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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 5961 comments Mod

message 2: by Gamzee Trash (new)

Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Luna walked in with Robin with a smile. "Let's dance. "

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Hope came in behind John. The finance was breathtakingly beautiful obviously a lot of work had been put into it.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Yeah" she wrapped her arms around his neck.

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"I guess so" Hope said nervously it had been years since she had danced.

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"Don't blame me f I step on your feet" Hope chuckled

message 7: by Gamzee Trash (new)

Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "An you're handsome. " she giggled, swaying with him.

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Hope nodded. And danced with John to the music.

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Hope wrapped.her arms around his neck.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Not true! I love you because you are so sweet, silly, kind, and innocent" she kissed his nose.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 553 comments ((hey, are Za-Za and I able to start our own RP?))

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Za-za | 5023 comments Blaire walked towards the dance floor and tried - and failed - to covertly look for Luke without it being completely obvious.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 553 comments Luke rushed in thinking he was late. He looked for Blaire and when he found her he ran to her. "Happy Valentines Day," he said giving her a kiss

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Hope looked at him, her eyes were changing again now they were a soft golden colour. "So....You like to dance?" She asked. 'John is handsome' She thought

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Luna smiled. "Give more reasons. I thought you loved me for my muscles. " she smiled

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Za-za | 5023 comments In her defense, Blaire didn't punch him again when he crept up on her this time. It was purely reflex when she stepped on his foot and pulled a dagger from her dress. When she realized it was Luke, she inwardly winced at her constantly terrible greetings. "Sorry!"

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Elmina | 10551 comments ((Za-za, outside of camp?))

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Hope shook her head. "Camp has everything, what next a football stadium?" She asked laughing

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) She smiled and rest her head on his chest.

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 553 comments He was surprised. "Wow, what was that for?" he asked. "And since when do you keep a knife in your dress?" he asked.

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Za-za | 5023 comments ((Gtg :( ))

"That was me being startled by some guy coming up and kissing me out of nowhere, and as for the knife thing, well, it's a long story." she replied. "How about a redo?"

Travis {Ποια λύκος θα ταΐζετε ;} | 553 comments ((WHAT?!?!?!? SO SOON?!?!?! :())

He chuckled. "Well, ok on the story. And sure a redo." he said. "My name is Luke and you are very beautiful. Happy Valentines Day."

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Hope smiled and kissed him back. "I love you to"

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "I love you so much..." She looked up at him.

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❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments Meg an London walked into the dance. I really hope I don't trip

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"Just follow my lead okay?"

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments "Right, follow your lead" Meg said looking up at him smiling

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He pulled her close. On hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments She wrapped her arms around his neck "I'm glad you asked me to come"

((Gtg night!))

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He smiled. "Me too..." He whispered


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Hope smilde happily.
((Gtg, brb in 3 hours))

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Drake walked in just a moment later. He looked at her and gave her a devilish grin. "You're looking beautiful. Care to dance?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Drake smiled and put his hand around her waist. "This time, I tried." he whispered. "I guess it worked, didn't it?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Thank you." he said, moving slowly to the music. "I'll take that as a compliment."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) He looked straight back into her eyes. "What's so funny?" he asked.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Drake was surprised at first and stiffened but then he slowly relaxed again. He kissed her back softly.

message 38: by Ananya (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I agree." he said. "Definitely." he smiled back down at her.

message 39: by Ananya (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) Drake laughed. "Well, you're feeling really excited tonight." he said. " I guess it shall be mine since it's less crowded."

Sierra walked into the dance floor and saw Drake. She frowned and walked over to him.

((Thinking of adding some drama. You okay with it?))

message 40: by Ananya (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((Me too. I hope it turns all right in the end))

Drake groaned and moved away from her. "Remember the girl who I said ditched me?" he whispered. "That's her."

Sierra marched over to them and glared at Drake. "What do you think you're doing?"

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) She pulled away. "Stop it. I want to dance, not make out in public" she grumbled, turning away from him.

message 42: by Ananya (new)

Ananya (ananyashenoy) "You said you were going with me!" Sierra's blonde hair whipped around her face and sh glared at Nat. "You broke up with me!" Drake said moving away from Nat so that they wern't touching anymore.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "It's okay." Drake said to her. "You don't have to go." Sierra shook her head. "Yes she does."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((gtg))

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Fine. " she walked out without him, slightly irritated that he wanted to leave so soon.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Stay here." Drake said. "Please." "You are so pathetic," Sierra spat at him. "Is it one girl a week now? It used to be one a month." Drake paled and looked at Nat.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Nothing." he said quickly. "I swear. It's nothing." "You think too much of yourself." Sierra continued. "Think you have alk the charm."

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Luna turned, crying. "What? What? "

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "It's not what it sounds like." he said. He turned to Sierea. "I didn't break up with you." he said. "You did." "What about the other girl?" Sierra sneered.

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ | 27813 comments ((@ the giggler))

She smiled as they dance around. Meg accidentally stepped on his toes "sorry" she whispered

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