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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Name: Cooper Wright

Gender: Male

Parent: Apollo

Birthdate: 9/14

Age: 17

Years at Camp: 4

Personality: If asked to describe Cooper in one word, almost everyone would say, "Friend." And he keeps this reputation as best as he can. Cooper is the type of person who wants all to see him as someone they could talk to, and he works really hard to make himself an approachable person. He usually tends to care more about others than himself, and loves helping out his friends a lot. One of Cooper's greatest qualities is his courage, because essentially he won't back down from anything. He is not the biggest or strongest warrior, and isn't arrogant by ANY means, but he is one to be taken seriously when it comes to a fight.

Cooper is funny and full of humor, but would never be consider the smartest of the bunch. He never had a really good schooling so he lacks in basic knowledge, but when it comes to creativity and strategist he's top of his game. Despite Cooper's outward friendly appearance, he faces many self battles and all in all has a very low self esteem. He tries so hard to be optimistic and hopeful, but in reality he tends to see the worst in any situation; though not always bringing it up. Cooper loves to play the powerful "older brother" act, and wishes more than anything that people would look up to him; because for so long he had no one to look up to. He hates the fact that some of the kids here may feel different or like 'freaks', and he wants them all to understand that they have each other.


(view spoiler)

Height: 6 2”
Weight: 195
Hair colour: Dirty Blonde
Skin colour: Tan
Eyes: Sky Blue
Body type: Fit & Toned
Pitch of voice: Average
Distinguishable markings: He has a massive scar down his right arm that starts at his shoulder and ends near his elbow. He also has a scar just above his abdomen from an impalement that should’ve killed him.

< Dyslexia
< Sword-Play
< Night

> Archery
> Musicality
> Leadership

Biography/Background: Cooper was born an orphan, after Apollo 'accidentally' impregnated his 17 year old mother, Ella Wright. She put him up for adoption almost immediately, but when Cooper had still not been adopted by the age of four, he was placed in an orphanage where his life really hit rock bottom. For nearly four years he attended the orphanages schooling program and "tolerated" the other kids, getting picked on only about six days a week; but looking back he wouldn't change that for the world. Cooper's best friend Elias, arrived at the orphanage on Cooper's twelfth birthday, and for a year the two looked out for each other and kept each other company. Cooper's ADHD and Dyslexia kept him from enjoying all of the same entertainments the other kids did, and also made him a target to bullying and such; but the way he see's it... all of those hardships only made him stronger.

Just before his thirteenth birthday, Cooper was visited by a "cool" young man, who simply gave him a golden comb and a wink, and it wasn't until nearly a month afterwards when Orthrus arrived at the orphanage and nearly caused a riot. Cooper was surprised to find out that the comb was actually a bow from his father, and Elias was a Satyr that was sent to protect him until it was time for him to attend camp. Since then, Cooper has attended Camp-Half Blood year round, going on quests and such; forming a great reputation among campers.

Relationship Status: Single

Biggest Fear: The feeling of inadequacy, or feeling like he's let someone down that was relying on him.

Weapons: One of Apollo’s sun bows, forged by Hephaestus himself and blessed with the god’s strength, this bow doubles as dual wielding swords, that connect in the middle to form a bow. It actually requires no arrows because it has the ability to form them from the sun-light; however this bow is useless at night. When it is not a bow, it is disguised as a golden comb, that Cooper always has on him; though he has never "combed" his hair in his life.
(view spoiler)

Fighting Skills: When it comes to archery, Cooper is one of the camp masters. Very few can out shoot him, and he holds this talent in his highest regards. When it comes to a sword however, Cooper has never been able to properly handle one. He can fight with a sword about as well as he can read normal English; which isn’t very well due to his dyslexia.


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Julia Name:
Rosalind "Rose" Greene
May 25
15, going on 16
Years at Camp:
3 years
Rose is very loving and caring. She'll do almost anything to help a friend. Rose loves animals, especially horses. She always tries to stop and help people in need, and when she can't, she feels horrible. Before Rose knew who her father really was, she would always help out with charity work, but soon realized that it was a danger to her and the people that she was helping.

Rose is very loyal and empathetic. She is a great friend; she will never betray you. Rose has been "stabbed in the back" too many times by bad friends to do that herself. Rose is a very good listener, and will willingly listen and help you with your problems. She can even give great advice, as she can put herself in others' shoes very well.

Rose is surprisingly intelligent and remarkably creative. She is very adaptable to a changing situation-she can keep a level head. Rose will act instinctively in trying situations, often times being very selfless, or foolish. She can easily get out of tough situations, as she can think outside the box. Rose can multitask better than most people, and hates when people say that it's a bad idea to multitask.

Rose is not quite ADHD, but she can have trouble concentrating sometimes. She likes to do things on her own time and when she feels like it. Rose is pretty insecure about herself, so people should be careful when they tease her. Sometimes, that can lead her to act aggressively. Rose doesn't like how she looks, though she has rare moments of seeing her beauty. That is probably why she likes to be outside often, especially swimming-nature holds it's own beauty.

(view spoiler)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 152 pounds
Hair color: dark brown
Skin color: tanned olive
Eyes: brown, with a hint of gold
Body type: fairly curvy
Pitch of voice: it varies from alto to soprano
Distinguishable markings: Rose has a scar on her left wrist, about an inch long and around 3 millimeters wide, from falling out of a tree.

~seeing others, especially her friends, in danger
~being in small spaces
~she doesn't trust people very easily
~being at a disadvantage
~fire/extreme heat
~being in/near water
~can be brave and courageous sometimes
~intelligent and out of the box thinking
~sword fighting and even some archery
~can easily be unseen
Rose had two older sisters before she was born, but her mother was married. Her father, to Rose, is a horrible man, and her mom became pregnant with Rose. Her father didn't know that she wasn't actually his, because it happened when they were out and both got very drunk. Rose's father was being cruel and Poseidon stopped him from hurting Rose's mom. When Rose was born, her mother knew immediately that she wasn't her father's, though they did look similar. Rose's father didn't know.

Soon, Rose had a little brother, from both of her parents this time. It soon became evident that Rose was a special child, but to her father, just plain weird and rotten. Her mother always protected Rose and kept her real father hidden. Rose kept having issues, and everybody knew that something was strange about her. Rose's father thought that it was something to do with her mother, so they got a divorce, much to Rose's mom's dislike.

The divorce really hurt Rose, because she was then twelve. Her mother sent her to Camp Halfblood then, so Rose could find out that she was different from her siblings, but still seem normal. Rose's siblings just thought, and still think, that she has some mental problem, and she goes to a camp each year for children like her. Rose comes back each year to school, and never has been expelled, surprisingly, though probably due to heavy reliance on the Mist.

Relationship Status:
Biggest Fear:
Rose really does not like her father, so she has trouble with boys, and just trust problems in general. She doesn't really have one big fear, but she is afraid of loosing her mom, her siblings and father finding out who her real father is. Rose doesn't want to be useless, left alone for a long period of time, and being in very small, tight spaces.
Rose has gifts from her real father, Poseidon. She can use water to her fighting advantage, and can also talk to horses and other animals related to them. Rose also has a sword, which she calls Albitr (all-bite-ur), which normally just looks like a ring, but when she takes it off, turns into a deadly sword. The ring: (view spoiler)
Fighting Skills:
Rose fights the best with Albitr, her sword, but is fairly decent at archery. She is fairly fast, but very stealthy and agile. Rose is extremely good at blending in to the background and not being seen.

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Name:Sophia (but everyone calls her sophie unless they're exasperated with her)

Parent: (Godly Influence)Poseidon

Birthdate: (MM/DD/)October 25

Age: 14

Years at Camp:A few months, she's new

Personality:She's super sarcastic and witty. She's also cocky and confident (but not overly confident) and when someone (for example) compliments her she'll say something like of "of course, what did you expect."(okay maybe she's a little over confident) She also hard core.[wow this is hard] However she can be sweet, but she has a hard time trusting anyone. She infuriates anyone and everyone and she doesn't mind. She prefers to be by herself and wants to always come out on top. She also hates guys who think she can't be[hmmm how do I say this] awesome (?). She jokes around a lot. All adults/serious people tend to stay exasperated at her. She's also a trouble maker and doesn't like to follow rules. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants and doesn't care what other people think of her. [ have you guys read half blood by jennifer l armentrout she's sort of like alex] She isn't a loner but she doesn't have a lot of good friends. She tends to stay on her own and doesn't want to get attached to anyone person. She doesn't hate people and she likes attention but isn't someone who needs to be in a clique. She's also someone people tend to remember everyone knows who she is but no one really knows her[deep down inside :)]. She does exactly what others tell her not to do just to piss them of. But she's also thoughtful and smart. She's clever and thinks things through most of the time unless someone she loves is threatened. She's more comfortable around guys than girls and she sort of a tom boy. She doesn't have the same interests as most girls her age and prefers sports over shopping any day. She also prefers the outdoors. (Hiking, swimming, duh, in lakes or ocean preferably, etc)She likes being out in the open and settles and argument with fists and well placed insults. People tend to think this is funny unless they are the ones getting insulted. She can make you feel as insignificant as a worm when she wants to and always has something sarcastic and/or snarky to say back to you. She's also really restless [even for a half blood:)] and likes to keep up and moving.
Height: 5'8"
Weight:I don't know how much do you usually weigh if you're 5'8"?
Hair colour: dark brown a few shades lighter than black
Skin colour:Hmmm a slight tan
Eyes:Silver eyes
Body type:What do you mean? Lean and slightly muscular I guess
Pitch of voice:*low whistle*(so many questions) alto
Distinguishable markings:She has one forest green, one gold streak and one silver streak of hair all three of them on her right side
(view spoiler)
[about the pic, remember she had a forest green, gold and silver streak of hair on the right side and her eyes are a little lighter:)]
Weaknesses: Fire and tends to distrust everyone. Also afraid to become attached to anyone because she's afraid they'll hurt her or leave.

Strengths: cross country running and sprinting. she's quick on her feet and agile

Biography/Background: Sophia was born in california.(no people, california is not all surfing and beaches. Someone once asked me if in california we surf to school. The answer us no people. How do you surf to school anyways?) A month before she reached camp her house burned down and she barely escaped with her life. Ever since then she's been on the run. While at the beach she met a satyr who after realizing that sophie was a half blood told her what she was and led her to camp half blood. She grew up in the city, no where near any large bodies of water so she had no idea she was different other than her dyslexia and adhd. She had a childhood friend(they were super close he was like an older brother to her. he's also pretty much the only person sophie has ever depended on) that was also killed in the fire. His name was Trevor and this is also part of the reason she pushes everyone away so they can't hurt her.(sad I know). She's always been pretty independent and doesn't like having to be dependent on others. Ever since she's arrived at camp she's been staying in the hermes cabin. She hasn't found out she's Poseidon's daughter yet. Her mom had no idea that *cough* Jack/Poseidon was a god. She also had a brother. She has always been a trouble maker and talks back to her teachers other than her half blood dyslexia and ADHD she was always smart without trying. She also plays guitar (classical, not pop or anything). Her brother was a year younger than her. Her mom was always busy and never home so sophie practically raised him by herself with the help of Trevor her best friend. Trevor was sweet and always super nice to sophie even with her attitude. He didn't put up with sophie's attitude. The rest of her family died in the fire. She still feels the pain of her family but she doesn't let it get her down, instead she lets it motivate her comforting herself with the fact that they would want her to live her life to the fullest(that sounds cheesy ehhh)

Relationship Status:Single I guess.

Biggest Fear: Fire. the Hephaestus kids tend to make her unease. her house burned down with her family(mom and brother. In the same fire her best friend Trevor was killed. Since then she's been on the run then she found the camp!)

Weapons:She had a dagger with simple hilt that she keeps on her at all times. (view spoiler)

Fighting Skills: Prefers to fight hand in hand combat and/or with daggers. She's not good with bow or swords but she can throw daggers/knives well.

Other:She tends to swear a little so beware. She also has a bad bad sweet tooth. She likes all baked goods and she will all but die to get her hands on a cookie :).

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Allie Smoak | 4 comments Name: Annalia Simpson

Gender: Female

Parent: Zeus

Birthdate: 7/13

Age: 16

Years at Camp: 2

Personality: Annalia is sort of... well... I guess you could say spoiled. Not to such an extreme sense as to call her a "brat", but she can come off a little strong sometimes. She has always gotten what she wanted, but also understands what it is to not. She is really oblivious and sometimes comes off as air-headed or 'blonde', but she really doesn't care. She can hold her own in a fight and that's all that matters here. She is very good at making friends, simply because she uses her popularity to make them, but once she trusts someone she lets them past her outer wall and really opens up to them.

Once she does, Annalia is really a very deep, loving person; who cares deeply for those around her. She really wants all to be okay, but not at the expense of her own pride or dignity. She has a hard time opening up to people, but when she does they see her through new eyes. All in all, Annalia is a very hard person to read, because the first impression she sends is that she is a "princess", but after you get to know her, she can surprise you. She really is a down to earth girl who just wants to be happy; she just doesn't always know the right path to get there. With a little help a guidance, and the right friends, Annalia could be an exceptional young lady.

(view spoiler)
Height: 5 6"
Weight: 121
Hair colour: White; Long; Strait
Skin colour: Pale; Fair
Eyes: Almond; Grey
Body type: Small
Pitch of voice: High; Soft
Distinguishable markings: Her ears are pierced multiple times, and she has a tattoo of lightening bolt on her abdomen.

Weaknesses:~ She can't swim
~ She's oblivious

~ Stealth
~ Battles
~ Lightening

Biography/Background: Annalia was born into a wealthy household, run by her mother Elizabeth who worked for a local applied sciences division of NASA. She also lived with her grandmother and a maid, and was essentially raised by them and her mother's pay check. Annalia attended the finest schools, despite her ADHD and Dyslexia, and was able to stay mainly because of her families "generous" donations to the school, but she knew it was really just her mother sleeping with the dean.

She was finally forced to leave the school when it was visited by none other than Hade's furies themselves visited the school, and nearly killed Annalia who was saved by her protector, a Satyr named Yvan. As the two ran to Camp, Yvan was killed just before entering, and Annalia barely made it through the barrier, and realized that her life was about to change drastically. She has been at camp for two years now, only going home for brief intermission to see her family. She has never been on any quests, but wants to desperately. She has never met her father in person, but he has spoken to her in dream once, and when she woke, her daggers were next to her bed.

Relationship Status: Single; But she's crushing someone.

Biggest Fear: Hades & His Children

Weapons: Dual wield Dagger's of Zeus; When they are not weaponized, they are disguised as two bolt shaped copper bands that she wears around her wrists.
(view spoiler)

Fighting Skills: Annalia has particularly abnormal skill when it comes to her daggers, and can hold her own against almost anyone. She is known throughout camp for her abilities, but then again; can't shoot a bow to save her life.


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Name: Annika Joyce

Gender: Female

Parent: (Godly Influence)Daughter of Athena

Birthdate: (MM/DD/) 10/15

Age: 15

Years at Camp: 3

Personality: (I don’t expect everything to be PERFECT, but give me at least a few paragraphs. Let’s see some details people. The better the character has been analyzed, the more you’ll be able to do with them during the RP. So… Spend more than thirty seconds on this.)
Annika grew up with very little social interaction (see bio for more info) and therefore is extremely socially awkward and shy. She is a natural introvert and prefers to read and write than anything else. Unfortunately, this means that when she has good ideas, she doesn't speak up and sees herself as a failure for not making major contributions.
Aside from that, once you get to know her she is humorous and likes to joke around. Her brother described her as "the sarcastic female Einstein". Her sarcastic manner can sometimes put people off. She often comes off as arrogant, when really she is just trying to get her point across. This is one of many reasons that she doesn't have any really good friends, more of just acquaintances.
She is a logical thinker, but is also creative, which helps her problem solving greatly.

Appearance: (Fill in analysis below, and include atleast one picture.)
Hair colour:Dark ash brown
Skin colour:Light tannish beige
Eyes:Hazel with flecks of gold, brown, and green
Body type:Athletic, but still fairly feminine.
Pitch of voice:Medium high,but not annoying. Soothing.
Distinguishable markings: (Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.)A small compass tattoo on the inside her wrist the size of a quarter

Weaknesses: Has trouble asking for help

Strengths: Wonderful problem solver and can keep a level head in dangerous/stressful situations.

Biography/Background: (I don’t expect everything to be PERFECT, but give me at least a few paragraphs. Let’s see some details people. The better the character has been analyzed, the more you’ll be able to do with them during the RP. So… Spend more than thirty seconds on this.)

Annika grew up in Quebec, Canada. Her first language is French and sometimes lets short phrases slip. Her house growing up was a tiny cabin in a remote patch of forest with her father and older brother Matthew, also a demigod. Because of their remote location, monster attacks were extraordinarily rare. In addition, as children, Annika and Matthew weren't allowed to leave the house because of this.

Annika was always really smart (child of Athena obviously), but was homeschooled by her father. When she was 12, she snuck out of the house to walk into town because she was curious. Upon entering town, she discovered the library. Having read all the books in her house already, she stayed in the library all day long. When her brother found her missing, he went to look for her and found her at the library. Everything seemed fine until they began to head home. They were attacked by group of harpies who were attracted by strong 17 year old and 12 year old demigod scents. Her brother was gravely injured. Her father came home to find the two injured in front of the fireplace and drove them to Camp Half Blood immediately, though he had been reluctant. Matthew didn't make it.

Relationship Status:Single and hesitant to form reationships

Biggest Fear: Losing someone close to her

Weapons: (If gifted with powers from parent, MUST be approved. Message me.) Longbow and dagger

Fighting Skills: Fairly good hand-on-hand combat, very skilled in archery, not very good at swordplay

(view spoiler)

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Name: Evander Kerrigan

Gender: Male

Parent: (Godly Influence)Son of Ares

Birthdate: (MM/DD/)01/01

Age: 15

Years at Camp: 4

Personality: (I don’t expect everything to be PERFECT, but give me at least a few paragraphs. Let’s see some details people. The better the character has been analyzed, the more you’ll be able to do with them during the RP. So… Spend more than thirty seconds on this.)

Evander grew up very poor, which meant that he had to work extraordinarily hard to get what he wanted. He's determined and will do anything to get his way. He's a natural born leader and is always confident to the point of cockiness.

He has high expectations and nearly no forgiveness. If you disappoint him, you lose his trust and friendship. Subsequently, he doesn't have any long term friends. In addition, he isn't really on good terms with his father, Ares. This feeds into his irrational spitefulness. A lot of his anger stems from his mom's bitter feelings (See bio for more).

Underneath his harshness, he has a soft side. If you do gain his trust, he is fiercely protective and funto hang out with. He's humorous and loves to joke.

Appearance: (Fill in analysis below, and include atleast one picture.)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165lbs
Hair colour: Honey/dirty blond
Skin colour: Pale cream
Eyes: Gunmetal blue
Body type: Slim and muscular
Pitch of voice: Medium
Distinguishable markings: (Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.)A thin scar running horizontally from the edge of his eyebrow across his temple ending at his hairline; barely noticeable freckles all over his face, with darker freckles across his nose and on his cheeks.

Weaknesses: Jumps to conclusions and doesn't think things true

Strengths: Excellent leader and loyal friend

Biography/Background: (I don’t expect everything to be PERFECT, but give me at least a few paragraphs. Let’s see some details people. The better the character has been analyzed, the more you’ll be able to do with them during the RP. So… Spend more than thirty seconds on this.)

When he was really young, Evander and his mom travelled from war zone to war zone, hoping to find his dad, Ares. His mom was obsessed and didn't see the affect it was having on Evander. The constant gunfire and violence had made him violent and hardened because that's all he knew how to be. Unable to think clearly, she blamed this on Ares because he was the god of war. Sick of the gods, she dumped Evander at Camp Half Blood without telling him why and left. He hasn't had contact since.

Once at camp, he refused to believe that he was a demigod and tried to escape multiple times and failed every time. It wasn't until he was at CHB for a year that he finally accepted it. Even then, he didn't like any of it. He felt like a freak and took out his anger by fighting. Over the years, he became one of the best swordsman and fighter at camp.

Relationship Status: Single

Biggest Fear: Dying

Weapons: (If gifted with powers from parent, MUST be approved. Message me.) Sword and dagger

Fighting Skills: Expert swordsman, expert in had-to-hand combat, iffy with a bow.

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Name: Brandon Medier

Gender: Male

Parent: (Godly Influence) Demeter

Birthdate: (MM/DD/) october 6

Age: 15

Years at Camp: 4

Personality: Brandon is a quiet, and shy boy. He keeps to himself and prefers to be around plants rather than people. He is also really socially awkward but he is really, really nice and tries to help everyone he can. He is also a guy of few words and "the strong and silent type." He is really respectful towards everyone and all adults tend to like him because he's like the sweet, kind, gentle souled guy. He doesn't take anything for granted and is really thankful for everything in his life. He sees the good in pretty much everyone doesn't like to gossip or talk bad about anyone. He is also a goody goody two shoes. Also when he becomes close friends with anyone he will die to protect them. He has a sort of hero complexion and is really modest and is embarrased easily. He isn't used to being acknowledged for doing anything, so when he first came to camp and became well known and well liked he was really lost. He is the kind of person everyone can't help but like since he is so kind and sweet. However he is really good at hiding his emotions so you never really know what is going on in his head or the depth of his emotion. People tend to think of him as a rock-immovable steady and just there he is a normal part of everyone's lives though he doesn't know that he affects others so much. He makes everyone want to be nice.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Hair colour: blonde
Skin colour: tanned slightly(very slightly)
Eyes: blue grey
Body type: skinny
Pitch of voice: normal
Distinguishable markings: (Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.)none

Weaknesses:his kindness and trusting nature

Strengths: he has a strong will and can make plants and vines grow super super fast and can coax life out of even the deadest plants. He is also familiar with every plant. If you get stuck in the middle of a forest with no supplies you would want him to be there with you.

Biography/Background: He grew up in a small apartment with his dad. They weren't poor but they weren't rich either and he was taught to be thankful for everything that he had. His father raised him to be loving and caring. His father owned a small florist shop in California and he grew up helping his dad there. When he turned 10 his best friend (who turned out to be a satyr:)) told him what he really was. However Brandon didn't believe him at first and he completely forgot about it until the next year. On his eleventh birthday his apartment was attacked by harpies and his father was killed. He then was taken to camp by his friend satyr where he has been living for the past 4 years.
Relationship Status:Single

Biggest Fear: his friends getting hurt or dying.

Weapons: a small dagger
(view spoiler)
Fighting Skills: hand to hand combat and his amazing plant growing skills

Other: he can make plants grow out of the ground helpful for trapping enemies in vines

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Name: Wren Marcs

Gender: Female

Parent: Aphrodite

Birthdate: 7/8

Age: 17

Years at Camp: 6

Wren is cheerful and almost always smiling. She easily makes friends and is fiercely loyal to those she loves, although that number is few. Wren is manipulative and untrusting, although she doesn’t seem this way. She has many friends but few that she would call true friends. She is generally happy, or at least she appears that way. Wren is witty and charismatic with a good sense of humor. She is sassy and confident. She knows she’s beautiful and doesn’t hide it.
Wren is strong. She is a fighter and usually gets her way. She doesn’t give in to what other people think and always stands up for herself. She is a bit of a nerd, but it is well hidden and she would die if anyone ever found out. She hates anyone who tries to change her, although this is a bit hypocritical as she sometimes tries to change others. She hates authority figures and has trouble following instructions, no matter who is giving them.

(view spoiler)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115
Hair color: Reddish Brown
Skin color: Porcelain
Eyes: Primarily blue with some green and purple
Body type: Slim, strong, and attractive
Pitch of voice: Light and pleasant
Distinguishable markings: She has scars all along her hips and lower back which she is slowly covering with swirling patterns


Throwing Knives
Unarmed combat

Wren never knew her father- a twenty year old billionaire- and grew up in New York foster care. She quickly caught on to the rules of this life: Trust no one. Love no one. You’re on your own. By the time she was four, Wren had been in twenty “homes” and knew just how to get what she wanted. She would pout her lips and bat her eyes and adults and other children alike would fall in love. She knew just how to be innocent, adorable, and manipulative. Wren got special treatment by many officials and the other children hated her for it.
When Wren was six, she started to run away from every house she was placed in. She discarded her days of manipulation in favor of living on the run. She found she could stay out of the public eyes easily and for weeks on end, making up fake names and stories, even as a six year old. This pattern continued until she was nine years old and she ran away. This time she was found, not by foster care, but by a monster. She pulled out the earring that she had had as long as she remembered, although she was not sure why and was shocked when it turned into several knives. She instinctively knew how to use them and killed the monster. After this, a satyr easily found her and she joined the camp.

Relationship Status: Single and flirty

Biggest Fear: Facial disfigurement


Throwing knives

Fighting Skills: She is skilled in street fighting and distance fighting with her knives.

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments Name: Lilyana (Lily) Massey

Gender: Female

Parent: Hades

Birthdate: December 21

Age: 15

Years at camp: 2

Personality: Lilly is strong and powerful. She is full of dark mysteries that she has never told to anyone. She finds it hard to trust the people around her, even if they are her cabin mates or not. She always tries to stay away from large groups, loud noises, and people. Even when she is trying to be nice and talkative, she somehow is able to disappear with out anyone knowing she had gone.

She is usually quiet. She loves listening to music, particularly rock and punk, but she doesn't mind listening to any other. She doesn't ever really listen to other people when they warn her or try to tell her what to do. She usually only listens to her gut, but she often gets the feeling of her gut mixed up with the thoughts in her head. She is cursed. This curse allows the air around her to change based on her mood.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Pale white
Eye color: bright blue
Body type: slender
Markings: a scar on her left hand that is covered by a black leather glove

Weakness: -Fighting with swords
-Being able to trust other people
-Bging surrounded by large groups

Strengths: -Her curse
-Her bow and arrows
-Her ability to stay hidden or escape without anyone noticing

Biography/Background: Lilly's mom was killed when she attempted to travel around the world. She was killed in Europe by a mob of angry people. Lilly ran away when the police tried to take her to the orphanage. She didn't want to live there, especially when she knew she was daughter of Hades. When she had ran away she stole a boat and basically spent three years out on the ocean and in different countries. She was cursed one day although she does not know who or what had cursed her. She was accused of getting her revenge on the people who had killed her mother, but to be honest she couldn't remember that ever happening.

From that day one she has found herself to zone out a lot and end up traveling to different places without her knowing. Then one day she found the camp and cautiously walked inside only to find herself be put into the Hades cabin. There at the camp she had found out what her curse was and it was that based on her mood, the atmosphere could change from tense and tight when she was mad, loose and peaceful when she is happy, and dense and humid when she is sad. She also learned that somehow along the way to the camp, she had fought several monsters and some had given her a scar in her left hand. Since she had been at camp, she hardly ever talks to people because she doesn't want to hurt them if she zones out (yet another thing she learned was that if she zoned out, she could be quit dangerous).

Relationship: Single

Fear: Hurting the people she cares about

Weapons: black hair pins that turns into arrows and a black Rose locket necklace with a small clip on the inside that can change it to a bow.

Fighting Skills: Lilly is known as one of the best archers in the camp. She can shoot an arrow almost a hundred feet away, yet somehow manage to hit the center of her target. She is ok with fighting with swords, but she finds it harder and in the end she finds more scrapes and cuts on herself than on the practice targets.

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