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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments Clarence followed and sat down beside her. "So, there's a ball tonight..."

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Terry stood next to the lake, soaking in the earth, water and air, feeling as peaceful as she's been in weeks. He dad had tried to call her, saying that something was wrong, she had no idea what but she'd thrown her phone away.

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Megan | 84 comments Ryuu walked around. He just felt like coming to the lake for some reason. As he reached the lake, he noticed that someone was already there. Oh, maybe I'll come back some other time. He thought.

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Terry looked up, the Earth and Air letting her know that someone was coming, her black tipped read hair swung around and she watched him.

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Megan | 84 comments "Sorry." Ryuu simply said. He didn't feel comfortable with the girl watching him. "Um....I was just going over there." He pointed to the middle of no where. "When I decided to stop by the lake."

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Terry laughted and looked at him, before looking at the sky. "You are shy, aren't you?" Her voice held a bit of an edge and the water started to lap around her feet, feeling her emotions.

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Megan | 84 comments "Well, uh.....not really." He said. "I'm not that shy. See, I'm speaking to you normally. It's my sister who's shy." Ryuu said.

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Terry snorted, then looked to the sky, feeling her walls slide back into place. "Yeah, whatever." She snarled, she couldn't help it, it was the only way to keep her safe. She felt for the lighter in her pocket and pulled it out, lit it and played with the flame, letting it feed off of her energy. The fire liked this, it flared then settled, a torch without a base.

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Megan | 84 comments Mew's Legacy wrote: "Terry snorted, then looked to the sky, feeling her walls slide back into place. "Yeah, whatever." She snarled, she couldn't help it, it was the only way to keep her safe. She felt for the lighter i..."

"Oh, Okay then. If you're just going to ignore me, should I leave." Ryuu asked. "It seems like you don't want me here." He said. "Either way, I have to get to the ball." He turned apologetic. "Sorry ending this so abruptly, but if I don't go now, I'm going to be late!" He sprinted off.

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Terry snorted, stupid ball, as if it even meant anything. She thought to herself, feeding her fire energy, laughing when it flared and danced. She wanted to let it burn what ever it wanted, to let it play. But that would be back. So she told it out and walked away from the lake, saying good bye to the water and fire and heading back to the school.

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Angelo Gideon | 313 comments After that they decided they would not be going and spent the night of the ball inside the Library. They retired to their dorms later that evening and decided to meet again the following morning in the music room.

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Havana opened her eyes to see a lake. It was pretty, yes, but not fae pretty. Something was off. It wasn't ... bright, or shiny, or magical at all. Standing up panicked, she looked around her. The trees, they aren't the same. Looking beneath her feet, her wriggled her toes. The grass, it's not as vibrant. Remembering where she was before waking up now, it caused her to panic. Something happened. A flash of light. Screaming. Me pushing James out of the way. My poor brother, he couldn't get hurt. Instead it was me. Yet I'm not hurt. I'm ... in another plane. This caused her to scream.

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She back away from him worried. "Where am I?" Havana looked around her again and started to panic. Why am I not at home? Who the heck opened the portal? My family!

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"What's Arden, how do you know what I am, and what contract?!" This was all to freaky for her. Yeah, she had travelled dimensions before, but that was when she had control over the situation. Besides, it wasn't this type of plane she usually went to. Mostly the In-between and the witches planes were where she went. After all, that was her job. A plane cutter. Going from plane to plane, completing jobs that were life or death. Havana's breathing quickened, along with her heart rate, and she was about to hyperventilate.

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"My family, my friends! How am I supposed to get back?!" She sat down and pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them as a tear slid down her cheek. "My brother." James was the most important thing in the world to her. After all, she had helped deliver him. Wiping her cheek, she calmed down slightly and looked at him. "Extractor. Spiral Energy. Spiral Containers and Control. No, we have not forgotten your race."

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She raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise. "Your the Yamamoto I have heard so much about?" It was an honor to meet such a powerful being, and she couldn't even bow. "It's an honor to be in your presence."

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Her worried were pushed away for the moment and she looked at him with a small smile. "Are you kidding? I could only wish to have a power like yours. My age gift was pretty cool, I will admit that, but not as cool as Spiral Energy." Placing her hand on a medium sized stone by her, it turned to gold.

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She was surprised by his patting her head and stiffened a little before relaxing. He wasn't attacking, I'm fine. "Havana." Her tone was slightly distracted as she looked at the golden knife and then back at him. "But you can call me Ana if you want to."

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She shook her head slightly with a small smile. "It's alright. So, how did you end up here?" Havana wanted distracting from her thoughts.

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Havana nodded. Seeing everyone infected, had to be hard. She'd heard about it. Actually, she had heard about a lot of different races and planets and planes. Again, it was because of her job. "Why'd they send you here?"

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"Your going to destroy Ended? How exactly do you plan on Doug that without getting infected as well?" She asked a little skeptical. It wasn't anything personal, it was just her current mood.

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"Odd job?" She asked confused and then sighed softly in realization. "It's not 'odd', but yeah, I am. I think you only consider it odd because not many people qualify for it."

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She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I don't. If it was a more normal encounter, then I'm pretty forgetful about it. I usually remember people possessed from released Inbetweeners and such."

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She stood up and seemed to be looking for something around her.

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Havana saw something in the shallows of the water and went into the lake, despite it's freezing temperature, to retrieve it. Walking back out onto the grass again, her legs were covered in goosebumps but she also seemed relieved as well. Her sword.

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She barely noticed the cold until it was gone and smiled at him a little. "Thanks." Even though she was dry, she was still cold. It was different here. Back home is was Summer, and it seemed to make her feel cold now.

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She laughed softly and smiled at him. "Nice one." Havana unsheathed her sword and inspected the blade. It seemed undamaged. That was good. She tested it and changed it from steel to razor sharp diamond and slashed at a branch, cutting it clean off.

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When he spoke his thoughts out loud she blushed slightly and sheathed her sword again with a small smile. "I'm cure even for a Fae? Now that, my dear, is a compliment." Looking at him, she ruffled his hair affectionately and looked around her. What am I going to do? I have nothing here. Her expression seemed lost.

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She looked at him in surprise. "You read minds or something?"

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She laughed softly and put her sword at the side. "Lovely. I'll be building up my mental defenses again. I haven't had to deal with mind readers since I working with vampires, so I'm a little rusty with it."

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"Wow, dude, are you alright?" She knelt on one knee beside him, leaning on her arm that was in turn leaning on her knee.

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She laughed softly and held out he hand to him. "It's fine. Why are you apologizing to me?"

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She squeezed his hand and frowned slightly, looking at him concerned. "Your so cold."

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Havana shook her head with a small smile and sat down next to him, his hand still in hers. "So what is this Arden like?"

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She nodded slowly, a small half smile on her lips. "Sounds good." This new place was taking affect on her quickly, and she felt tired. Her emotions were suppressed at the moment but she knew they would come.

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She nodded again at his suggestion. "Sleep would be great. The magic here is so different. I mean, there is none." It was taking a hold of her quickly and she leaned into his chest tiredly. "I want to go home."

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((Take her to the castle, I don't know lol))

She nodded sadly, tears pooling in her eyes as she realized just how unlikely getting home would be.

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Havana flew along beside Kazuma as they went to the lake, her white wings shimmering in different colors each time they moved. "So how come you haven't been swimming before?"

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"Well you should learn to take a break every now and then." She was flying backwards so as to look at him as she spoke.

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Smiling at him warmly, she nodded. "Yeah, a break."

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"It's not, trust me."

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"Have you ever been flying? As in while on a planet, not to one?" She asked suddenly,

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"Did you enjoy it?" Either way, his answer had no effect on her mind.

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She turned and saw the water and smiled. "Best strip then, of change your clothes into swimmers, either way." Taking off her shirt and jeans, she was left in a bikini. "Lucky it was a pool party." Remembering the party, it amused her to remember her home, but she pushed those thoughts away.

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She stared at his body a second or to longer than a glance from his actions, but quickly diverted her gaze to the ground beneath her feet, pretending to inspect a daisy.

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She smiled a little as he made her look at him. "Very nice."

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She nodded. "Very much."

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She smiled back. "Your lucky, I was considering dropping you in the lake."

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She laughed softly and kissed his cheek, flying over to the lake surface and out a few meters. Looking at him, she smiled. "Coming?"

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He ended up splashing her and she laughed. "Hey."

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