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message 1: by mirba (new)

mirba | 21 comments Mod
Gulliver is full of political propaganda, critiques and irony.
What is that you like more of it?

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Anuchan | 1 comments This discussion has been sitting here for over a year without any replies. Guess it's safe enough for me. :)

The section I liked the most was the last island Gulliver visited -- The Horses of Reason.

The horses view Gulliver as giving in to his base instincts, whereas the horses admire logic, sort of like Spock from Star Trek. Humans serve no more purpose than as a beast of burden, while horses represent the intellect of the island. This is directly opposite to our world, where horses are the beast of burden and humans have attained the higher values of society.

message 3: by mirba (new)

mirba | 21 comments Mod
Hi Daniel, I think all the people here are a little bit sleeping.
I also love the horse section a lot :)

What I love is not much the intellect, that probably can be find comparable in between man of england and horses of island, but more the idea that their intellect is peaceful and just. Not because they're weak, but because they recognize the logic and benefit of that style of life.
The island's horses are open to accept that a man, even if all their experience in those creatures is vile and agressive, can be something else. That I found quite amazing.

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