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Will post soon

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Me and the other two Moderators want to celebrate Valentines day. We are brining new games, a group party, and lots more! We are trying to get 60 people before tommorw so we can have a big party! If you invite people and those people join+tell me you invited them, the highest three inviters become MODS. The party starts tommorw at 2 eastern. Though it might be delayed till a different time. If it does I will post in announcements. Well anyway, I will post when it begins and the three highest inviters become MODS! Contest ends today and midnight. But, MODS will be added on Valentines Day! Happy early Valentines! Bring your dates to the dance. Have Fun! Ask people to be your valentines in the ask out topic.

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The Valentines Party Is Open! Invite all your friends please.

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Please Vote for the Valnmentines King! The results will be found out and the king and queen will be crowned tonight. Please email me the results

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This group I getting deleted, I will re create it in a week.

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