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message 1: by Tema (new)

Tema | 41 comments Mod
What adaptations have you seen and what did you think about them?? Did you read the book before or after? Here's a place for you to chat about them and maybe have a little rant. I know I'd sure like to have one!

Some recent film adaptations I've seen:

The BAD:
The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2) by Rick Riordan
OH MY GOSH! I will most definitely be watching all the films of the series, if it even reaches completion that is, because I love this series so so much! But the movies are a poor poor adaptation purely from the perspective of someone who was a fan of the books before the movies. From what I can tell, the films are pretty good if you've never read the books.

Yeah, what can I say. No, make that what should I say first. Hmm...Well, i appreciate the little things the new director did to try return it a bit more to the books, e.g. Annabeth's blonde hair, introducing the Kronos related plotline, Grover in a wedding dress (I probably wouldn't have forgiven them if they'd left that out!). However, it wasn't enough! Like the first film, the plot was so different.

And there was barely any character development besides a smidge for Percy. It actually convinced me for a short period into thinking that because a movie is shorter and different from books then only so much character development can occur. What a lie! When I saw Catching Fire soon after I knew heaps more could have happened in Sea of Monsters. Maybe if they'd paid as much attention to the plot and characters as they did the special effects, it would have been better.

I'm still lamenting the change of tone between the book and movie. I know know, the tone often changes but it was really different in this case. I'm sad that we've lost the whole Summer Camp and orange shirt vibe of the book, as well as how funny Percy is.

I could go on but I'll save it for later. Please tell me what your opinions of the movies were if you've seen them! Or if you watched the films first and maybe even liked them. That's ok. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) by Suzanne Collins
This is probably the BEST film adaptation I have ever seen! I felt the filmmakers managed to create an amazing film and at the same time really honour the book. Lots of details from the book were included! In fact, after watching Sea of Monsters I was really surprised at how much they got in. LOVED IT! From what I remember, not many changes to the book were found in the film. Overall, I think the film really satisfied fans of the books. But what do you think?

message 2: by alyssa (new)

alyssa | 19 comments I agree, the Percy Jackson movies so far are a bit disappointing, but they did improve from the first movie. I was sad that the movie lacked character development and the original humour from the books.
I think Catching Fire was very well made and is very close to the book, which is an example of a very good movie adaptation :)

message 3: by Tema (new)

Tema | 41 comments Mod
I wonder if they'll green-light the third film for Percy Jackson. Even if they're disappointing, they're super fun to watch and rant about everything that's diff/same!

message 4: by Becka (new)

Becka (becka_anne) I remember being really upset at the Harry Potter adaptations 1-3. I was quite young, so I may have been overly upset. But I remember thinking that SO much was missed out from the books.
I noticed this again recently when I was discussing it with my partner, he has only ever watched the films and didn't seem to know most of the best parts of the book!
I think I was most upset about there never being any mention of SPEW!

message 5: by Tema (new)

Tema | 41 comments Mod
I read and watched the first few Harry Potter when I was young too, so I don't really remember how different they were between film and book.

Movies always miss out heaps! but film and book are different mediums for storytelling so there will always be inherent differences. I think it's much easier to get into the mind of a character through books whereas films can show greater nuance in the way characters give looks and their manner etc that's harder to describe in written word.

And everyone has their own way of imagining what characters looks like!

message 6: by alyssa (new)

alyssa | 19 comments Yeah it's always interesting to see how films portray book characters and how they compare to what we imagine them to look like.

I did like Jennifer Lawrence in THG even though I didn't really imagine her to look like that. But I got over that pretty quickly as I found out what an amazing actress she is!

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