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The Last Detective (Elvis Cole, #9)
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Kristin Tabaka | 15 comments I can't decide whether I like Starkey or not. I mean I know she was originally on the bomb squad and doesn't really want to be a detective, but I kind of feel like she's a bit useless. Sure Elvis probably has a lot more insight on the kidnapper, but I feel like she's not trying all that hard to be useful. Ugh, but Richard's way worse.

The chapter about Elvis' mom was messed up. I kept wondering why it had taken so long for someone to call child services. I can almost understand why her family would be reluctant to, but with all the places they stayed, you'd think one person would have the decency to realize that a six year old child was practically living by himself. I was also curious as to why he kept the name. It didn't seem like his mother would have had the presence of mind to have it legally changed. I mean telling all his classmates to call him Elvis doesn't exactly set it in stone.

I was kind of hoping after hearing the back story of Vietnam that we would have some sort of clue as to who's behind this. I thought maybe there was some way he could have been wrong about something. But I'm pretty sure all those dudes are dead for sure. So what the fuck is happening?

My favorite part of the book so far was about the middle of chapter 14 when Starkey is telling him to go home and sleep. She compares it to how on airplanes they tell adults to put on their own oxygen masks first. I was like finally! Someone said it. I mean by this point Ben had been missing for about 44 hours and he'd been up longer than that. I remember doing relay for life and being awake for 24 hours was awful. Even with a boatload of caffeine I was essentially useless by the time the sun came up. Granted he's got a bit more of a reason to keep going, I just don't understand how he can even stand by this point.

Kerri (switch842) | 19 comments One of the more interesting moments for me is when Elvis makes the comment that the kidnapper seems to be more just acting angry, but isn't actually angry. Is that true? Is Elvis reading into things? Does the sleep deprivation have him grasping at straws?

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