

He can absorb magical attacks even at range, but can only use that magical energy in an attack if he is within hand to hand combat.

message 22: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) but Iain uses Air Magic...

message 23: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) His character profile is in the Fairy Tail members page :) he was the First character I made, I just expanded on his family when I made Erika :)

message 24: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Hmm....

message 25: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) sorry for the confusion, but yeah :) everyone calls him Ghost because he took on that name after his sister, which reminds me, how did Urn know it was Iain? only three people knows his name:
- Erika thought he was dead
- Urn was taken as a baby, he wouldn't know what they look like
- the mysterious guy in their old village

message 26: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Hmm... Could play a brother of ghost thought dead?

message 27: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Sure :) join the family, did you want younger or older? either way the current family history is there for you to read

message 28: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Was thinking younger,

message 29: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Well if you've got any questions I'm happy to help ya make him :)

message 30: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments Hmm... Would it be possible for him to not have a guild yet? A wanderer seeking his family...

message 31: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) yeah, that sounds pretty good :) well you got three siblings, so he can run into any of them, especially if he's wandering around

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
First Name: Salna
Middle Name: Lost
Last Name: Arrow

Gender: Female

Rank: Unknown

Guild: She's in the newest Guild, the Demon guild.

Personality: Her personality is never shown. Her feelings are almost nothing. She has no facial expressions almost, only rage. She doesn't care about any of the people she has murdered. She kills for money, and pride. She loves bloodshed, and is known as the Wolf Assassin. She is especially known for her shape shifting large black wolf named Arkine. The wolf helps her kill also… when she kills someone Arkine eats the body/bodies so there won't be any sign she killed the person. She is very secretive and is only in the guild when she feels like it. If she's not in the guild, she is most likely killing someone.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: About 7 years

Character Your Character is Most Like: She is most like the other world Erza, only ten times… 100 times stronger.

Team: Arkine, which is technically her pet

Powers: She can requip weapons, but not armor. She can also use a sacred forbidden magic called Mind Curse.

Requip - Requiping her weapons for better ones etc… she has over 100.
Protect - This protects her and Arkine. This doesn't waist ANY energy, so she is ALWAYS surrounded by it. It can't be sensed, and can't be seen. This prevents from people touching her, and people's powers. She can touch them.
Boil - This causes the person to feel great pain, as if acid is touching them. She never misses, because she just has to think about that person being boiled.
Fly - This makes her float in mid air, Arkine CANT though.

This is all I can think of XD But she has A LOT of moves though. There's just a lot… so ya

Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/3...

Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Light tan
Length of Hair: VERY long
Hair Style: Some hair is down, while some of it is in a pony tail. A long… pony tail.
Clothes they normally wear: It's hard to describe so look at the picture.

History: When she was born, she always admired weapons. She learned how to requip, and loved it. After a while, she wanted to learn to be more powerful. An unknown man taught her control, and as he taught her, she learned Mind Curse automatically. After a year of teaching to use her powers right, he left without saying his name. After a while she met another man, who taught her power, and evil. Now, she is a corrupted evil witch that shows no mercy. (the person who taught her control was Murker before he joined Fairy Tail. :P I'm epic)

Weapons: She can requip weapons, but not armor.

-People reaching out to her

Pets?: A large shape shifting black wolf. The wolf is the size of a horse and can shape shift into a dragon, a horse, and a super fast cat, all that is the color black. The Wolf's name is Arkine, and can also turn invisible. This is one of Zerif's demons

Family: Deceased thanks to her.


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John Parvin | 138 comments First Name: Khalin (The only name he is known by is Shard)
Middle Name:
Last Name: Daralis
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Rank: none, but on par with S class, if he cared to test for it.

Guild: none, he is a freelance mercenary

Cold and aloof, if he has any emotions, he does not show them, beyond an air of disdain.
He has no one he would call friend, nor any he calls enemy, yet he never forgets a debt owed, and hates owing anything to anyone.
His hard life has made him have no qualms about taking on any job, be it domestic or assassination, as long as his price is met.

Character your character is most like: A mercenary version of Gajeel

Team: none, unless he is under paid contract.

Power absorbtion(use in moves section)
Crystal Dragon Slayer

Moves: (listing only the power based here, he has too many physical based attacks to list)

He consumes any form of crystal to recharge and greatly boost his abilities.
Works in conjunction with Refuel, if the crystal eaten is a lacrima infused with magic, he temporarily gains the ability to use that magic type in attacks.
Crystal Dragon Soar:
Creates crystal wings which allows him to fly very fast.
Crystal Dragon Scales:
Covers him in a fine layer of crystal scales which refracts magic based attacks away from him, and allows him to withstand extreme heat and cold.
Crystal Scatter:
A continuous, unconscious ability which refracts mind based magics away from him and makes anyone trying to read his thoughts see their own, in multiples.
Crystal Dragon Wing Attack:
Creates whiplike lengths of razor edged crystal which can cut through magic and armor alike.
Crystal Edge Strike:
Creates a moving razor edged layer over his hands which massively amplifies his punches.
Crystal Fangs:
He creates two swords of crystal with diamond edges which he uses.
Crystal Flare:
Creates a concentrated crystal at range which bursts, creating a blinding flash of light and sends razor sharp crystal shards in a thirty foot radius.
Crystal Dragon Roar:
He breathes out a cone of tiny, razor edges diamond shards which can cut through even a thick metal wall in seconds

Appearance: (pic shows him with Crystal scales active)

 photo photo.jpg

Har Color: Black
Skin Color: light tan
Hair Length: short
Hair style: rough cut
Clothing: Black sleeveless vest, black arm circlet and black palm gloves.

Abandoned by his real parents as an infant, he was found by the crystal dragon Cryshyrinth, who adopted him, naming him Khalin.
The dragon raised Khalin, teaching him not only to read and write in many languages, but also, when he grew old enough, the very rare Crystal Dragon magics.
Khalin was an avid student, taking in the many lessons Cryshyrinth taught, and practicing the magics and physical training rigorously each day.
He was a surprisingly cheerful child, taking each challenge set before him whole heartedly.
His happiness was not to last much longer however, for when he returned one day from a several day training exercise in the nearby mountains, he could find no trace of Cryshyrinth, no matter where or how hard he looked.
Determined, Khalin set off to find his dragon parent, only to have to give up a month or so later, as he was having to try to find any way he could to survive, begging, even stealing to live.
While he was stealing some money from the commander of a mercenary company, he had been caught by the commander, who, on seeing Khalin's fierce spirit, gave him a choice, either join the mercenaries, or be turned over to the local authorities, a prospect which would be as good as a death sentence...
Khalin chose to join the company, an action which would forever change him, hardening him and giving his life a new focus.
Gone forever was the cheerfulness of his childhood, so quickly over, to be replaced by the cold hearted life of the mercenary, with almost daily fights to survive. During which he learned many more skills than just being a soldier, most of them of the less than legal variety.
Using his skills and abilities, he quickly became the most powerful of the company, exceeding even the commander by far, yet held in check by his respect for the commander.
That would change, one fateful day, when, shortly after he turned sixteen, the commander was killed in battle.
Khalin's rage was nearly unimaginable, and he completely destroyed the companies on both sides, even the one he was in in his blind fury, then he vanished.
And now, four years later, he is in Fiore, and looking for work.

Weapons: himself and what his abilities can do

-Self reliant
-very strong and fast
-keen mind

-trusts no one
-hates weakness
-Hates arrogant people

Pets: none

Family: Cryshyrinth, Step father, Crystal Dragon,
Other Relatives: Unknown to him

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