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Anyone here also familiar w/ Nooks?

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message 1: by Laserone (new)

Laserone | 18 comments I heard that some nooks have Text To Speech. I rely heavily on that with my Kindles. But w/ my local public library, some books that I want are only available for nook. So I'm thinking of getting a used Nook so I can get those books and read them w/ the text to speech feature. (The epub files will also play in the browser on my iphone and I can have siri read to me but it stops after about 20 page turns.) So, can anyone tell me which models have the text to speech? Do the newer models have a better voice than the older models? Thanks.

message 2: by Tom (last edited Feb 13, 2014 02:48PM) (new)

Tom | 98 comments None of the eInk Nooks have text to speech; the only one with audio was the original, and there is no text to speech facility on that. There are other ereaders that do have some sort of TTS. This comparison matrix shows a number of ereaders and whether they have TTS:

The Nook HD tablets (which are pretty cheap of late, $129 for the entry level model) do have support for TTS, but it is 'Pico' and it's not as good as Kindle's. I don't know if Nook tablets allow you to install a different TTS engine, such as Ivona (same as what is on Fire tablets). I suspect not. But at least Nook HD might be an option. B&N used to sell refurb units on eBay but I can't seem to load up their storefront there today, so maybe they have pulled the plug on that.

On iOS, VoiceOver works quite well with iBooks and the Kindle app, but of course that does not help for ePub books borrowed from the library. I don't know of any iOS app that supports both Adobe's library DRM and VoiceOver (or TTS). Overdrive app does not play well with VO, for example. But if your library has Axis360 (mine has both it and Overdrive), you can use the Blio app for iOS to borrow from that collection. It has VoiceOver support (free), and it looks like you can add TTS capability for $9.99 per voice (a bit much IMO). You cannot sideload Adobe DRM ebooks, however, so that won't help if your library uses Overdrive or 3M Cloud Library.

On Android, I do not know of a single reading app that 1) has TTS built in and 2) supports library DRM, or 1) supports library DRM and 2) supports Android accessibility, i.e. TalkBack. For example, Mantano Reader supports TTS, and Adobe DRM, but not library DRM. Aldiko Premium supports library DRM, but not TTS.

Keep in mind that publishers often do not set the permissions to allow TTS, so even if the reading system supports it, you may not be able to use it with the book you've checked out. I don't think VoiceOver pays attention to that flag, however.

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