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message 1: by Xsnowhite1012X (new)

Xsnowhite1012X (sazusaraspidermonkey26) | 246 comments Mod
It's Valentines Day! Would you like to share how you're celebrating or not celebrating, what are the best/worst things about Valentines Day, more coming soon. Feel free to add your opinion down below :D V

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) It's tomorrow not celebrating haven't for the past few years , good thing I sprang with friend normally, bad thing all my friends have moved abs one has a bf this year and I'm lonely again :'(

message 3: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) I'm lonely this year

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia | 2 comments We are never lonely, if we dont have a significant other, well we have friends or kids, or relatives. Or... We can celebrate with the one we should love always: ourself

message 5: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) Lol
Friends one has plural to get rid of her pot 3 moved away and the rest are in different areas
No kids
Family hate me
And celebrating on your own shows you are lonely

message 6: by Sophia (new)

Sophia | 2 comments Well... Good thing you are meeting new people... Even if it is goodreads. You never know... Its time to smile and open up new doors for friendship, restore family ties, join a club. There is a solution for everything except death. Cheer up!

message 7: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) Lol I have been wanting to commit suicide for over a year so yeah a guy on good reads has a crush on me

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara Campbell (admiralawesome) | 67 comments Mod
I hate valentines Day. It's a stupid commercial holiday. That is all.

message 9: by Sara (new)

Sara Campbell (admiralawesome) | 67 comments Mod
@Abigail: If what you said in your last comment is true, that really concerns me. I encourage you to get some help. Suicide is no laughing matter, trust someone who's been there and back ;)

message 10: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) Every one who I was friends with last year of before hate me including a next friend of mine

message 11: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) Every one I care about moved

message 12: by Xsnowhite1012X (new)

Xsnowhite1012X (sazusaraspidermonkey26) | 246 comments Mod
I was reading the comments and oh dear, so saddening some of them are, and guess what? I don't even celebrate valentines day.

Sara wrote: "I hate valentines Day. It's a stupid commercial holiday. That is all." I certainly agree, roses, scented candles, heart shaped chocolates for $20, it's sick.

And guess what else?! I got a valentine!!!!? Not to mention that it was really cleshé. But I might broaden on this topic some other time

Suicide and depression are both common these days sadly, and I know it's hard making friends but what's the harm in trying, I know there are barriers, it's common to feel nervous, shy, or to not have something in common with people, not saying that the solution to loneliness is simple. I know that it's not a pleasant feeling and it can be hard going through the motions, and self harm gets you nowhere. I don't know how many of my friends what been through this but almost all of them have and I also have some personal experience on the matter. I've got to go but I hope that you know that nothing can ever separate you from God. You may not even believe in God but theirs always hope, even when the people around us fail. I really have to go. Good luck!

message 13: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) Ok

message 14: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) I feel so lonely a friend posted a ic of what she got on face book and now I feel so sad

message 15: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) It's kk

message 16: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) :)

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