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Lilo Abernathy (lilo_abernathy) | 31 comments The Light Who Shines
by Lilo Abernathy

The story is placed in an alternate reality in contemporary times where three different breeds of humans exist: regular humans as you and I know them, magically Gifted humans, and Vampires (Dark and Light). The culture is strife with tension as these three breeds deal with a bloody history and lingering hate. The heroine is a paranormal inspector named Bluebell Kildare (a.k.a. Blue) who was born with the gift of being a sensitive. As the story moves forward, she begins to learn there is a little more to her power then she originally thought. The story starts out at the scene of the crime where a teenage boy was horrifically tortured and murdered. The plot follows the investigation of that crime and unfolds from alternating first person perspectives of the heroine (Bluebell Kildare) and hero (Blue’s boss, Jack Tanner). There are a few explicit sex scenes and some detailed descriptions of violence, but the story is not at all a horror or a psychological thriller. It is more of a detective/adventure book, with a lot of action and a good dollop of romance. There are some deeper aspects to this story as the characters begin to explore the nature of good and evil.

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Jason Crawford (jasonpatrickcrawford) | 72 comments It's a good book - check out my review on it!

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Lilo Abernathy (lilo_abernathy) | 31 comments Thanks so much Jason!

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