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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
A large stable, filled with dozens of stalls that are home to horses and Pegasus' alike. It is quite the place for any animal lover, or anyone looking to catch a ride. Not without Mr. D's permission though!

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Rosalind stood in one of the farther back stalls, grooming a beautiful white Pegasus. How do I look now, Rosie? it asked Rose. "Lovely Ghost, you look lovely," she told her. Are you sure you aren't just saying that? Ghost inquired again. "Yes, you look fine!" Rose said, peering out of the stall to see if Cooper was coming.

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Just outside of the stables, Cooper ran his hand through his hair, and quickly threw a piece of gum into his mouth. He walked inside casually, and smiled as he saw Rose chatting with none other than a horse; an ability that Cooper was quite jealous of actually. He couldn't get on a horse without it nearly bucking him off; let alone carry on a semi-creepy telepathic conversation with one. "Hey you!" Cooper smiled as he adjusted the tan leather satchel that hung at his side, and he caught Rosalind's attention.

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia "Hey Cooper!" Rose said, waving. She started to smile, but Ghost pushed past her, sticking her head out to see Cooper.Is that the guy you- Rose frowned, and urgently whispered, "Shut up! Not the time!" She pushed Ghost's head back into the stall and said grimly, "Cooper, this is Ghost." Hiya Coo-he can't hear me, can he? "No, he can't Ghost. Son of Apollo, 'kay?" Rose rolled her eyes at Ghost, and slipped out of the stall.

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Cooper approached Rose as she quickly uttered something he didn't catch in the horse's direction, and he chuckled softly and shook his head. "And who is this big guy?" he asked, giving the horse a once over, and then turning his gaze to Rose.

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia "She's Ghost," Rose said, stroking her jaw. I guess you did do a good job grooming me... Ghost told her as she tossed her mane and whinnied happily. "How are you?" Rose inquired of Cooper, occasionally needing to shove Ghost's head out of her personal area.

message 7: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
"Ah... she! Sorry bout that my lady!" Cooper joked, and shook his head. "I'm good. It's been a long morning but the day can only get better from here on out." He smiled and cocked his head. "You? How are things?"

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia I like him! No wonder you- Rose shoved away Ghost's head again, with a somewhat forced smile. "I'll be much better if Ghost stops interfering with my every time I'm about to talk to you." Rose said, smiling for real now. "Also," she added, "Ghost likes you!" Rose grabbed her hair, running her fingers through it, and braided it-messily-leaving her dark brown locks hanging on her right shoulder.

message 9: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
"Well she's the first," Cooper winked, and pulled out an apple from his pack. "Here," He held it out, and Ghost gently took it from his hand. "Hope you like it."

message 10: by Julia (new)

Julia APPLE! YUMMY! Thank you! Ghost said to Rose, grateful and happy. Rose laughed slightly, and said, "She says thank you, and is very elated." Ghost whinnied in agreement to Rose's statement.

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Julia ((Barry?))

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Cooper smiled and shook his head in amazement. "That's so incredible. That you guys can speak." He looked down bashfully, and chuckled. He was looking for something to say; he felt like he was boring Rose. "So umm... How was your day?

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia Rose smiled, and said, "Lovely. I found Ghost today out if the forest. She hurt her wing, but as you can see, it's better now." Rose pointed to her left wing, which was completely healed. "How was your day?" she inquired, a smile lighting up her face. "Anything extraordinarily weird happen?"

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
"Not in particular, sort of a bleh day!" Cooper winked, and looked to the door. "Let's head to the pavilion? You hungry?"

message 15: by Julia (new)

Julia "I'm sorry!" Rose said, grinning. "That stinks!" Can I come? Rose rolled her eyes, and pushed Ghost into her stable. "No, you may not come Ghost! Let's go Cooper!" she said, latching Ghost's stall shut.

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Julia ((Barry?))

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