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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:


Rank: (Look at ranks)

Personality: (At least 3 sentences)

How Long They Have Been In the Guild:

Character Your Character is Most Like: (Meaning, who is this character most like? Natsu? Erza? It has to be from the anime)


Powers: (Explain the powers he has)
Moves: (Explain all the moves. Moves are UNLIMITED)

Appearance: (Picture if you can. If you can't, good description)
Hair Color:
Skin Color: (Pale, tan, light black, or black)
Length of Hair: (Long, medium, short)
Hair Style: (Explain the hair style)
Clothes they normally wear: (Explain color, if it's normally a dress, pants, etc…)

History: (Atleast 3 sentences. Good description!)

Weapons: (Any weapons?)






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Megan | 172 comments Name:Samantha Azure
Place of Birth:Unknown

Character Your Character is Most Like:Mystogan
First read her personality and history, then you'll understand.

She acts loud to others. When her older brother "died", she began to only speak unless spoken to. She wouldn't talk to anyone but her twin and younger sister. She blamed her parents for not having enough guards. She's confident about what she does, but keeps to herself. She works hard and hates being the center of attention(of course, it was after her brother died that these changes were made). She does care about her family, but does not want to stand in their or anybody else's way. She always thinks before she acts. Her dark side is when she is overwhelmed by the her power in a good way. She becomes uncontrollable and will not hesitate.

Mark Location & Color:Upper Right Arm, Dark Blue
Years in Guild:One Year
Team(name and members):None Yet
Guild Rank:#2 S-Class

Type of Magic:God Slayer
Magic:Water God Slayer
Weapons(if there are any):
-She has a cloak given to her by her brother that conceals her presence completely.
-She uses a sword to help control her powers.

History:(I'm only listing the main events that lead her to join Fairy Tail):
Early Life:
-She was born into a rich family. It was around the time her younger sister had not been born yet. So she was about six. Everyone was making preparations here and there around the house. Sam was playing in her room with her twin brother. Her older brother arrived to accompany them. She and her twin brother looked up to their older brother. He was a great role model. Though Sam could always sense there was something weird about him. He was hiding a secret. She later sneaked into his room and saw a bunch of magazines hidden under his bed. They were about magic. She looked around some more and saw something else, a bunch of papers that looked like job listings. Then she scavenged about and at the end of his closet, she saw a bunch of cloaks, a couple of swords and some money. When she dug deeper into his box of treasures, she found some photos of people with him. There was also a tattoo on his upper right shoulder, a dark blue color. After looking through the magazines, she found the perfect match. Fairy Tail. What was going on? Wasn't Fairy Tail a guild for wizards? This of course lead to her becoming even more suspicious.

-Sometime later, when her younger sister was born, they were having a celebration. Many people were invited. The baby's name was June. Sam was happy there was another girl in the family. That night, there was an attack. They quickly went to the basement to hide. Her older brother stayed behind to fight. When she accidentally tripped, everyone was in a hurry and ran past her. She looked around lost and went the wrong way, bumping into someone, one of the attackers. She didn't know what happened after that, something about her brother jumping in front of her, then defeated the bad guys. He said a couple of words to her before he ran off. They never saw him again. When everything was calm again, Sam went to her room, she found a note. It was from her brother. It said:

To my little sister, Sam,
Sorry, I have to leave. This must be hard for you. This is something only you can read. I put some magic on it, so that could happen. I did what I could do to help you, but now we must go our separate ways. I leave the remaining items in my closet to you. Such as the sword, cloak and some money. The cloak has some magical properties. I hope it will be of some use to you one day. Goodbye.

From, Cyan.

-Ten years later, the family decides to go to the beach. They hadn't been there in a while. Sam didn't want to go unless her older brother was there because that was tradition, to go as a family. The rest of her family acts like he isn't alive. That angered her. When she did go, she decided to go for a swim. She didn't know how long she was in there, but it started raining. The tides started growing. She had to get back to shore. She found herself underwater, unable to get back up. She knew she was going to drown. Then she realized something else wasn't right, was she breathing, underwater? She saw a shark coming her way and she started thrashing about when she felt a rush of energy flowing into her arms and shooting it at the shark. The current suddenly changed and allowed her to swim to safety. Once she was safe, she walked to the beach house, took out some belongings and put them into a bag. She needed some time to think alone.

-A couple days later, she found a newspaper fluttering along in the trees. There was a picture of her family. Sam read the title. It read, Another Family Death. There was a picture of her. They thought she had died. Another? She read the article over and over. All those years, they thought Cyan had died.

-She kept walking, but to be safe, she put on the cloak her brother had given. She had only brought the cloak, sword, money, family pictures and some extra pairs of clothes with her. The money would only last her for a month. She needed a way to make money. How did a mage make money? Then she took out a magazine. One of the ones her brother had left behind. Sam looked at the picture of her brother and his arm. She decided, she was going to join Fairy Tail.

-She wanted to keep a low profile, so she traveled by foot.

-A couple more days later, she reached Fairy Tail. She tried staying out of everyone's way. She hasn't taken off the cloak in front of others yet. But, of course, things change.............

Crush:None Yet
Relationship Status:Single

-Definitely hates heights. Even on a small bridge, she gets freaked out.
-She does not like fish. She freaks out about living fish and heights. But, she does like swimming, just somewhere without fish swimming about. For some reason, she likes to eat fish....
-She's pretty defenseless against lightning and doesn't like thunder.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) Public Name (everyone knows and calls him this name): Ghost
First Name (very few know these names): Iain
Middle Name: D.
Last Name: Roxas
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: 3rd S Class Mage

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: 2 years

Personality: Despite his mostly reserved personality, Iain is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke his wrath. He is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. This, coupled with his own tragic childhood, caused many of his guild-mates to avoid him due to his social awkwardness. However, he has a great sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail.

Character Your Character is Most Like: Erza - awkward and reserved personality also strict and full of pride for fairy tail.

Team: None

Powers: Air Magic
Air Magic is a Magic which gives its user the ability to manipulate the air around them and use it as a weapon, such as making it explode or lowering the oxygen levels in a certain area. Like other elemental types of Magic, some users can also transform their bodies into this element.
Air Body: Iain has the ability to transform his body into a mass of Air, which can render any physical assault ineffective.
Mist Body: Iain is able to transform his body into mist that can move around freely at high speed, negating both physical and Magical attacks.
Aerial: Iain locks his opponent in a dome that lowers the oxygen inside it which makes the enemies suffocate and hurts their ears due to the pressure change.
Aerial Shot: Iain uses his air Magic to shatter the ground and pick up rocks, using the air. These rocks are then shot at the enemy.
Flight: By generating a current of wind below him or others, Iain is capable of lifting himself high up in the air and remain suspended.
Aerial Phose: Iain can create a small cyclone that surrounds the target, damaging them as well as destroying surrounding obstacles.
Wind Wall: Iain is capable of creating a gigantic tornado that surrounds a certain area in order to cut it off from the outside world. Objects and people from the outside will be able to enter it freely; however, the ones from the inside are bound to be cut into pieces by the slicing winds composing the hurricane if they try to get out of it.
Wind Blade: Iain can generate several, wide blades of wind, each possessing different width, and send them flying at his opponents at high speed, slashing them and sending them flying away from him
Storm Bringer: Iain creates a powerful tornado, which spins and strikes the opponent, cutting them with wind blades, stunning them with its rotating motion and subsequently sending them flying away.
Storm Mail: Iain can prompt many air currents to gather around him, creating a hurricane surrounding his entire body. While clad in this "armor", Iain's destructive power is boosted, allowing him to go into melee to perform wind-enhanced blows capable of shattering rock. Predictably, his defense is also increased exponentially, with the currents moving around him being strong enough to repel enemies and prevent them from nearing him.


Hair Color: light blond, almost white
Skin Color: Slight tan, mostly Pale
Length of Hair: Medium
Hair Style: Scruffy
Clothes they normally wear: Boots, Gloves, trousers and a black jacket with a hood, only his face is shown most the time.

History: When Iain was born he lived in a small village by the sea with his parents and his Twin Sister(and siblings if anyone's interested), then ever since he could think he always wanted to be a pirate with his twin, traveling out on that great vast ocean. Until one day a group of real pirates visited his village, Iain was about four years old, they rushed through the village pillaging and plundering. When the pirates reached his home, which was their last stop, they grabbed his mother and dragged her to their ship. Iain's father was almost couldn't to move after he was attacked by the pirates trying to defend his mother, however when Iain ran after them himself his father followed. When they reached the pirate ship Iain and his father were easily captured, Iain was held captive and his father tortured for fun until they'd set sail. When Iain's father finally died he was tossed overboard. When the pirates moved to toss Iain over after him, his mother lost herself in a panicked attack, however she was soon put down and tossed overboard with Iain.
Just before he drowned next to his mother, Iain was saved by a mysterious man from his village, the man then took Iain on the road with him and began teaching him Magic. Ten years later the mysterious man left and so Iain continued his journey by himself. After a whole year of surviving on his own Iain had made his way to a town known as Magnolia, where he quickly earned the name 'Ghost' as he sneaked around surviving how he could. Before his fifteenth birthday Iain was found by one of the old members of the local Mage guild, they convinced his to come along for a little and so Iain has been a member of Fairy Tail for the past two years under the name of Ghost, which is the name he chose in memory of his twin sister.

Weapons: His Air Staff, used as a walking stick most the time and only in fights when he is completely serious.

- Fighting ability
- Cleaning

- Social Skills
- Cooking
- Hatred of Pirates
- Can't Swim
- Fear of large bodies of water
- Distrusting

Pets: None

- Deceased (OPEN if anyone would like to make a family member for him, it could be fun)
- Twin Sister (Erika)
- Elder Brother (Urn)
- Younger Brother (Seth)

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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Full Name: Murker Vlasheild

Gender: Male

Rank: S Class member, the most powerful out of all wizards, but not as powerful as the guild leader

Personality: Murker is dark and mysterious. He is almost exactly like Mystogan, wise and strong. He knows what is right, and what is wrong. He has never shown his face to anyone before, and prefers to keep it that way. The most people has seen is a piece of dark black hair. Nothing else. He only speaks when it's right, and is always prepared. He has many tricks up his sleeves that can come out of nowhere. He looks like he can't do much, but really, he can turn your world into the under world. He normally doesn't come to Fairy Tail because he takes an advanced job that takes about a year or less. He is a loner, and doesn't have any friends.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: For over 10 years
Character Your Character is Most Like:He is almost exactly like Mystogan. He is powerful, strong, and not afraid to stand up to his guild. Though reserved, he has that slight awkward side of him when he helps you out.

Team: No team. Like I said, he's a loner.

Powers: No one knows his powers. He always uses the four powerful staffs that are on his back. Though he has the five most powerful staffs in the world, he does have powers that flow in his veins. If he can't use his staffs, he uses a sacred magic called Constellation Magic. I will explain Constellation Magic in moves, and explain the staffs in the Weapons part.

Moves: For the Constellation Magic, these are his moves:
Star Gazer - This move gives you the power to control your opponent, or torture them, which ever Murker wants.

Constellation Formation - This move gives Murker the power to draw any constellation in the air, and make it explode. It causes the opponent to calapse to the ground, while Murker gains strength.

War Stars - Stars come out of nowhere an can hit from every single area. If the opponent dodges, Murker can make it so they will hit you no matter what.

Glimmer - Makes you blind for about thirty minutes

Electric Star - A very large star that has many mixes in one. It causes a huge explosion, taking energy away from the opponent, and electrocutes them

Secret Seeker - This move is very powerful, and is not used much. This is the only power when it involves his face. Once Murker puts down the hood, and takes off his mask and scarf, his eyes stare straight at you, and make life itself slow down. this power makes his body glow red, then gold, then black. Then a huge reflection of his face will go right inside the opponent, and will make them either die, or be a memory that will be forgotten (Aka, turned into air) He only used this power five times, when no one was around. The stars in his eyes is what causes the real damage.

Night Sky - This move can make Murker invisible, coming out of nowhere to attack. Whatever is touching him will turn invisible too.

Burning Fusion - This move is so powerful, no one has survived it. No one has lived to tell the tale. Murker only uses this move when he is outraged, or feels the need to do it. This move makes the whole world around them turn white, so the opponent can't see anything but white and Murker. Murker's eyes turn red, and his skin glows a pure white. At this rate, there is no escape. No one knows what happens next. Only Murker knows. (I'm not gonna tell you just to make you wonder XD)

Illusion Growl - This move makes the opponent believe everything that is happening. It does not effect Murker, so while the opponent is believing something else, he can move in and attack.

Sight Seeing - This move just makes it so Murker can see about over 1,000,000,000,000 miles away, seeing everything that is happening.

Telepathy - This makes it so Murker can talk to certain people without moving his mouth.

Dying of Age - This power is the power of electricity. This move can come out of nowhere, and will follow the opponent until it reaches it. A bolt of lightning comes from any place Murker wishes, and can electrocute his opponent. While his opponent grows weaker, he grows stronger by absorbing the energy.

Sleep Away - This makes the opponent fall asleep, and comes to a great peace.

Golden Heart - This power can not help Murker, but does heal someone else.

Night Howl - This is a howl that doesn't come from Murker, but from the ground. The world itself shakes as the ground roars so loudly, anyone in range gets knocked out, or looses hearing. The only way to avoid it is to cover your ears BEFORE he summons the howl. Not after, not during the howl, it HAS TO BE BEFORE.

Recruit - This makes it so multiple illusions of Murker are formed. It is basically impossible to tell the difference.

Sky Scraper - This move makes it very hard to breath for the opponent.

High Jump - This move makes it easy for Murker to jump high into the sky, flip, and move at lightning fast speeds.

Appearance: Wearing mostly clothing, under that clothing is very pale skin. His hair is the darkest black there is with a white strand going down his left side. The hair is the same pattern and same style as Jellal's hair. His fairy tail mark is on his lower back, and is the color black, his eyes is what catches people off guard. His pupils are not the normally pupils. His eyes is what gives away his powers. His pupils are the shape of a star being drawn in a purple color. The background color is black, while the stars in his eyes is a light purple. Glow red when DOUNG that one certain spell.
Hair Color: Dark black with a white strand going down his left side.
Skin Color: Very pale
Length of Hair: The same length as Jellal's hair. Medium and short at the same time.
Hair Style: Same hairstyle as Jellal's, only a little more messier, and more ragged.
Clothes they normally wear: He always wears a dark black cloak that goes around his whole body most of the time. Under his cloak is dark black long sleeve shirt and dark black pants that stick to his body. His dark black boots he normally wears also sticks to him, and goes up pretty high up to his leg, but does not go past the knee. The five staffs that go across his back is being held by a magical strap that goes across his body under his cloak. You can see the staffs behind him, over his cloak. The strap makes it so it can hold the staffs over his cloak even though the strap is under his cloak.

History: When he was a child, he was always cautious. Many people tried to get to him because he had magic powers that no one else in the world had, and they wanted to have his powers for themselves. His whole family ended up dying to protect him. They died when he was at age 13. He killed many people on his own. One person he killed was wearing a black cloak that went all the way around. He thought it was perfect! He took it off the guy and put it on, always wearing it. He got the type of mask Mystogan wears, shielding his eyes, even though it's like a helmet. The color is a dark black also, which supports him well. As he grew older, he found Fairy Tail. No one knew his powers, and never saw his face. He knew he couldn't get to close to anyone, so he stayed silent. Later on, he decided he needed more then just his powers he already had. He made 5 staffs using his own magic. He cast a spell on the staffs so it could never break. He also cast a spell on his clothing that a type of element, like fire or ice, could not effect him. He knew some people with very strong powers that could make the staffs very powerful. He knew they would be close to dying, but he promised them he would heal them. All of them were healed in the end except for a girl named Shya. She gave one staff a power like none of the other staffs. He tried to heal her, but he grew weaker. Before she died, she said she couldn't die other way. She said she knew this staff would make him more powerful then any other person. Whenever someone mentions Shya's name, Murker leaves the area. He NEVER shows his true feelings to anyone. He showed his true feelings to Shya the day she died. The staff Shya's power put in is his most used, and most powerful.

Weapons: The five staffs on his back is nothing compared to his actual powers. Yes his weapons are powerful, but he himself makes these staffs look weak. The five staffs don't have his powers in them, they have multiple powers.

First Staff: Storming Blizzard Staff - Judging by the name, this staff controls weather. This staff can make anything happen that involves weather. He can stop any terrible storm, and can form a tornado out of nothing but thin air. This staff is quite useful, since weather is very important. This staff is a beautiful silver with a lightning bolt on the bottom made of gold, and a tornado on top made of bronze.

Second Staff: Four Elemental - This staff controls all four elements, air, water, earth, and fire. It is useful to anyone who has one of these four elements, because that means that person has a weakness to one of the other three elements. This staff is made of four metal peaches twirled together. One metal piece red, which represents fire, one metal piece brown, representing earth, one metal piece blue, representing water, and one metal piece that's white, which represents air.

Third Staff: Metal Ground - This staff is made for any type of metal. From steel, to titanium. This staff can control metal, and can absorb an type of power, which makes Murker more powerful. This staff is made out of a special type of stone that has been carved carefully into a straight kind like a regular staff. It's jagged since it's made out of a rock, but this "ordinary" rock actually is no other rock. A type of dragon used its element on it, making it more powerful. Murker was given the stone from his father.

Fourth Staff: Confusion of Soul - This staff has so many abilities, from illusions, to confusions, to torture. This staff is the second most powerful of the staffs, and is very useful. It can make the opponent so weak, they can't ever stand ever again. No one has seen its true power before. It is made from the most powerful bark of a certain type of trees on the top of it is a circle. The outer boundary of the circle is rainbow, white inside the outer boundary is an eye.

Fifth Staff: Shya's Tree - This staff looks like it couldn't even hurt a fly. It is made out of wood that swirls up together. Looks can be deceiving. This staff can stare into your soul, giving Murker the power to see your weaknesses much easier. But that's not all. If thrown into the ground, the ground could crack in true. It's so strong, it can hold Murker's whole body weight. It supports Murker, and Murker supports the staff. This is the only staff that Murjer is intertwined with.

If combined, these staffs could kill so many people, it could possible kill Murker.

- Defending
- Seeing into others
- When it's night time (Specifically Midnight. At Midnight, he is most powerful)
- Quietness (When all is quiet, Murker becomes at peace, which is good)

-Mentioning Shya's name (Mentioning her makes him feel sad)
- Punching him on his lower left side (It's very hard to do this task. He put a spell on his clothing so nothing can really hurt him that much. He has a bruise on his lower left side he got from a dragon. That was the first time he ever got hurt. The bruise was permanent, and sometimes weakens him at he strangest moments. If you punch him there when his cloak doesn't cover it, this will make him slower)
- Chipping Shya's Tree Staff (This is also very hard to do. The staff looks weak but it is really strong. It has a chip on it since Murker has a bruise on his lower left side. The staff and him are intertwined. The staff can be chipped, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to break the staff

Pets?: Nope

Family: Nier(Father) Shaona(Mother) Flora(Little sister who died protecting him) All family of his is dead

Other: N/A

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) I updated Ghost :)

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Good job! Accepted!

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Megan | 172 comments Is Samantha approved?

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Megan | 172 comments Name:Jacob Hunter
Birthday:December 27
Place of Birth:Unknown

Character Your Character is Most Like:Natsu
He'll protect his friends at any cost and is quite friendly with everyone.


(view spoiler)
Jake loves to make new friends. He is very open to them, but can be immature. He wants to be able to protect his friends and family. Although, he is quite clueless at times.

Mark Location & Color:Black, Upper Left Arm
Years in Guild:2
Team(name and members):None Yet
Guild Rank:Normal

Type of Magic:Caster Magic
Magic:Blue Fire-Make
Description:He can create static and dynamic objects. The thing about his fire, is that, it's always Blue. His fire is special. It has different aspects. He can control the temperature and is able to heal others with a certain level of fire. But, he can't heal himself.
Weapons(if there are any):
Whenever he unsheathes his blade, his magic instantly activates and his demon side appears. As well as the blue flames that surround his body.
(view spoiler)

Pets:He has a black cat named Kuro.

(view spoiler)
Family:A twin brother.
Jake and his brother were taken in by a man they called father. Their original father was called a demon, and Jake was also called a monster. No one knows what happened to him. Their mother died of an unknown cause. Their guardian died by their real father's hands. Jake left his brother behind hoping for an adventure, a new life and strength to defeat their evil father.

Crush:None Yet
Relationship Status:Single

-Since he isn't very experienced, his flames go out VERY easily. Sometimes, someone sends a small breeze and it goes out.
-Jake HATES animal abuse. If he sees any of this, be, well, becomes quite reckless.
-He's usually overconfident and proud, making his allies mess up a lot.
Other:Jake Loves Animals.

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Megan | 172 comments Name:Evelyn Fey
Place of Birth:Unknown

Character Your Character is Most Like:Mystogan
She is very reserved and doesn't show herself often.


She hates liars. Anybody she hates, she'll cast an illusion of their worst nightmare. She is quite cold to others. Although, she just can't help it. It's not like she tries to be mean, but at the same time, she doesn't really try to make new friends. She finds battles exciting, but cruel at the same time.

Mark Location & Color:Blue, Right Waist
Years in Guild:5
Team(name and members):None Yet
Guild Rank:Normal

Type of Magic:Caster
Weapons(if there are any):
She uses a cannon on one hand and a sword on he other. Although, she rarely uses them both in one battle.
(view spoiler)

Family:Older Sister
She always lived in darkness. Her father taught her everything around her was an illusion, a complex dream. As a kid, that stuck with her. Now, she struggles to find the truth. She can't bring herself to believe in others.
Eve was adopted. She then had an older sister. She was the dark one, and her sister was always the optimistic one. She would look up to her sister, but at the same time envy her. Her parents always compared her to her older sister. She hated it. After a couple months, she ran away and discovered Fairy Tail.

Crush:None Yet
Relationship Status:Single

-Eve can't stand mirrors. When she looks at herself through a mirror, she sees her own worst nightmare. She can see her reflection through windows, but that's alright.
-She has trouble actually agreeing with anyone and goes solo on ALL of her missions. Unless, of course, there are those rare exceptions. But, they are VERY rare.
-Her anger is quite....er...wow? She lashes out her anger on others. She screams and starts making the those around her scream because she gets out of control and uses her magic.
Other:She loves music. Eve can play many different instruments as well as sing. Where she learned how to play the instruments is a mystery..... Although, the music cheers her up and calms her down.

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Full Name: Archer Phantasm

Gender: Male

Rank: 4th S-Class Mage, weakest of the S-Class Mages

Personality: Very trusting, friendly and cooperative with everyone around the guild. He may be an S-Class Mage but he enjoys people's company. He does S-class missions for the money and regular missions just to help. When Archer is alone he rarely sleeps and tries to remember anything from his childhood.

Mark Location and Color: Deep Purple under his neck.
Years in Guild: 2 and a half years.

Most Like: Wendy with Rouge's powers.

Team: None

Powers: Shadow Magic, manipulating the darkness itself, becoming one with it and sustaining shadows without a source of light to create it from. He also uses dark melodies to force action or provoke feelings. Intermediate Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic.

Nocturne of Secrets- Forces the listener to reveal their deepest, maybe even darkest, of secrets.

Nocturne of Fears- Forces images of fear into the mind of the listener.

Nocturne of Memories- Archer can erase certain parts of a person's memory through this melody.

Nocturne of Sleep- Forces a deep slumber on those unfortunate to hear it.

Shadow Merge- Archer can merge into the shadows, becoming one, slowly draining his energy but you can't hurt a shadow.

Shadow Arrows- Arrows fly toward the target from the darkness in mass amounts.

Blind- Prevents light from reaching the opponent, leaving them, well, blind.

Shadow Bind- Creates a binding chain of shadows to prevent movement from others.

Barrier- A wall of semi-impenetrable shadow, black and transparent. Only concentrated white light or a fast enough force can break through.

Phantasm- Made from the shadows, Archer makes clones from himself almost as strong as himself, though it is obvious none of them are him.

Dragon Slayer Magic: (To be updated as RP goes on)

Shadow Dragon's Roar-

Shadow Dragon Slash-

Shadow Dragon Crushing Claw-

Shadow Dragon Rush-

Shadow Dragon's Vortex- Archer extends his shadow in length, creating a large, swirling vortex-shaped shadow under the targets, which are then pulled down into the shadow without leaving a trace. Only used in emergencies or when he is consumed by rage.

Hair Color: Silver
Skin Color: Pale
Length of Hair: Medium
Clothes they normally wear: Black or Gray clothes.

History: Archer doesn't remember much of his past, none of his childhood. He travelled to places, hearing stories of Fairy Tail and following them to the guild. The few memories he has are from his Shadow Magic and Nocturnes, he joined the guild as a way to figure out his past and to make the loneliness go away.

Weapons: Rarely ever uses real arrows, though he keeps them in case he drains too much of his energy.

Strengths: Strong willed and will only give up when he knows he can't win, but he'll come back to fight another day.

Weaknesses: The feeling of loneliness and sadness, he has a sort of empathy that lets him relate to other people, whether he's been in the situation or not. He relies on his Shadow Magic more than he should, leaving him with little energy on a regular basis.

Pets: Two Corn Snakes, one black the other white.

Family: None

Other: His nocturne affect him, he usually hears Ear buds to prevent any sound from getting in. Though he doesn't know he's a Shadow Dragon Slayer he still has the motion sickness that comes with it.

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Megan | 172 comments Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} wrote: "What's her rank"

Sorry, forgot to add that.


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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) First Name: Skye
Middle Name: Son
Last Name: Beelze
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Rank: Second Powerful

Personality: Skye has a laid-back personality, but will get serious when the time calls for it. She quickly gets into friendly rivalries, and can often be seen fighting verbally or physically. Skye was quite obstinate and reckless when she was younger. Over time, she has attained a more cautious attitude towards life, and deals with problems carefully. She is very concerned about her comrades and is truly loyal towards the guild, but tends to trash talk every now and then. Also, she has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing her clothes at inappropriate moments.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: 2 years

Character Your Character is Most Like: Gray Fullbuster

Team: none

Powers: Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
A type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body, gaining exclusive characteristics that are commonly associated with Lightning Dragons. The user is capable of producing lightning from their body and of manipulating it to attack their opponents.
Raging Bolt: A large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target.
Thunder Palace: Skye creates multiple Lacrima filled with large amounts of Lightning Magic and suspended in the air set as a trap. If any Lacrima was to be destroyed by an outside force, the attacker would instantly be electrocuted through Organic Link Magic.
Lightning Body: Skye is capable of transforming her own body into electricity, turning herself into a lightning bolt. Physical and Magical attacks pass harmlessly through her body when she's transformed, She's capable of freely moving around at high speed and to travel over long distances, rapidly appearing at her destination from places away from sight as though as she was teleporting, as well as to electrocute everything crossing her path.
Lightning Eruption: Skyes' lightning can also be generated from the ground itself to electrocute her opponents from below. This spell possesses enough strength to lift it's target several meters in the air.
Lightning Flash: Skye can produce a large amount of intense light from her body, generating a "flashbang" out of lightning to momentarily blind opponents, granting her the time to leave undisturbed
Thunder Bullets: Skye creates a sphere of lightning around her outstretched forearm, from which a barrage of small, yet destructive lightning orbs is fired towards his enemy at high speed. Such over-sized "bullets", striking in the same area, are powerful enough to produce an explosion on contact, which can engulf the target.
Lightning Storm: Skye can generate a sphere of electricity, which rapidly grows larger in size. Such sphere is shown to send out lightning bolts of various size in an unpredictable pattern, making it hard to avoid them. The generated "storm" appears to remain active even after Skye has released the initial sphere.
Lightning Punch: Skye envelops her hand in an orb of lightning and then punches her target, thereby increasing the resulting damage.
Lightning Explosion: Skye gathers a large amount of lightning in her fist and then punches the ground, engulfing her target in a torrent of lightning and destroying much of the surrounding ground in the process.
Lightning Dragon's Roar: Skye generates lightning in her mouth and releases it in a concentrated, destructive blast, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of her. The special effect of this attack, aside from the high damage it causes, is that, even if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them to a degree, leaving them numb and preventing them from escaping Skyes' following attack.
Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd: This is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear composed of lightning, which Skye proceeds to hurl at the enemy.
Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist: Skye gathers a large amount of lightning around one of her fists, bends the arm and then extends the fist forward in a punching motion. This prompts his Magic Seal to appear before her, from which an over-sized version of her fist, completely composed of lightning, is generated and rapidly fired towards the target.
Lightning Dragon's Jaw: Having knocked an opponent to the ground and then approached it, Skye joins her hands and imbues them with a large amount of lightning. She then proceeds to strike the target down from above with her joined hands, causing it grievous damage; the remaining electricity is discharged in the surrounding area, heavily damaging it as well, and leaving both Skye and the victim in a large crater.


Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Pale, tan
Length of Hair: Long
Hair Style: Long hair, wavy and curls at the end
Clothes they normally wear: Boots, trousers with belt, plain white shirt, yellow/orange vest, Goggles.

History: Skye remembers nothing of her childhood, all her memories had been wiped leaving her with only an image of the Lightning Dragon and all she knows of her magic. Her memories begin from when she was ten years old, she used to hate everything and everyone, blaming them for her memory loss. However three year ago, with the help of a mysterious man, she decided that she would quite complaining and do something. So she began travelling around trying to gather information, and soon after she joined Fairy Tail thinking it better then living on her own.

Weapons: Throwing objects, typically hollow marbles, also knives and strings.

- Speed
- Tactical

- navigation
- sitting still

Pets: none

Family: none, (Open if you'd like to create one)

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Well, if someone can tell me who Archer is most like from the anime I think I'm done. I can't compare things very well.

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Sun The Espeon wrote: "Work In Progress
Full Name: Archer Phantasm

Gender: Male

Rank: 4th S-Class Mage, weakest of the S-Class Mages

Personality: Very trusting, friendly and cooperative with everyone around the guild...."

This Archer.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) sounds a bit like Wendy, but the powers are Rouges :)

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) Thanks Arcane.

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Sun The Espeon (suntheespeon) So, I'm guessing he's approved?

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) just wondering if my Syke was accepted?
also I was thinking we could do a story or something as to why both the dragon slayers have lost their memory :)

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Yes he's accepted. Hold on a minute

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Megan | 172 comments I'm making my character around 13.

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
No not really. She will heal, but is having trouble fighting. I'm still thinking but it might not be a healing power, or whatever. I'm just brainstorming. Always make a rough copy before the final copy they always say.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) yeah, the sky dragon slayer is the one that heals :) kinda like a little grown up Wendy

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First Name:Mizu
Middle Name:
Last Name:



Personality: (At least 3 sentences)

How Long They Have Been In the Guild:Just Joining

Character Your Character is Most Like: (Meaning, who is this character most like? Natsu? Erza? It has to be from the anime)


Powers: (Explain the powers he has)
Moves: (Explain all the moves. Moves are UNLIMITED)

Appearance: (Picture if you can. If you can't, good description)
Hair Color:
Skin Color: (Pale, tan, light black, or black)
Length of Hair: (Long, medium, short)
Hair Style: (Explain the hair style)
Clothes they normally wear: (Explain color, if it's normally a dress, pants, etc…)

History: (Atleast 3 sentences. Good description!)

Weapons: (Any weapons?)


-The cleaner the water, the stronger her magic is.

A white exceed with blue eyes named Melody.

Family:None Known Of


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Megan | 172 comments Can the Dragon Slayer have an Exceed?

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) all dragon slayers have one :D they're the only ones that do

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Megan | 172 comments Okay, just asking

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Full Name: Ally Moon Kurr

Gender: Female

Rank: Barely below S Class, but knows she isn't ready for S Class yet.

Personality: Looks can be deceiving. This girl can beat you to a pulp and almost never looses. She can be caring and sweet when she needs to be, but will turn into the devil if she needs to. She knows when she needs to stop, and understands people. She is the only one besides the head guild master that knows Murker's past. Rumor says she looks a lot like Shiya, Murker's first friend. She secretly admires Murker very much and loves it when he comes to the guild. She is Murker's closest friend and is always there for him. She never underestimates Murker, and knows he doesn't need to be protected. She is the only one that knows Murker's weaknesses, but still hasn't heard what his real powers are besides the staffs. The head guild master also doesn't know. All in all, she can turn into the devil and an Angel when needed.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: Ally has been in the guild for 4 years.

Character Your Character is Most Like: She is most like Erza. Tough, but when needed, can be very sweet.

Team: She has a team but I'm trying to see who will accept her :3

Powers: She has Dragon Slayer magic, specifically Sky Dragon Magic. Like Wendy, she can heal people, only it doesn't take up as much magic from her as it does from Wendy. She also can fight very well, as well as Natsu specifically.


Heal - She can heal weak, sick, faint people, poisoned, and people very close to death. She has tried to heal the dead, but didn't have enough strength/power.
Sky Dragon Roar - It's the Sky Dragon Roar, prettying no different with the Fire Dragon Roar #Natsu XD
Sky Dragon Wings - Gives her or another person or both to feel as light as a feather, and can basically stay in the air for a long period of time, and makes them faster.
Sky Dragon Vanish - Makes her disappear and appear somewhere where she desires, but can't be far away.
Sky Dragon Power Up - This is one of Ally's most powerful moves. This makes it so wind comes towards her, and can make her go faster then the speed of light. This makes her very powerful, can dodge quickly, and can attack at amazing power.
Sky Dragon Tornado - Ally will spin rapidly, and will become a tornado, destroying everything in her path, one of her most powerful moves.
Sky Dragon Winds - This makes the wind all come together and can blow away a whole army of people, making them probably land a few miles away.
Sky Dragon Slice - The air around her turns into large sword like slices that can cause major damage.
Sky Dragon Dragon - This move can control the air to form a gigantic dragon that lasts for about a minute, destroying everything she tells it to do. It disappears in a minute
Sky Dragon Punch - This makes it so her normal punch turns to make it more powerful, and can cause more damage.

Appearance: Long luscious sparkling silver hair that is very admirable. Her eyes are an icy blue and her skin is quite pale. She is quite tall, but is maybe 4 or 6 inches smaller then Murker. Is very elegant and light on feet.
Where the Mark of Fairy Tail is: It is on her right shoulder and is a sky blue
Hair Color: A sparkling silver
Hair Style: Long hair that goes down to her butt, and has side bangs that cover her left eye.
Skin Color: Pale
Length of Hair: Goes down to her butt
Clothing They Normally Wear: She wears a silky silver shirt that goes a little lower then her shoulders with white pants that go a little higher then her knees. She ALWAYS wears a beautiful silky long see through cloak that her dragon, Surna, gave to her.

History: Ally hated her family, so she ran away at age 10. She met a dragon that could see a great future in her eyes, and taught her magic. Ally ended up living with Surna, refusing to go back to her family. She loved Surna dearly, and thought of Surna as her own father. One day, Surna disappeared without telling her anything. And so, she left, and found Fairy Tail.

Weapons: No weapons

-Air (Not breathing, it's the way she breathes in, not regular breathing.

-Healing others makes her weaker
-Her cloak being taken away from her (It protects her)
-Chocolate (She is OBSESSED with chocolate)

Pets?: No

Family: Father - Guen Mother - Heitha Brother - Heith


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John Parvin | 138 comments First Name: Seth or as most know him by, spirit
Middle Name: Ash
Last Name: Roxas
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Rank: unknown

Guild: none yet

Quiet and reserved in appearance, he hides a deep and burning desire for vengeance against those who had taken his family from him.
Through his hard travels, he has learned to show no emotion, even during a fight, yet cannot help but feel a measure of disgust at those who are over boisterous and rude.
He is unafraid of challenge and is very accustomed to hardship, he is willing to do any job which does not go against his morals.

Character your character is most like: somewhat between Mystogan and Erza


Powers: Absorbtion/redirection (he can absorb any magical attack and use that magical energy in a physical attack he makes.)

Moves: got a large novel worth of space to list them all?


 photo IMG_3634.jpg

Hair Color: White
Skin Color: pale tan
Hair Length: long
Hair style: flowing straight, weighted with steel bands towards the end.
Clothing: light grey loose fitting pants, light color tiger stripe supple leather vest.

Seth had been born into a respected family in a small fishing village, and was the youngest of the family, coddled over by his one year older siblings, the twins Erika and Iain.
When he was two, he had started following the twins around, hoping to be able to join their games, and was often sent home by them, hurt that they did not want to play.
One rather fateful day not long after he had turned three, Seth, in his childlike planning, had snuck out of the house early in the morning and hid where the twins liked to play in the hopes he could surprise them.
After some time, Seth fell asleep waiting, waking up very fast when the ground tossed him up in a shockwave caused by an explosion, immediately followed by the terrible, increasing sounds of screaming and fighting.
Too terrified to move, Seth lay huddled in his hiding spot in a pile of broken and discarded barrels as he saw vicious men run past with drawn swords, busting through the door of a house in his line of sight.
A few seconds later he heard screams from inside, and saw the men come out, their swords dripping red. One of the men was carrying a limp form over his shoulder.
When the man turned, Seth had seen it was Varenda, the kind hearted daughter of the town baker, now sporting a blackening mark on her temple where the man had knocked her out.
Finding he could do nothing as he remained frozen in fear, Seth was inwardly raging at himself for being so weak, despite him being only 3.
Time froze for him, so he knew not how long passed until he realized he could no longer hear the sounds of screams or fighting.
He waited a while longer before he was able to move again, inching his way shakily out of his hiding place and making his way to his house, only to find the aftermath of chaos as he walked, everywhere he looked seemed to be blood, dead or dying townfolk, many cradled by shock faced loved ones.
Their looks spurred him on to a desperate run, his heart screaming with fear, and a desperate hope that somehow his family was spared.
What he saw when he rounded the street corner in front of his house made him reel back, his eyes closing as his mind and heart screamed denial, his body stumbling against the wall of a nearby house, curling up numbly as his eyes open again, staring blankly at the still smoking shell that once was the house he lived in.
Lying around the front of the house were charred forms that could have been his family... he could not tell.
He did not know how long he lay curled like that, staring numbly at what had been his life before he felt gentle hands lifting him, catching a glimpse of the brownish/yellow arms and the dark face and dark, almond shaped eyes of a farlander before he felt his mind slip into the welcome oblivion of sleep.
When he woke, he knew not how much later, he was lying under a pile of blankets, staring at the open stars.
Sitting up, he saw the farlander sitting on the other side of the fire, studying him thoughtfully.
With a quiet voice, the farlander introduced himself as Quingen Gherai, a wandering monk, and offered to teach Seth.
Remembering the all too recent paralyzing fear and anger at not being able to do anything, Seth agreed, and made a silent vow that he would become strong enough to never have to feel that way again, and maybe, just maybe he can find his family, if any were left alive.
And so they left, beginning a trek which would take them to far countries and back, and let Seth learn from many masters of the fighting arts, proving to be an excellent student, quickly mastering and incorporating each fighting style into his ever evolving repertoire, which Seth practiced every day.
Seven years after their trek began, Quingen and Seth had come upon a city in the far east where a tournament was starting, in which the skilled fighters of the city and surrounding countryside were to test their fighting skills and magic against each other, with the reward being a very rare present from the Emperor himself.
Wishing to test Seth's progress, Quingen entered his student in the tournament, and did nor regret his choice, as Seth easily defeated opponent after opponent, finally winning the tournament, at the age of ten.
The reward turned out to be twofold, a pair of slender metal gauntlets, made out of a rare and extremely strong alloy, and, to Seth, the greatest prize, a Spirit tiger cub, which Seth named Emerald, for the nearly jewel clear green eyes of the tiger. He began to raise and train the tiger as a companion as he traveled with Quingen, continuing to learn, master and refine other fighting styles into his own over the next five years, enhancing and refining his bond with Emerald during this time as well.
Yet never once during his travels did he forget a big reason why he chose to travel, to seek out any word of his family.
When Seth turned fifteen, they finished the long loop of their travel, and once more entered the small village by the sea in which he had been born.
Much changed from the small child he once was, Seth was unsurprised that non of those he knew as that child seemed to recognize him, yet they spared warm greetings for the monk, treating him as a long gone friend.
After they reached the spot where his house once stood, he saw it had been cleared and was now a small memorial. It was then that Quingen revealed why he had chosen Seth to be his student... He had senses a great potential within Seth, and saw a means to help Seth with his quest to find his family, and that Seth has now learned all Quingen could teach.
So it was there that Quingen and Seth parted ways, after twelve years of grueling and rigorous training and hardship, Seth walked his own shadow now.
A few days later, as Seth was still getting his bearings, he was working to help haul supplies from a recently arrived ship and load it with fish the villagers had caught when one of the ship's crew caught sight of him and stopped him, saying that Seth looked an awful lot like a mage he saw in the distant city of Magnolia, belonging to a mage guild called Fairy Tail.
After that, Seth set off with his companion Emerald on his way to that city, finding what work he could to survive, while continuing to hone his abilities daily.

And he approaches the city of Magnolia at the dawn of his sixteenth birthday....

Incredibly strong gauntlets

-Very strong
-Very fast and agile
-Self reliant

-Hates pirates and any who plunder
-Hates obnoxious and rude people.
-Cannot convey or show emotions well

Pets: Emerald, full grown Spirit tiger companion

Family: To his knowledge, all deceased.

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ArcaneSage 117 (arcansage117) I love the character :D it's gunna be so fun when we play with the family characters.
P.s: love the part how he was mistaken for Ghost :D

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John Parvin | 138 comments (too large to add in one... will be two or three posts)

First Name: Catrian, (yet only the guild master knows his name, everyone else knows him as Cat)
Middle Name: none
Last Name: Akaran
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Rank: hair below S class, chooses not to bother with it.

Guild: Fairy Tail, 18 years. Mark on left forearm, sapphire blue in color.

Most of the time he is exuberant and outward going, loving to drink and brawl, yet that is a cover he uses to hide deep and intense sadness and inward rage.
When no one is around, he is silently reserved, and seemingly lost in thought.
He does not make friends easily or well, and is very awkward around ladies he finds attractive, yet to those few friends he has, and to the guild as a whole, he gives his all, and defends them even if it puts his life on the line.

Character your character is most like: cross between Erza and Natsu with Kana's ability to drink


Ex-quip weapons and armors
Elemental Augmentation(weapons and armor)

Armor Enhancements:

Air Armor:(manifests as a bluish white hue within the armor and gives the armor a crystalline sheen)
-Defense: (continuous effect, gives protection against air and mist based attacks)
-Air recovery: (passive, continuous ability, absorbs energy from the surrounding air to heal, recover energy, and strengthen him)
-Elemental Enhancement: (activates when Airstrike is activated, greatly enhancing the attack's power)
-Earth Element Vulnerability:(Armor Enhancement will fail if attacked by earth element)
Earth Armor: (manifests as a dull grey hue within the armor)
-Defense:(continuous effect, gives protection against earth, lightning and thunder based attack)
-Earth Recovery:(passive, continuous effect, absorbs energy from the ground to heal, recover energy and strengthen him)
-Elemental Enhancement:(activates when Earthstrike is activated, greatly enhancing the attack's power)
-Nature Elemental Vulnerability:(Armor Enhancement will fail if attacked by a plant based attack)
Water Armor:(manifests as a sapphire blue hue within the armor, giving the armor an almost rippling appearance)
-Defense: (continuous effect, gives protection against water and flame based attack)
-Wave Recovery:(while in contact with any form of water, this ability activates automatically, drawing energy from the water to heal, strengthen and recover his energy)
-Elemental Enhancement:( activates when Wavestrike is activated, greatly enhancing the attack)
-Lightning Elemental Vulnerability:(armor enhancement will fail if attacked by lightning based attacks)
Flaming Armor:(manifests as a rippling orange/red hue within the armor, which takes on an almost molten appearance)
-Defense:(continuous effect, gives protection against fire and cold/ice based attack)
Flame Recovery:(automatically activates when near fire to heal, strengthen and recover his energy)
-Elemental Enhancement:(activates when Flamestrike is activated, greatly enhances the attack)
-Water Elemental Vulnerability:(armor enhancement will fail when attacked by water based attacks)
Shadow Armor:(manifests as an incredibly black hue within the armor, and makes it impossibly for him to be seen by non magical means at night)
-Defense:(continuous effect, gives protection against light and sight based attack)
-Shadow Recovery:(passive effect, activates when in darkness such as shadows or at night, absorbs energy from the shadows to heal, strength and recover his energy)
-Elemental Enhancement:(activates when Darkstrike is activated, greatly enhances the attack)
-Physical Vulnerability:(armor enhancement will fail if a successful physical attack is made against it)
Light Armor:(manifests as a bright gold glowing hue within the armor, making it difficult to look at)
-Defense:(continuous effect, give protection against shadow and dark based attacks)
-Light Recovery:( when near a source of light or in daylight, it absorbs energy from those sources to heal, strengthen and recover his energy)
Elemental Enhancement:( activates when Lightstrike is activated, greatly enhances the attack)
-Physical Vulnerability:(if successfully hit by a physical attack, the armor enhancement will fail)
Adamantine Armor:(while it gives no color shift to indicate it is active, the armor has the appearance of being far more substantial than anything else around it)
-Defense:(continual effect, grants immunity to all physical attacks, and magical attacks requiring a physical strike)
-Strike Recovery:(continuous effect, when a physical strike is made against armor wearer, the energy of that strike is transferred into the wearer's own strength and attack:)
-Enhancement:( When Cleavestrike is activated, this greatly enhances the attack)
Magical Vulnerability:(enhancement will dissipate if a magical attack requiring no physical contact is successfully made on armor wearer)
Weapon Enhancements:

Airstrike:( sheaths the blade edge with a razor fine air blade able to be used to penetrate defenses weak against air or release the air blade in a devastating ranged attack)
-Enhancement bonus:(if Air Armor is active, power of this attack is quadrupled)
Earthstrike:(sheaths the blade edge in a razor sharp layer of obsidian able to penetrate defenses weak against earth, or the weapon can be struck against the earth, causing the ground around the target to erupt in a devastating explosion)
-Enhancement Bonus:( if Earth Armor is active, this attack power is quadrupled)
Wavestrike:( Sheaths the blade edge in a very fine layer of water, able to penetrate defenses weak against water, or the weapon can be slashed into a body of water, creating a water jet powerful enough to slice through hardened steel)
-Enhancement Bonus:(if Water Armor is active, this attack is quadrupled in power.)
Flamestrike:( sheaths the blade in fire, able to penetrate defenses weak against flame, and dealing burn damage as well as normal, or may be released in a sun hot lance which can burn through several feet of steel in a second)
-Elemental Enhancement:( if Flaming Armor is active, the attack power of this attack is quadrupled)
Darkstrike:( sheaths the blade in darkness, able to penetrate defensed weak against darkness, as well as dealing life drain damage to target, may be released as a lance of darkness, draining the magical energy of the target.)
-Elemental Enhancement:(if Shadow Armor is active, this atack is quadrupled in power)
Lightstrike:(sheaths the blade in an intense sun glow, able to pierce dark based defenses and deals extra damage to dark based creatures. May be released as a sun lance, which strips away darkness and deals immense damage to demonic and dark creatures.)
-Elemental Enhancement:(if Light Armor is active, this attack is quadrupled in power)
Cleavestrike:(imbues the blade with an aura of super substantiality, allowing it to cut through even magically hardened armor and metals)
-Elemental Enhancement:(if Adamantine Armor is active, the attack power of this move is quadrupled)
Thunderstrike:(imbues the head of a hammer with the energy of a thunderbolt, detonating with devastating effect when the target is struck, dealing massive lightning and sonic based damage)

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John Parvin | 138 comments Appearance:

 photo IMG_3673.jpg

Hair Color: black
Skin Color: dark tan
Hair Length: short
Hair style: ragged crop
Clothing: usually wears layered steel plated leather armor over black pants and long shirt. Wears a black and maroon cloak while traveling.

Catrian was born in the high mountain village of Haran, at the northern border of Fiore into the Clan of warriors called the Akaran to Karima, the rather formidable daughter of the clan warchief and Jarag, the clan's best warrior, slated to become the next warchief.
From almost the time he could walk, Catrian was trained in the weapons arts of his clan, and tested in the extreme harshness of his mountain home's snow locked forests.
However, things were nowhere near as easy for him as for the other children his age, for the village shaman, an old mage named Wachen had sensed his potential early, and convinced Karima and Jarag to allow Catrian to receive instruction from Wachen in addition to the already grueling training he was undergoing.
Catrian wanted to rebel against the extra work, but as the son of such prominent parents and potential future leader of the clan he was given no choice but to endure.
Endure he did, under the instructions of both the shaman and the weapons masters of the clan he grew rapidly in both his fighting skills and magical ability, fueled by a deeply burning fury and hidden resentment.
So quickly did he grow in both strength and skill that by the time he turned eight he was fighting the blademasters of his clan to a standstill.
His father, now the warchief of the clan after Kalima's father had fallen in a border skirmish when Catrian was only five, was so pleased with Catrian's progress that he decided it was time that Catrian undergo the rite of entrance, a trial in which the candidate must leave the clan for a half season, roughly three months, and survive in the unforgiving mountains, and return with the fur of an ice bear.
Should he survive, he would become a full member of the clan, with all the responsibilities, and privilege it entails.
Self confident and full of his own pride, Catrian began his trial, using the skills he learned to shelter and feed himself.
Yet there is an old saying, where great pride brings great ruin...
Such was Catrian's case, for when he had hunted and slew a big ice bear, he was not satisfied.
If he could kill such a formidable beast as the bear, then why should he not be able to hunt and kill more fearsome beasts?
With that in mind, Catrian had set off for the heart of the mountains, where eternal glaciers lie and where the most fearsome creatures lair.
Tracking the signs of a glacier wyrm, a huge, flightless relative of the dragon, he finds it's lair and slays it after a fierce fight.
Gathering it's horns and claws, for they make excellent and super keen knives, he sets off back to his camp, having thoughts only for what a celebration there will be when he return with such prizes.
He was many miles from the wyrm's lair, and failed to hear the reverberating, rage shriek of another wyrm, which faded even further as the distance lengthens.
That shriek was the unheard sound of an approaching disaster which would change his life forever, and claim everything he once knew.
The three months were up on the following day, which dawned even as he walked into the village proper, carrying his prizes bundled in the bearskin.
When he was first seen by Taggaw, the village shepherd on his way to tend the flocks, the old man raised a shout, drawing the attention of even more villagers. Quick as wildfire the word spread, and the chill air took on a festive gaiety as any villagers without tasks set about in preperation for a celebration feast to honor his passing into manhood.
Even his parents were overjoyed to see him, and asked of his accomplishments while he was on the trial.
Seeing his chance to impress his parents greatly, he took the bearskin and unrolled it. His mother exclaimed at the excellent quality of the pelt, yet her exclaimation cut off into a strangled gasp when the horns and claws of the wyrm Catrian had slain rattled onto the table.
Not the reaction he was expecting, he looked into his mother's face in confusion, only to see her face twisted with genuine fear, something he had never seen his mother display before.
His father's expression was almost more frightening, set into a deeply grim scowl as he moves his hand over the wyrm claws, not touching them.
When he looked at his son, it was with a cold, measuring look, his words were like ice as he asked. "Where did these come from"?
Catrian, now more than a little scared, explained what he had done.
Before he was finished, his father had slammed the table aside and had backhanded Catrian hard enough to send him slamming into a wall, causing him to cry out in shock and pain.
Ignoring Catrian's cry, Jarag stood over Catrian like a tower of rage, his voice like thunder as he says. "Foolish child! Do you not know what you have done?"
Not waiting for a reply, the warleader continued. "For many centuries we have had a peace with the Wyrms of the heart glaciers, and you break it for what? To make us proud of you"?
Jarag whirls, stalking towards the door as he growls. "I was a fool to think a child such as yourself was ready to be a man. I must summon the clan and prepare us for the doom you have wrought upon us."
Before he left, Jarag spoke the final words Catrian would ever hear from him again, words which froze the blood in his veins. "Would you have died out in the wasteland and saved us from your foolishness. Go! Leave this village! You are no longer my son."
Jarag stormed out of the hut, his voice echoing loudly as he called for his warriors to assemble, the sounds of his footsteps thundering softer as he moves away.
Karima, silent as Jarag had spoken, began gathering Catrian's belongings, her voice almost choked with tears as she said. "You had best hurry, if he sees you again he will most likely kill you."
Handing him the bearskin bundled with the rest of his stuff, she did something which surprised him again in this already more than eventful day, she hugged him, a move she had never done before. Her next words soft in his ear. "It is best this way, at least you will be safely away when the wyrms come."
Tears threatening to come, Catrian could only nod to his mother before running out the door, seeing in passing the hastily abandoned ruins of the hoped for celebration feast, pausing only long enough to grab what food he could before continuing his flight from the village, passing within earshot of the meet hatch, the long wooden structure used for the business of the village. Smoke was curling from the fire hole in the roof and a clamor of voices reaching even to where he was.
Unsure of where to go, Catrian slows after leaving the village, and begins making his way towards the valley many, many miles away. Whether he realized it or not, that choice had saved his life, for he had traveled only a mile or so and was looking back at the village when he saw, even at that distance, what looked like four or five glacier wyrms, each easily more than four times the size of the one he slew, sweep over the north east ridge of the clearing housing the village, the noise like a shrieking earth tremor as they began to tear into the buildings.
He could see the small forms of the village warriors flowing towards the wyrms, and the almost invisible smoke trails of flaming catapult rounds arcing towards the massive creatures, and the bright explosions as the flaming projectiles hit, staggering one of the wyrms.
A second fell to the weapons of the warriors, yet the remaining wyrms unleashed their ice breath, the fog it raised obscured any further view of the battle.
Frozen with indicision and, for the first time, fear, he stood rooted, vainly searching the cloud of fog for any activity.
Finally he did see something through the mist, massive shapes moving back over the ridge, barely visible in the still lingering cold fog, one moving with some difficulty.
It was then he could move, running for all he was worth back to the village, fear driving him on.
The first thing he felt as he approached the village was a cold deeper and more penetrating than anything he had experienced before, which grew worse the closer he came.
Using his ability to ex-quip, he shifts into his battle armor, and twinned blades, imbuing both armor and swords with flame, negating the killing cold as he moves further into the village.
The devastation he saw sparked a deep and growing rage, and a deep and relentless sadness and self hatred.
The warriors of the village lay scattered amidst the ruins, friends and companions either rended by claw or fang, or encased in ice, never to thaw in this land of eternal snow.
The greatest pain was when he found his father and mother, frozen for all eternity side by side in mid charge, weapons raised, their faces twisted by the clan battle cry.
Throughout the village, he could find no one left alive, not even the children.
With a sense of failure, he uses material he could salvage to build a structure around the frozen forms of his parents, to protect them from the fierce storms which frequently rage across the mountains, doing the same for all those he could find who were also frozen.
Those who were killed by claw and tooth, he built pyres for, igniting each with a touch of his flaming swords.
With the final pyre lit, he leaves the village, swearing as he did so that if he can stop it, he would not allow any more of those he care about to be killed or injured.
And another, to his parents, that he would hunt the wyrms which had destroyed his village and clan, when he grew strong enough. That would be the last time he would see his village for ten years.

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John Parvin | 138 comments After leaving the village ruins, Catrian wandered aimlessly for the next year through the mountains, throwing himself with rage filled recklessness against any monsters he came across.
So fiercely did he fight, so fully he let the bottomless rage flow from him and consume him in those fights that he earned the title Berserker from the surrounding villages.
It was during one such fight that he felt a strange presence, one he looked for after he killed the ice serpent he was facing, and found a man wearing the thick coat of a southlander, one unused to the cold of the north. On his coat was a strange symbol.
Still in his rage, he attacked the man, only to be stopped in his tracks by magic... Again and again he attacked, to be stopped each time.
Finally, after his rage subsided, the man approached him and offered to train him in control and focus to bring Catrian's rage into usable form.
Wary at first, Catrian's desire to grow stronger proved greater than his caution, and he accepted.
Accompanying the man as he traveled back south, he learned many things, and new ways to use his magic.
It was not until, several months later, after the old man had brought Catrian to the city of Magnolia, and more importantly, to the strangely decorated building the man had called Fairy Tail, that Catrian learned the old man was the headmaster of the guild who had heard of Catrian from one of the northern traders and decided to find him.
While he was still too young to join the guild properly, being a few months shy of turning ten, he was adopted in by those who were there, and helped him train even more.
On his tenth birthday, he was officially accepted into the guild, and soon after, took his first mission.
Over the next eight years he not only accrued many different armors and weapons, but also grew immensely in martial and magical ability, earning the reputation and title of Fairy Tail's Berserker Knight.
On his eighteenth birthday, Catrian took a leave from the guild, and, traveling alone, returned to the ruins of his village, and the intact shrine of his parents.
Summoning his vengeance blade, he planted the tip in the frozen earth in front of the shrine and asserted his vow he was ready to hunt the Wyrms responsible.
He did just that, hunting the biggest Glacier Wyrms over the next year, destroying each with incredible ferocity until only the smaller ones remained.
Satisfied, Catrian returned to his village and planted the fangs and claws of the defeated wyrms around the village clearing as a sign of the completion of his vow.
He returned to Fairy Tail, resuming his life there, with no word said of where he had gone.
As the next ten years pass, he vanishes from the guild each year and returns to the memorial his village became on the anniversary of the attack which destroyed it, always returning just as mysteriously with no explaination given as to his absence.
Which brings this to the present day.

Multiples of most bladed weapons, as well as several kinds of hammers

- super strong and fast
- strong loyalty
- can use controlled berserker rage

- pretty ladies
- despises any creature resembling a wyrm, and will destroy it
- is almost always drunk while not on a quest.

Pets: none

Family: Father: Jarag, Mother: Karima, both dead for twenty years. Relatives? (Open if any wishes to make any)

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
This isn't an RP right here this is a character sheet -.-

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John Parvin | 138 comments this is the character, it was asked for a detailed history, so I obliged.

message 39: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments or would you prefer I change it to simply. "He had a terrible childhood"?

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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
First Name: Everyone calls her Mist, but her real name is Ara
Middle Name: Heart
Last Name: Feelia

Gender: Female

Rank: The higher rankers, close to S Class

Personality: Shy and reserved. She doesn't speak up, and is the type of person who does to want to get in the way. Many people underestimate her, but her powers are much more powerful then just a little gust. When she gets angry, it's best for the person to step down. She doesn't want to be in a team and has a quiet voice that is sweet but quiet. No one really knows why she doesn't get involved that much. She never shows any sign of feeling and is also blind. But she doesn't need her eyes to see.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild:
Ara has been in the guild for 4 years

Character Your Character is Most Like: She is sort of like Wendy. Only she is a whole lot more shy, and is way more powerful.

Team: Like I said, she doesn't want a team

Powers: Her magic is called Heaven Magic, and IS NOT Jellal's magic if that's what your thinking. Her magic is very white and pure, and can throw people off.

Fog: This is a move that doesn't take up any energy at all. It just makes the air thick and foggy so no one can see her. She normally uses this move when she's out of the guild.

Light: This can blind the enemy. A bright light shines down on them and makes them blind for about five minutes

Quiet Whisper: This makes the ground shake violently and can knock out the opponent very easily. This move can also destroy the ground easily.

Whirl Dance: This move can make the wind go where she wants it to go. She can make the wind hit the person hard, can make the person be pounded into the ground, and can even make a Tornado in the air.

Heavenly Angels: This move ends with a Big Bang. This move is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get out of. Once she summons it, your toast. Silver circle formations will be formed around the opponent, always around them, even if they move. At this point, she has several choices. Electrocute them, suck energy out of them, or torture them. Once she does this, a big bell like sound rings, and can ring as far as 30 miles away. This makes the person extremely weak, or kills them.

Combination: This move is more dangerous then Heavenly Angels but is rarely used. This takes a lot of magic energy out of her. Half of her glows white while the other half of her glows black. She says these exact words: "May hell and heaven join together! Combination attack!" She claps her hands. Her hands makes a sound that can hurt your ears like crazy. This instantly kills the person, but she doesn't use the move often because this could possibly kill her. It's a 50% chance she could die. She must be healed immediately after using this move. If she doesn't die, she will be weak for a little less then a week.

White Wings: This move forms a white circle formation under Ara, and gives her the power of speed and feeling light as a feather. She can move very fast and can come it for an attack.

Echo: This move is an addition to another move. It helps strengthen the move.

White Punch: This move makes her hands a pure white. She either punches you up close, or can use echo far away to make a large fade replica of her fist and punch right at the opponent.

White Cloud Armor: White armor surrounds her body. This helps to protect her from any move her opponent uses on her. It comes with an Angel Sword that can destroy even the hardest metal.

Feel Abyss: This helps Ara's senses be strengthened so she can hear, feel, taste, smell, and see much better. But sense she is blind, this move strengthens all her other senses 3 times better instead of 2 times.

Mystery: This is a deadly move that can confuse the opponent. It makes the opponent's mind scrambled so they're open for an attack.

Appearance: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&s...
Hair Color: Very light blonde hair, close to white. Her hair is long and curly and is very beautiful when the sun or moon shines down on it.
Skin Color: Very pale
Length of Hair: Very long
Hair Style: Long and curly and very pretty
Clothes they normally wear: She normally wears anything that is white. She never wears skirts, but wears a long beautiful white shimmering dress that is appropriate and nice looking.
Eye Color: Pale blue eyes since she's blind

History: Her parents never truly accepted her when she opened her eyes. When that saw that she was blind, they immediately rejected her, saying that she is weak. They underestimated her. Sadly, no one adopted her. She grew up as an orphan, and hated it. She didn't say anything, but one day, she met a mysterious wizard. He wore a black cloak and had kind brown eyes. He reached out to her and adopted her. His name was Nave, and saw a great future in her. He taught her the art of magic, and taught her everything he knew. He told her it's not about power, it's not about the magic, it's about the wizard. She always thinks of those words. She learned Heaven magic and used it wisely. One day, he disappeared. She looked for him, and then found Fairy Tail. The guild reached out to her. She decided to join fairy tail. She never interacted with any of the members, but the only person she really talked to was the guild master.

Weapons: No weapons except for the Angel Sword that comes with her White Cloud Armor

-The sun/moon
-A quiet place

-She absolutely HATES the dark when there is no light anywhere. She can sense when it's light and it's dark since she can't see…

Pets?: No

Family: Unknown


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John Parvin | 138 comments First Name: Zavier
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ashensson
Age: 50
Gender: male

Rank: high ranking, yet honestly does not care about ranks,

Guild: Fairy Tail, 30 years, gray emblem on right shoulder

Sharp witted and even sharper tongued, he seems to care little about any humans, and is rather abrupt and oftentimes irrascable, even to the guild master, yet has a kind heart for animals and magical devices, and takes great pride in being the best weaponsmith, armorsmith and artificer in Fiore, he is a non combatant, yet make no mistake, he is fiercely loyal to his guild and guildmates.

Character your character is most like:

Team: none, he works alone

Powers: varied, but all related to weaponcrafting, armorcrafting and artificer abilities.


allows him to store everything he needs including tools and materials to craft weapons, armors and magical devices for use even outside established forges and smithies, using the same ability as ex-quipping
Elemental Touch:
Using this ability, he can heat up any metals or alloys to the point he can shape them, and cool them.
Metal Fusion:
Allows him to to combine different metals to create alloys, or to perfectly mend any metal based object to be exactly like new.
Magical Fusion:
Allows him to permanently infuse any non magical weapon, armor, or device with magic. But requires a source of that magical type to be on hand. Can infuse many types of magic into the same object, but it has to be done at once.
Allows him to move the magical energy from one item to another, regardless of what it is made of, as long as it is not alive.
Allows him to shape and manipulate even very, very small parts within a device.


 photo IMG_3685.jpg

Har Color: Mostly white, with streaks of grayish black.

Skin Color: ruddy dark tan

Hair Length: long, with very bushy beard

Hair style: braided down the back, and is almost
always kept tucked into the back of his belt.

Clothing: Thick, heavily burn scarred sleaveless leather vest, and matching leather pants.

Zavier was born in a small town in the country east of Fiore into a family of crafts folk, most of who use magic.
His family, well known for being skilled in the arts of creating weapons, armor and any kind of magical device anyone could think of (even a few rather illegal kinds) had taken up his education ever since his father, a very skilled weapons smith, had seen he had interest in it.
From the time he could first wield a hammer, he was an avid student, learning from each of his family members their crafting specialties, surprising and delighting most of them when he refused to limit his crafting to just one field, rapidly expanding his crafting knowledge and skills over the next decade.
His future looked very bright indeed, with a new craft shop under construction for him, and a steadily growing client base.
That was to change, very rapidly, when a powerful warlord seized power of the surrounding countryside, and ordered him and his family imprisoned to build weapons and armors for the warlord.
It was by sheer luck the family got word of the arrest order, and had managed to flee, barely an hour ahead of the soldiers sent to get them.
Having been forced to abandon most of their tools and supplies, they quietly took what work they could, as they moved westward, finally reaching Fiore after several weeks.
Settling down in a town far north of Magnolia, they again began to craft in their specialties.
Barely a year later, three months before his twentieth birthday, Zavier received an invitation to visit a guild he heard about only in rumors.
Accepting the invitation, Zavier found himself in the city of Magnolia, and more specifically, having a meeting with the guildmaster of Fairy Tail.
Having a strong desire to get out on his own and make his own reputation, Zavier accepted a position in the guild.
He had little to regret in his choice over the next three decades, seeing new members join and older ones retire or vanish, even the old guildmaster retired... yet Zavier remained, his skills and abilities as a master craftsman having continued to grow, as has his repitation throughout Fiore...

Weapons: makes em, does not use them unless annoyed by pesky guildmates

-physically very strong
-keen mind and eidedic memory
-fierce loyalty

-gets along poorly with others
-short temper, especially when dealing with the younger mages in the guild.

Pets: a few stray cats he lets stay in his workshop

Father: Fredrick, a master weapons smith, now dead. Mother: Charyll, a skilled runecrafter, now retired.
Older Brother: Vanos, Master weapons smith and head of the family business.
Various aunts, uncles and cousins, most working in the family business.

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John Parvin | 138 comments is this acceptable?

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
What so you mean by second?

message 44: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments second in ranking, as in not s class

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 336 comments Mod
Just say high ranking

message 46: by John (new)

John Parvin | 138 comments changed it

message 48: by Levy (new)

Levy  (Sophie) | 3 comments First Name: chiyo
Last Name: mokusai

Gender: Female


Personality: Chiyo is a bookworm. For her books are worls where you can learn and have fun. She completely sinks into books. But when shes out in the real world she is energetic and likes to have a good laugh.

How Long They Have Been In the Guild: new to the guild

Character Your Character is Most Like: Levy
Team:none yet

Powers: Earth elemental magic
Moves: (she hasnt learned all of them)

-Earth wall. Builds a giant wall out of any nature nearby.

-Earth blast. Casts an explosion of wood.

-Earth arms. Casts multiple branches at the enemy.

-Leaf tornado. Casts a tornado of leaves.

-Earth shield. Casts a shield out of any nature nearby.

Appearance: www.wall321.com/thumbnails/detail/201...
HAir Color: brown
Skin Color: pale
Length of Hair: medium
Hair Style: usually chiyo has two plaits one at each side of her head.
Clothes they normally wear: she normally wears a simple white dress. She likes to dress natural.she almost never puts make up on.

History: chiyo grew up in a dark guild, thinking it was official. One day she overhead a conversation and discovered the truth. She left imediatly and travelled until she found another guild. It was fairy tail.

Weapons: a non magical small dagger

Strengths: natury places,

Places with no nature
Extreme heat

Pets?: none

daichi mokusai (father)
Aiko mokusai (mother)
Hoshiko mokusai (big sis)

Other: none

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1 comments Name: Chise Sumé Nakori
Face Claim: Himari Noihara
Theme Song: (http://youtu.be/HaFq4zZi5HE)

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: July 20
Place of Birth: Fiore
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Astrology Sign: Cancer

Height~ 5'7"
Weight~ 97 lbs
Eye Color~ Purple
Hair Color~ Blue/Black

(view spoiler)
Personality: Chise is a very out going girl and she loves to be together with other people. Her favorite thing to do is harass boys. She playfully bites them on the neck and snuggles up to them which could be embarrassing because of her chest. Chise's name basically means "Scantily Clothed". It suits her because she shows her cleavage most of the time when she's not in her school uniform. She's not in school she just likes to wear the uniform. When she's excited her ears and tail pop out.

Character is Most Like: Cana (in a weird way)
Guild Rank: (whatever is available)
Mark Location & Color: Black, left collarbone
Years in Guild: 0
Team: N/A
Team Members: N/A

Dressing Style: Chise likes to wear a school uniform most of the time. She also has a pink bikini, a white dress that comes a little bit above her knees and a battle outfit.

Type of Magic: Caster/Holder Magic
Magic: Illusion/Sword Magic
Chise has the ability to cast an illusion for only certain people to see. It can be as simple as her ears and tail to bigger things like your surroundings. She also has the ability to wield an elemental sword. Each time she uses her sword she weakens and eventually passes out. She only uses fire mainly for bigger and tougher opponent she'll use all four elements.
Weapons: Yasutsuna(sword)

Pets: Sanji
-Mother(Sawako Nakori)
-Father(Gennosuke Nakori)

History: Chise was born into an ordinary family. When she first used her powers on accident in front of her family they were shocked and sent her away to a boarding school. She spent most of her time learning about magic and trying to control her power so her parents would accept her. After graduating she moved back to where she used to live so she check on her parents but she ended up finding out that they were murdered a week before her arrival. Now she wants to find the person that killed her parents.
Crush: Gray Fullbuster
Relationship Status: Single

+ Cats
+ Ice
+ Food
+ Yarn
+ Water
+ Dogs
+ Mean people

-Chise has really good eye sight and she has night vision which helps out a lot.
-She is a really good at controlling her illusion magic so it doesn't go out of hand and starts controlling her.
-Her love for Cats has made her "become" one herself. She has most of their abilities because see she trained to make herself like that.
-She is very obedient which is her weakness because no matter what someone tells her to do she has to do it because it's her curse.
-On the full moon she becomes unable to do anything and she has a sharp pain in her chest until she wakes up the next day.
-Water is her main weakness. She can't swim and she has a fear of water. Water also affects her magic.
Notable Traits/Habits: Chise tends to get excited quickly when something distracts her like when cats get distracted by fast moving objects. Her eyes also glow a golden color at night when she's using her night vision.

Other: I would love for her to have a boyfriend pwetty pwease... ;)

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