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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
(Place character formats here after filling them out; a MOD will then critique and approve them. Once they are approved, move them to the approved tab, and you may begin to RP. Thanks)

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Name:Sophia (but everyone calls her sophie unless they're exasperated with her)

Parent: (Godly Influence)Poseidon

Birthdate: (MM/DD/)October 25

Age: 14

Years at Camp:A few months, she's new

Personality:She's super sarcastic and witty. She's also cocky and confident (but not overly confident) and when someone (for example) compliments her she'll say something like of "of course, what did you expect."(okay maybe she's a little over confident) She also hard core.[wow this is hard] However she can be sweet, but she has a hard time trusting anyone. She infuriates anyone and everyone and she doesn't mind. She prefers to be by herself and wants to always come out on top. She also hates guys who think she can't be[hmmm how do I say this] awesome (?). She jokes around a lot. All adults/serious people tend to stay exasperated at her. She's also a trouble maker and doesn't like to follow rules. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants and doesn't care what other people think of her. [ have you guys read half blood by jennifer l armentrout she's sort of like alex] She isn't a loner but she doesn't have a lot of good friends. She tends to stay on her own and doesn't want to get attached to anyone person. She doesn't hate people and she likes attention but isn't someone who needs to be in a clique. She's also someone people tend to remember everyone knows who she is but no one really knows her[deep down inside :)]. She does exactly what others tell her not to do just to piss them of. But she's also thoughtful and smart. She's clever and thinks things through most of the time unless someone she loves is threatened. She's more comfortable around guys than girls and she sort of a tom boy. She doesn't have the same interests as most girls her age and prefers sports over shopping any day. She also prefers the outdoors. (Hiking, swimming, duh, in lakes or ocean preferably, etc)She likes being out in the open and settles and argument with fists and well placed insults. People tend to think this is funny unless they are the ones getting insulted. She can make you feel as insignificant as a worm when she wants to and always has something sarcastic and/or snarky to say back to you. She's also really restless [even for a half blood:)] and likes to keep up and moving.
Height: 5'8"
Weight:I don't know how much do you usually weigh if you're 5'8"?
Hair colour: dark brown a few shades lighter than black
Skin colour:Hmmm a slight tan
Eyes:Silver eyes
Body type:What do you mean? Lean and slightly muscular I guess
Pitch of voice:*low whistle*(so many questions) alto
Distinguishable markings:She has one forest green, one gold streak and one silver streak of hair all three of them on her right side
(view spoiler)
[about the pic, remember she had a forest green, gold and silver streak of hair on the right side and her eyes are a little lighter:)]
Weaknesses: Fire and tends to distrust everyone. Also afraid to become attached to anyone because she's afraid they'll hurt her or leave.

Strengths: cross country running and sprinting. she's quick on her feet and agile

Biography/Background: Sophia was born in california.(no people, california is not all surfing and beaches. Someone once asked me if in california we surf to school. The answer us no people. How do you surf to school anyways?) A month before she reached camp her house burned down and she barely escaped with her life. Ever since then she's been on the run. While at the beach she met a satyr who after realizing that sophie was a half blood told her what she was and led her to camp half blood. She grew up in the city, no where near any large bodies of water so she had no idea she was different other than her dyslexia and adhd. She had a childhood friend(they were super close he was like an older brother to her. he's also pretty much the only person sophie has ever depended on) that was also killed in the fire. His name was Trevor and this is also part of the reason she pushes everyone away so they can't hurt her.(sad I know). She's always been pretty independent and doesn't like having to be dependent on others. Ever since she's arrived at camp she's been staying in the hermes cabin. She hasn't found out she's Poseidon's daughter yet. Her mom had no idea that *cough* Jack/Poseidon was a god. She also had a brother. She has always been a trouble maker and talks back to her teachers other than her half blood dyslexia and ADHD she was always smart without trying. She also plays guitar (classical, not pop or anything). Her brother was a year younger than her. Her mom was always busy and never home so sophie practically raised him by herself with the help of Trevor her best friend. Trevor was sweet and always super nice to sophie even with her attitude. He didn't put up with sophie's attitude. The rest of her family died in the fire. She still feels the pain of her family but she doesn't let it get her down, instead she lets it motivate her comforting herself with the fact that they would want her to live her life to the fullest(that sounds cheesy ehhh)

Relationship Status:Single I guess.

Biggest Fear: Fire. the Hephaestus kids tend to make her unease. her house burned down with her family(mom and brother. In the same fire her best friend Trevor was killed. Since then she's been on the run then she found the camp!)

Weapons:She had a dagger with simple hilt that she keeps on her at all times. (view spoiler)

Fighting Skills: Prefers to fight hand in hand combat and/or with daggers. She's not good with bow or swords but she can throw daggers/knives well.

Other:She tends to swear a little so beware. She also has a bad bad sweet tooth. She likes all baked goods and she will all but die to get her hands on a cookie :).

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Just a heads up, I'd like to keep all the formats the same, so please add appropriate HTML and spacing! Thanks!

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Are they approved?

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
No. They need to be formatted correctly. I haven't even read them yet :p

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I can't fix it until after I get back in like 7 hours.

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
It's okay. We need more people before we start anyways. No rush, just do it when you can. Also I'd like to remind that this is an advanced role play . The characters should be a little more in depth than what I'm seeing.

message 10: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
And remember godly weapons must be approved.

message 12: by Xavier (new)

Xavier Lee | 2 comments Name: Xavier Lee

Gender: Male

Parent: Hermes (Godly Influence)

Birthdate: July 2 (MM/DD/)

Age: 14

Years at Camp: First Year

Personality: Xavier is classified as scene t his alternative school. He listens to hardcore and indie rock. He loves music and knows how to play many instruments. He loves to run. It is one of his favorite things before he was kicked out of school he was on the cross country team. He is not very strong. Hes not that smart either. at school he earns solid C-s .He is a social introvert. This is why he was diagnosed with severe social anxiety. He is also diagnosed with ADD and as a result He is very reckless when it comes to choices. He doesn't like to think things through he just follows his gut. This has caused him to get into trouble many times. His greatest strength is stealth and distraction. He is an expert pickpocket and his mastering of the art of distraction has made him a great magician. His fatal flaw however, is Curiosity. If someone tells Xavier not to do something, his first instinct is to do the opposite. This would explain the number of occasions that Xavier has found himself in trouble.


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 100 Lbs.
Hair colour: Brown with black streaks
Skin colour: Olive
Eyes: Solid Black
Body type: Slender
Pitch of voice: Mid Range
Distinguishable markings: . He has gauges in his ears sized approximately at 1/2 an inch. (Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.)

Weaknesses: . He doesn't like to think things through he just follows his gut. This has caused him to get into trouble many times. His fatal flaw however, is Curiosity. If someone tells Xavier not to do something, his first instinct is to do the opposite. This would explain the number of occasions that Xavier has found himself in trouble.

Strengths: His greatest strength is stealth and distraction. He is an expert pickpocket and his mastering of the art of distraction has made him a great magician.

Biography/Background: Xavier’s mom is Xalia Lee. Xavier's mom is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Of course Xavier is proud of that. His mom has one of the lamest jobs ever. But not to Xavier. She's a mail lady. Xalia often tells Xavier of the excitement of the postal service. Xavier loves to hear these stories. His mom is the one who got him hooked on his favorite hobby. Stamp collecting.
Xavier is a very interesting individual. He remembers the first time he was found in trouble very well. It was around fourth grade when his class took a trip to a museum. He was supposed to stay with the rest of the group but went over to the bones of a dinosaur. It was some type of raptor but what was strange is that one of the "bones" was metal and pointy. So he grab it and the whole Dino fell down. The security guard rushed over and starting asking a bunch of questions like why and what possessed you to do this. The guard his teacher the students all started yelling at him and all the while he kept trying to tell them that he wasn't holding a bone he was holding a sword. No one believed him and he was then kicked out of school. We could go down a list of similar encounters but we won't. Lets just say from all of the occurring situations he knew that there was something different about him. Xavier is now in an alternative school . He has no friends there except for a guy named Nicholas Safrit. Nicholas has super long hair and is at the school for being a distraction at regular school. See Nicholas has Tourette's. He will often make bleating noises when he gets Nervous or scared. So both of them having no friends eventually brought them together and they've been the best of friends ever since. As for Xavier's dad he doesn't remember meeting him although his mom insists that his father was there for a small portion of Xavier's life. His mom always tells him that his father was a very important man but never told him what it was exactly that he did. The only thing that Xavier ever had from his father was a letter sent from a placed called Half-blood Hill. On the outside we're instructions not to open until his twelfth birthday. When he did he found instructions on how to find the new "camp" he would be going to. Apparently Nicholas had met Xavier's father before because it said that Nicholas would help Xavier get there. On the bottom of the letter was the one thing that he has always wanted to hear from his "father". 'I love you'.

Relationship Status: Single

Biggest Fear: Xaviers biggest fear is the fear of being useless.

Weapons: A Box cutter that he thought his mom used at the Post office. When the black clip is slid upward, It transforms into a sword Named “Adamantine” Or “Unbreakable” In English. It is the same sword Hermes gave to perseus.
Fighting Skills: Speed, Stealth, and Agility


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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Rosalind is APPROVED.

Sophia needs a picture and then she'll be good. Keep it in a spoiler though! ;)

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Barry wrote: "Rosalind is APPROVED.

Sophia needs a picture and then she'll be good. Keep it in a spoiler though! ;)"

I have a pic :)

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Xavier Lee | 2 comments Am I approved?

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments There, I fixed mine, am I approved?

message 17: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
You didn't fix it Spencer. It needs to be in proper HTML formatting, and you need to add a LOT more on personality. Also, put the picture in a spoiler.

Xavier... Again fix the HTML. If you need a reference, look at one of the approved characters for a guide.

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Sophia is Approved!

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments My spoiler doesn't work!

message 20: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
<.spoiler> ***** <./spoiler> (Delete the periods.)

message 22: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Spencer, did you actually use the provided format? Or did you just sorta make your own? I think at this point it might be faster to restart with the right format...

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Aww... But I can't see the actual format

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments I dont know!?

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Go to the format tab!

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments I need to go and I can't be back on for a few days, but I'll try to find it while I can

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments Name: Lilyana (Lily) Massey

Gender: Female

Parent: Hades

Birthdate: December 21

Age: 15

Years at camp: 2

Personality: Lilly is strong and powerful. She is full of dark mysteries that she has never told to anyone. She finds it hard to trust the people around her, even if they are her cabin mates or not. She always tries to stay away from large groups, loud noises, and people. Even when she is trying to be nice and talkative, she somehow is able to disappear with out anyone knowing she had gone.

She is usually quiet. She loves listening to music, particularly rock and punk, but she doesn't mind listening to any other. She doesn't ever really listen to other people when they warn her or try to tell her what to do. She usually only listens to her gut, but she often gets the feeling of her gut mixed up with the thoughts in her head. She is cursed. This curse allows the air around her to change based on her mood.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Pale white
Eye color: bright blue
Body type: slender
Markings: a scar on her left hand that is covered by a black leather glove

Weakness: -Fighting with swords
-Being able to trust other people
-Bging surrounded by large groups

Strengths: -Her curse
-Her bow and arrows
-Her ability to stay hidden or escape without anyone noticing

Biography/Background: Lilly's mom was killed when she attempted to travel around the world. She was killed in Europe by a mob of angry people. Lilly ran away when the police tried to take her to the orphanage. She didn't want to live there, especially when she knew she was daughter of Hades. When she had ran away she stole a boat and basically spent three years out on the ocean and in different countries. She was cursed one day although she does not know who or what had cursed her. She was accused of getting her revenge on the people who had killed her mother, but to be honest she couldn't remember that ever happening.

From that day one she has found herself to zone out a lot and end up traveling to different places without her knowing. Then one day she found the camp and cautiously walked inside only to find herself be put into the Hades cabin. There at the camp she had found out what her curse was and it was that based on her mood, the atmosphere could change from tense and tight when she was mad, loose and peaceful when she is happy, and dense and humid when she is sad. She also learned that somehow along the way to the camp, she had fought several monsters and some had given her a scar in her left hand. Since she had been at camp, she hardly ever talks to people because she doesn't want to hurt them if she zones out (yet another thing she learned was that if she zoned out, she could be quit dangerous).

Relationship: Single

Fear: Hurting the people she cares about

Weapons: black hair pins that turns into arrows and a black Rose locket necklace with a small clip on the inside that can change it to a bow.

Fighting Skills: Lilly is known as one of the best archers in the camp. She can shoot an arrow almost a hundred feet away, yet somehow manage to hit the center of her target. She is ok with fighting with swords, but she finds it harder and in the end she finds more scrapes and cuts on herself than on the practice targets.

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Allie Smoak | 4 comments Name: Annalia Simpson

Gender: Female

Parent: Zeus

Birthdate: 7/13

Age: 16

Years at Camp: 2

Personality: Annalia is sort of... well... I guess you could say spoiled. Not to such an extreme sense as to call her a "brat", but she can come off a little strong sometimes. She has always gotten what she wanted, but also understands what it is to not. She is really oblivious and sometimes comes off as air-headed or 'blonde', but she really doesn't care. She can hold her own in a fight and that's all that matters here. She is very good at making friends, simply because she uses her popularity to make them, but once she trusts someone she lets them past her outer wall and really opens up to them.

Once she does, Annalia is really a very deep, loving person; who cares deeply for those around her. She really wants all to be okay, but not at the expense of her own pride or dignity. She has a hard time opening up to people, but when she does they see her through new eyes. All in all, Annalia is a very hard person to read, because the first impression she sends is that she is a "princess", but after you get to know her, she can surprise you. She really is a down to earth girl who just wants to be happy; she just doesn't always know the right path to get there. With a little help a guidance, and the right friends, Annalia could be an exceptional young lady.

(view spoiler)
Height: 5 6"
Weight: 121
Hair colour: White; Long; Strait
Skin colour: Pale; Fair
Eyes: Almond; Grey
Body type: Small
Pitch of voice: High; Soft
Distinguishable markings: Her ears are pierced multiple times, and she has a tattoo of lightening bolt on her abdomen.

Weaknesses:~ She can't swim
~ She's oblivious

~ Stealth
~ Battles
~ Lightening

Biography/Background: Annalia was born into a wealthy household, run by her mother Elizabeth who worked for a local applied sciences division of NASA. She also lived with her grandmother and a maid, and was essentially raised by them and her mother's pay check. Annalia attended the finest schools, despite her ADHD and Dyslexia, and was able to stay mainly because of her families "generous" donations to the school, but she knew it was really just her mother sleeping with the dean.

She was finally forced to leave the school when it was visited by none other than Hade's furies themselves visited the school, and nearly killed Annalia who was saved by her protector, a Satyr named Yvan. As the two ran to Camp, Yvan was killed just before entering, and Annalia barely made it through the barrier, and realized that her life was about to change drastically. She has been at camp for two years now, only going home for brief intermission to see her family. She has never been on any quests, but wants to desperately. She has never met her father in person, but he has spoken to her in dream once, and when she woke, her daggers were next to her bed.

Relationship Status: Single; But she's crushing someone.

Biggest Fear: Hades & His Children

Weapons: Dual wield Dagger's of Zeus; When they are not weaponized, they are disguised as two bolt shaped copper bands that she wears around her wrists.
(view spoiler)

Fighting Skills: Annalia has particularly abnormal skill when it comes to her daggers, and can hold her own against almost anyone. She is known throughout camp for her abilities, but then again; can't shoot a bow to save her life.


(( I'm not finished yet!))

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Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Name: Théo Williams

Gender: Male

Parent: Hades

Birthdate: July 18

Age: 14

Years at Camp: 4


Height: 5'3
Weight: 198
Hair colour: black
Skin colour: tan
Eyes:brown with gold rims
Body type: muscular
Pitch of voice: not too deep, but a little bit
Distinguishable markings:
he has a slight limp in his right leg


Strengths: Théo can hide in shadows very well, mostly because of his ability, but still. He is a son of Hades and so he is considered very powerful and he can see dead sometimes if he needs to


Relationship Status: None

Biggest Fear: Théo is afraid that he will lose everyone he knows and loves, he will lose evreything dear to him, he knows that this wil never happen but that doesn't comfort him.

He has a magical bracelet that turns into a shield when needed and a sword that can change into different things, like a metal bow or brake in half to be two knives. It can even turn into a motorcycle and stuff

Fighting Skills: He uses his duel knives in close combat but can't punch or hit very hard. He can turn into a shadow pretty much, he can be felt but not seen nor heard, he can also talk to ghosts like most of the sons of Hades

I'll be back later

message 31: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Annalia is APPROVED!

message 32: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Spencer, that is the right format!! YAY :)

message 33: by Allie (new)

Allie Smoak | 4 comments Coolio!

message 35: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Once your character is ready, We'll have enough to start! Remember everyone to invite friends!

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Ok, and I've invited about 8 people already

message 37: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Good! Bonus points for you!

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Yay! None of them have joined yet though...

Spencer {Lee/Simon/Mad Hatter} (SpencerLeeFletcher) | 19 comments Yay! None of them have joined yet though...

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments Barry is my character Lilliana (Lilly) approved?

message 41: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Fix the format please! Sorry, for organizational purposes, the format has to be the same on all characters. Please see approved charries, and make the html match. I like the info you have though! Other than HTML you're good.

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments Thanks! Ok, I think I have fixed though I am not too sure. Please tell me what I am missing if I haven't gotten it right again.

message 43: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
The Bolding on the headers

message 44: by Julia (new)

Julia which is just this, without periods:
<.b>word(s) here<./.b>

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments It won't allow me to do boldings, partly because I'm on the app. But I have tried on the internet and maybe it's because I'm on an I pad or something but it doesn't show that I can make any words bold. Is there anything I can do to make look better? Parenthesis? Idk.

message 46: by Barry (new)

Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Hmmm... Okay. I'll let it slide. You're approved. But if you get somewhere you CAN fix it, will you?

Midnight Rose -Just Another Lost Soul {Does It Matter Who I Really Am Inside?}- | 202 comments Of coarse. My mom won't let me on the computer (it's her homework/ work computer) but if I have time at school or at a library I will defiantly try! Thanks!

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod
Alright Thanks!

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Barry Black | 76 comments Mod

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