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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez Car Crash:
The day dreams onward
Swirls of colorful life decays in colliding folds of metal
The world disengages from reality
As death’s creeps further from the surreal malice of the crash
A maelstrom of nightmares convulsing into spastic shards of broken bones

Not Enough:
There is not enough blood in this world to keep spilling.
A story in each puddle, they were always unique, were.
Now they repeat, different body same blood.
There is not enough blood in this world to keep spilling.

For Every Action:
My every breathe is further blood on the canvas
My every step a smudge of a footprint on the red
The more i move the more i live
The more death the more life
Is manipulated through these strings
Is manipulated through raw integrity to strive
A butterfly effect for i lived they died
A butterfly passing as their soul squanders in hades

Drop dead it says
And so it parts in the wind
A wish just to keep you happy
It blows like dust in the wind
Swirling about you it says
Anything to keep you happy

The sun sets wicked in the fresh flesh of hell fire and brimstone. Hate peaks from the midnight blank stare of the moon. Starless night glisten uncertainty, drifting on abyss of colorless desire. Horizon on the asphalt in crimson paints, seeking innocence on disasters run. Cold air frosts the soul in seconds of eternal hours caught on kindling after murder

I'm so depressing o.o

message 2: by Dana (new)

Dana Smythe | 273 comments Mod
I like how "Car Crash" manages to evoke that floating, surreal sense of time being suspended, which (in my experience at least) is always a part of a car accident. And "Abstract" caught my attention - there are some very compelling turns of phrase in that one, though there doesn't seem to be much focus to it.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez Thank you! And yeah abstract was more of thst, wrote one night and never really had much else to go with it sad to say

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