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Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Any Other Information:

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Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Name: Ian Marsden
Age: He recently turned twenty-three
Personality: Ian is a rather solitary person, preferring to keep to himself as he dislikes most interactions with other people. He is a pretty kind person despite being anti-social, and can be very caring towards others, specifically orphans.
History: Ian Kyle Marsden was born to a middle-class family and for the most part was pretty fortunate growing up. But things went wrong when he went on a camping trio one weekend and came back to discover his girlfriend was missing. Being the number one suspect, he panicked and fled town, disappearing off the face of the Earth. He spent a month living off any money he had with him before he left, but eventually he ran out of money and was forced to live on the streets. Finally, after six months, he was found laying unconscious on the ground and was taken to the Underground. He stayed there ever since.
Any Other Information:

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Name: Aislin (Ash) Semara

Age: 34

Appearance: (Face claim: Evangeline Lilly)

Personality: She loves to read, and is very kind and selfless. She will give her life to help others, and will care for anyone who needs a good, happy family.

History: When she was younger, she was shunned by many people in her school, because she was always a wee bit of a loner. Her father would abuse her often. Finally, when she was 15 years old, she ran away. Along the way, she found many other children who had done the same because of their situations. They found an abandoned train station, and eventually she helped to found the Underground.

Any Other Information: She was one of the Founders of the Underground, and often goes above-ground to search for any who need a home.

*Note: Please let me know if you have any problems about her rank in the Underground. I will change it if you wish, and will respect your opinion no matter what.

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Well everything's fine, but the founder part is a bit iffy because in my head I'm picturing the founders as older, around mid-thirties to late forties. But besides that everything's good.
And that's my fault, as I should have posted something about that somewhere.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments I shall change her to 34 years of age. ^U^

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
Oh, gotcha. And thanks ^_^ I'll probably add another character eventually.

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Evelina (EvelinaOfTheElves) | 47 comments Awesome! I specifically wrote that it was her and some other friends who founded it; that way, lots of people can be founders. :)

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 60 comments Mod
That's cool :)

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Kassandra Patti Name: Amelia Lawrence
Nickname Lia

Age: 21


Hair colour: Light brown hair
Eyes: Dark green eyes
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Build: Lean, muscular

Personality: Amelia is the opposite of what she is supposed to be after all she went through. She's very outgoing and happy about everything. She likes to be the center of attention. She shows off her body a lot. She's sarcastic and likes to drop jokes a lot. She's a tease, she likes to flirt a ton!

History: Amelia was born to two parents a drug dealer dad and a drug addict mom. Her mom died a few days after she was born from a drug OD. Her dad developed a small anger issue which made him lose most of his clients. He then turned to the small and delicate Amelia at the young age of 9. Her dad was going to wait until Amelia had turned at least 12 but he found out people would pay more if the girl was younger. She was forced into child prostitution. She was abused and used by older men and her dad until she was 14 years old. She would go to school and pretend like everything was okay keeping up with her social status at school. Finally at the age of 14 she decided that that's when she finally ran away and found the Underground people who took her in and she finally felt like she was going to be okay.

Any Other Information: She has this tattoo on her side
She has this one on her left shoulder blade.

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