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The old building was was starting to fall apart on the inside, most of the seats had been pulled up to make room on the floor and a warm fire had been started in the center of the floor that never seemed to go out. The top floor was mostly used for food, laundry, and other things of the sort. Empty rooms were used for bedrooms and storage. The lower floor was rather large, being connected to several underground tunnels running throughout the city. This floor was used mostly for peace and quiet, as most people found the bottom floor creepy and stayed away from it.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Ian sat in the bottom floor, absentmindedly fiddling with some useless little statue he had found. It looked like one of those wooden toy soldiers they would have had back in the 1800s. Letting out a sigh, he tossed the figurine across the room and laid his head against the cold wall, his mind recollecting the events that had taken place over the last seven years of his life. After a while, he just shook his head and smirked slightly.

Toby was on the center area of the building, laying on the floor while silently playing with a tattered old stuffed bear he'd found a few days earlier. He glanced around at everybody in the room before focusing back on the bear.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin looked around the room. Everyone seemed to be doing things on their own. Ian was sitting in the corner... Little Toby was playing with a worn-out stuffed bear.

She smiled a bit, then stood up. In her hand was a tattered copy of a book. No one there had read a book in a while, but she had bought a copy of "The Hobbit" from a shabby bookstore with some money that she had found on the street in the outside world.
"I have a surprise for you all," she said quietly.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Ian looked up at Aislin and smiled a bit, thinking of how much she cared about every person in there. He shifted in his position, leaning forward while watching everybody crowd around her. He waited for her to reveal her "surprise."

Aislin had peaked Toby's interest as he was already scooting towards her while tilting his head to the side. "What is it?" He asked her softly, hugging the teddy bear as he did so.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin smiled a bit, then brought her hand out from behind her back.

She raised an eyebrow dramatically. "Behold... that strange wonder known as... the Book!"

She nodded at the empty wall. "Soon... I'm going to need some help building a bookcase. If any of you finds an abandoned book aboveground..." -she winked- "... you know what to do. If you like, we can read this book out loud. It's called 'The Hobbit!', and it's about a small, timid, human-like character who goes on a big adventure to defeat a dragon."

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Ian watched as the children murmured softly among themselves in eagerness to hear a story, while the teens and adults were rather silent except for a few groans come from those who had a passionate hate for literature. Standing up, he walked a bit closer towards everybody, though stayed relatively close to the corner he had been in.

Toby quickly raised his hand to ask a question, but didn't bother waiting for his turn to speak as he just blurted out as he usually did. "What's a H-H-Ho..Hoppit?" The boy asked, having difficulty saying the word while not realizing he was pronouncing it wrong.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin heard a mixed reaction. Many seemed to like the idea, and moved closer. Among these were Ian and Toby. Others, however... well, they didn't seem to like it very much.

She beckoned the group to come sit in her corner, figuring that way, the reluctant ones wouldn't have to listen if they didn't want to. "A 'Hobbit'," she told Toby, grinning. "The main character is a 'hobbit'. And don't worry, Toby, you don't have to raise your hand to speak here."

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Toby smiled up at her when she told him this. "Oh...otay." The boy said simply before going over to Aislin's corner and sitting beside her, thinking that the book would have pictures for him to look at.

Ian moved over and sat near the corner, deciding that listening to the story beat sitting alone. He didn't know much about 'The Hobbit' but he could remember seeing the movies years earlier but that's about it.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin opened the book and began to read.

"In a hole in the ground," she began, "there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort."

She thought for a second about their little "hole", and how it meant anything but comfort. Then she grinned at the picture of all of them as hobbits.

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((I'm sorry it takes me forever to reply >_<))

Toby leaned in as he listened to the story, his eyes wide as he listened to the story, thinking of how cool it would be to be a Hobbit living in a hole. Then it hit him. They lived in a hole, and it really was nice. "Wait," The little boysat up straighter and slapped his half on the page. "Wait! Awe we Hobbits?" The boy looked up at her with curiosity and wonder.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments (('S fine! I kind of have to go, though. It's 2:00 a.m. for me. xD))

Aislin looked down, smiling at Toby. "We could be, if you like," she told him, winking. She looked at him with a soft light in her eyes. When she had first read this book... she had always imagined that she herself was a hobbit as well, going on her first adventure with Bilbo and the Dwarves.

She continued, looking down and tracing the words so that Toby could follow along. "It had a perfectly round door like a porthole, painted green, with a shiny yellow brass knob in the exact middle," she said, describing the door. "The door opened on to a tube-shaped hall like a tunnel: a very comfortable tunnel without smoke, with panelled walls, and floors tiled and carpeted, provided with polished chairs, and lots and lots of pegs for hats and coats—the hobbit was fond of visitors."

She picked up a small piece of paper and a pencil, and began to draw the door and tunnel for Toby, an idea forming in her head. She could make him a picture book.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
The toddler leaned over as he watched her draw a picture, reaching out and pointing at it. "What awe you dawing?" He questioned her, already trying to take the piece of paper out of her hand as he wanted to have a better look at it.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments She finished her sketch, and showed it to him. "This is a hobbit hole," she explained. She pointed out the round door and the shiny brass knob, explaining how it was like the book said.

Then she showed him the inside: the polished chairs, and the coat/hat pegs.

"Do you know why the hobbit had so many pegs?" she asked him.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Toby was silent for a while before shaking his head with a frown on his face as he looked up at the woman. "Because he had a lot of hats?" He guessed, shrugging his shoulders before looking back to the picture and studying it very closely.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember sat huddled in a corner of the underground, bleeding profusely from a cut on her spine, which throbbed achingly as the minuted snarled by. Her hazel eyes swept over everything with the curiosity of a child, but with the savage and wild glitter of a wolf.
She felt beaten, and forced painful memories of her past out of her head. She called herself Ash, and that was how it would be. Ash. Such a sad, melancholic name. Well, it suited her, in some ways.

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((Is she still new to the Undergroun?))

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sᴀʀᴀʜ ((Yep.))

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Ian looked over at one of the corners to see the new girl huddled up by herself, slightly raising an eyebrow at her. He hadn't seen her interact with any of the others the entire time she had been there. Letting out a sigh, he stood up and walked over to where she was, sitting beside her. "Hey, are you okay...?" He asked softly, not yet noticing the blood from her spine.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember hadn't expected anybody to approach her… and in true fact, it quite startled her. She let her eyes flit up to see a man sit next to her as he asked her a question. Observing him through stiff, salt-encrusted eyelashes from hours of silent grief, she gave a small nod. "Yes," she mumbled. "I'm okay."

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Ian studied he girl for a moment before scooting closer to her and smiling slightly. "Just let me know if there's anything you need, I can help." He said with a kind smile that he hoped would show compassion.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin closed her book momentarily. "Toby, hang on a second! I'm going to go say hi to that girl over there. By the way, the hobbit had so many pegs because he loved visitors. The more pegs you have, the more people can come over, right?"

She walked over to Ember and squatted down next to Ember. "Hello there!" she said brightly, sticking a hand. "I'm Aislin. Some people call me Ash."

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember's eyebrows shot up to her hairline at his mention of him being able to help. How did he think he could help? With dark sorcery that could bring back the dead? The thought of it made her scoff inwardly. But she simply replied with a 'thank you' of the same dynamic as before. She gave the woman who approached her a small grim smile, but didn't take the hand. "Hello. They call me Ash as well." She involuntarily shifted her position slightly but winced as subtly as she could as she felt her movements tug at the cut on her spine.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin smiled. "Cool!" Then she noticed Ember wincing. Her eyebrows raised in concern. "Are you alright?" she asked, worried.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember nodded. "I'll be fine," she lied. "It's nothing," she mumbled. She frowned down at the floor, and the grim smile faded from her lips.

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"It doesn't seem like you're fine." Ian sated with a all frown on his face as he looked over the girl, feeling rather bad for her. She had nobody to talk to about any problems, and he knew exactly what that felt like.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember looked up at his face and sighed. "I will be. Eventually," she mumbled into her jacket and drew her knees closer to her chest.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin kneeled down. "Are you sure about that?" she asked, in a skeptical tone. "Let me see." She began to peel away a bit of her jacket.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Half of the bottom of the jacket was singed slightly, blackened by fire. Ember scowled at Aislin and tugged her jacket back.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin looked Ember in the eyes. "Please, Ash. I can help you. But only if you want me to..."

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember let her body sag, and it was a sign of defeat. "I-" She fell silent.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin smiled at Ember. "It's your choice, okay?" She didn't want to push her to do anything.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Ember slowly removed her singed jacket. She sighed and a shiver ran down her side. She winced again.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments ((I'm sorry, I have to go! :P ))

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sᴀʀᴀʜ ((Okay!))

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Located somewhere in one if the tunnels that branched off from the main sector sat Ara, her hand was laid absently on her stomach which gave her quite a fearsome snarl. She sighed loudly at this noise, it had been a while since she had last eaten, normally she wasn't a big eater anyway but once it got to a day or so, then it was a sign she needed to eat.

She yawned loudly as she gathered herself to get to her feet, brushing down her newly acquired jeans, despite the fact Ara lived down here she was not willing to look like a tramp, instead she chose to 'borrow' some clothes from the high end shops. She smiled at her stonewashed jeans that hugged the curves of her hips and tightly hugged her calves, she suited these, she had been worried she got a size too small, thankfully she had been mistaken.

She started on her way down the corridor, hearing the occasional chatter from the undergrounds inhabitants, she knew these hallways like the back of her hand after her four year stay. She had seen many of these kids come and go, not that she cared. She finally reached the living area, her eyes met with huddles of kids, some silently keeping warm and others speaking softly, but her eyes were drawn to a particular group, nestled in a corner they were gathered around a small girl, Ara vaguely noticed her as one of the newest additions.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Ian studied the girl for a moment before frowning as he finally made the statement, "Oh...we're gonna need bandages, rubbing alcohol, and..." He looked over to Aislin and raised an eyebrow at her. "Anything else?" He normally didn't have to deal with wounds this bad, as he usually didn't talk to new people.

Ashton looked up and saw Ara enter the toom, his face lighting up with excitement before rushing to his feet. "Awa!" He exclaimed, oblivious to what was happening to the new girl at the moment.

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Ara blinked momentarily when she heard a infantile version of her name being called out, she glanced down to see Ashton jumping to his feet, she smiled at the young boy. Despite her rougher outer layer Arizona had always had a soft spot for the younger kids, and especially for Ashton, she was incredibly fond of him, perhaps it was his childlike innocence.
"Hey cheeky," she beamed, walking over to the young boy to ruffle his hair with her delicate hand and long fingers.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Ashton giggled happily in his cheerful and chipmunk-like voice as he smiled up at the older girl whom he had come to look up to. "Pway with me?" The child asked her before spinning around in a circle and looking up at Ara once again. Asking people to play with him was what Ashton did most often, usually unable to focus on anything else but having fun, like most kids his own age.

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Arizona laughed at the boys antics, swooping down she scooped him up in her arms to place him easily on her hip, it was clear to many that it was a motion she was well practised with, the younger ones usually took a shining to her, god knows why.

"What do you want to play, trouble?" She asked, frowning as she spotted a smudge of dirt on the boys nose, she licked her thumb absently and whipped it away without thinking about her somewhat mother action, ignoring the dull pain that was concentrated in her abdomen.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
The child, even though he giggled when she rubbed he dirt smudge off his nose, wiped it away and frowned at her before giggling once again. "I dunno...I just wanna pway." Ashton said simply before shrugging his shoulders.

((I gotta go, sorry the post isn't more detailed. Talk to you later :3))

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Colton *AKA Razor* wrote: "Ian studied the girl for a moment before frowning as he finally made the statement, "Oh...we're gonna need bandages, rubbing alcohol, and..." He looked over to Aislin and raised an eyebrow at her. ..."

Ember looked up at the man from where she sat, huddled up, and still in pain. "Rubbing alcohol?" She repeated. "Isn't that… expensive to come by?" She asked quietly. Her voice sounded scratchy in her throat, so she didn't speak louder. Her wound was a scorch line of a 2-degree burn, the flesh burnt and red, oozing out black-red blood.

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Bridgette Tasha, who had been lost in her thoughts, heard someone mention rubbing alcohol from across the room and she perked up, her long dark hair falling into her face as she did so. She believed that she could do more than just hide in this bleak building and play with the children, Tasha wanted to leave the shelter and gather necessities but she was hesitant to do so. If Tasha ever did leave then she would make herself an official list, but for now it was just her mental notes. She quickly made another for rubbing alcohol.

She, not wanting to appear as if she was eavesdropping, took out her long pocket knife from her worn boot and examined the sharp edge.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
ѕαяαн {24601} wrote: "Colton *AKA Razor* wrote: "Ian studied the girl for a moment before frowning as he finally made the statement, "Oh...we're gonna need bandages, rubbing alcohol, and..." He looked over to Aislin and..."

"Kind of, but it's the easiest to steal or buy...but that won't be enough..." He frowned as he continued to study the wound. "I don't know how much we can help you with your burn thohgh..." He stated rather grimly before standing up and glancing around te room one more time. He jad seen some pretty nasty things since he'd gotten there but nothing quite as bad as the girl's burns.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ She smiled unenthusiastically at him, feeling the blood trickled down her side, warm as if it had been heated by a fire. A grim look was in her eyes. "I guess you know now why they call me Ash." She sighed tiredly.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin stood up. "I'm going to go aboveground, okay?" she said confidently. Ash's wound didn't look so good, but she didn't want anyone to get too worried. "I'll find something to help fix that that." She looked over at Tasha. "Will you come with me?" she asked.

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Bridgette Tasha stood and brushed herself off, "Sure. Maybe we could grab some more things while we're out?" Tasha had been waiting for the opportunity to help for a while now and now that she could she felt scared, it was rather dangerous to leave the Underground. She sheathed her knife and walked across the room to where Aislin and Ember were. She glanced down at Ember, "Hey," She greeted Ember, "You gonna be alright till we get back? Want us to grab some aloe vera if we can find any? I've heard that stuff is great for burns."

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin smiled at Tasha. "Yeah, that's a great idea. The aloe vera and medical supplies are first priority, of course... but we could get other things as well." She looked down at Ember again. "We'll be back really soon!" Then she called out to Toby. "Hey, I won't be too long, okay? If you want, you can ask someone else to read to you while I'm gone!" She nodded at Tasha. "Whenever you're ready," she said, a smile masking her worry.

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Bridgette "Lets go." Tasha was anxious to finally do some good. She walked out the door.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Aislin followed her. "We'll come back soon, guys!" She made a mental note to pick up some lumber on the way... to build a bookshelf.

((Move to the streets?))

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments ((Ah nvm. There's no streets topic. xD Erm... what to do. :P)0

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