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Thoughts on the movie characters ----> Tobias or Tris

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tatum ♥ What do you guys think of:
The part of Tobias being Theo James
The part of Tris being Shailene Woodly
The part of Caleb being Ansel Elgort
The part of anyone else!
My thoughts:
Tobias Eaton>Theo James: I love Theo, I think that is is the most perfect actor to play Tobias. I only don't like his super deep voice at some parts.

Tris Prior>Shailene Woodly: She's probably really good at acting as Tris but at some parts of the trailer it looks like she could have acted better....idk. But aside from all that she looks like she fits the part well!

Caleb Prior>Ansel Elgort: Ansel is so like perfect. OMFG. I am guessing he will do a good job because In TFIOS trailer it looked really good.

*negativity is allowed*

Zhanaestilinski These choices have honestly grown on me in the last couple of months...probably because I've been stalking them on the internet (Lol don't judge). What I like the most is that I've been able to keep the movieverse separate from the bookverse in my head. So I don't even imagine the actors for the characters when I read. Everyone is just really good looking--EVEN ERIC! That's the one casting choice I'm still iffy about. Eric is supposed to have greasy dark hair or whatever and the guy who plays him I'm sure has the personality right but is just too hot to be him. Too bad about Uriah though :/

Emily H I think that the guy playing Tobias doesn't fit at all. There are so many young male actors out there. He is what at least in his mid-20s. I wasn't very impressed with the Tris choice, but it was closer than the Tobias....still, very sad casting.

Veronica good cast.

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