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E M M A The Lake is a popular secret hangout among young teenagers and college students. Hidden near the mountains and forest area, the Lake is not known to many adults. Crazy parties are held here, or secret meetings among groups or gangs.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla walked to the edge of the lake, a small drop to it from a small cliff. She looked around, sighing softly. The lake was beautiful. She was in a black tee as she walked up, shorts on her legs. Under it, she was wearing a very attractive black bikini. It was in the afternoon so it wasn't freezing like in the mornings. She waited for Caleb patiently, walking around a bit.

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Caleb walked towards the edge of the lake. At first he almost didn't come - there was a forecast of a giant rainstorm. However he had decided to come out anyways, since he liked the rain and such. Caleb looked around for Kayla at first not seeing her but then spotted her. He walked behind her and in a low creepy yet sexy voice said "Hello young lady."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla didn't hear him walking up behind her until he started talking. She jumped, looking back at him, "Holy shit, I thought you were some sparkly vampire coming to take me to his fair house." She said her hand on her chest over her heart. "That or I thought you were Buzz from Toy Story." She winked laughing.

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"I'm going to take that as a compliment." he grinned. "Well the vampire part. Not the Buzz...really? Buzz?" He asked her shaking his head. "How is it Buzz?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She laughed shaking her head, "I wouldn't for the sparkly vampire. The vampire part sure, but not the sparkle. And what's wrong with Buzz?" She rose her eyebrow, "And you had a deep voice, and have you heard his Spanish mode!?" She laughed, swooning.

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"Well I'm going to take what I can get." he grinned cheekily. "As for the Buzz question - I'm not sure. Movie?" he asked her knowing that there were several movies out from Toy Story. He knew it wasn't the first one...but maybe the third? Or perhaps it was the second one...

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She rose her eyebrow, "The first Toy Story movie? The space man guy?" She asked laughing a bit, "You poor poor boy." She said sitting down on a rock. "Got the camera by the way?" She asked looking him up and down as if he was hiding it on himself.

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"Yes." he said and showed it from behind him. "You ready? It looks like its going to be rain and I don't want it to get ruined." he explained to her. It was going to rain - he could tell the way the clouds shifted.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She looked up at the sky, smiling wide, "Yeah. To bad cameras aren't water proof." She said. "Well, not that one at least." She said. "And aren't you excited about the rain?" She asked leaning on her hand soon getting up. "So, what are we planning on doing? I get upset with you? Then just jump?"

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"Yeah. I love the rain and am excited. And hey! This camrea was a quick buy!" he protested. "And sure. You just get mad and jump, I start freaking out and then you look like you're dying. Then I'll jump after you, and then we'll end it there. With a cliff hanger."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She nodded a bit, "So just gag a bit, say something has ahold of my leg and then so on ." she said starting to strip off her shirt. She looked over at him, "Keep your eyes in your head and your tongue in your mouth." She teased.

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"I'll do my best." he winked. "And all right. I think I'll be able to pull that off." he said and went to set up the camera so it could get the proper angels. After a few moments he had gotten it to be as close to perfect as possible and turned his attention back to Kayla

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla was now fully in her bikini, feeling totally weird not fully clothed. She didn't mind it all that much, but not being covered with her back was making her uneasy. She didn't turn away from Caleb. He had seen only her shoulder, buy not her whole back which had a lot more on it.

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Caleb nodded. "Fight, then jump?" he asked her. He was wearing a simple t-shirt that could easily be taken off need be. "Shall I also take off my t-shirt for our viewers." he said with a twinkle in his eye.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments "We're trying to get more viewers, not scare them away." She laughed, walking behind him and studying him. "And that sounds good. We should start out doing something else though, so it looks like it wasn't staged." She said poking him in the side.

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"Oh fine. I suppose my amazingness is too much for them to handle yet." he said shaking his head in mock disappointment. He knew that she was kidding, but heck he may as well play along. "And all right. What will we be doing?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She smiled, poking his chest next, "get the guy viewers to watch that like guys too." She said, "Fine, guess you can take off your shirt if you're so up for it." Due started thinking, "Maybe we were going to record the storm, saying we have a tarp over the camera. I ask if its on yet then you tell me yeah and walk out. Or maybe you say something rude and bratty."

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"All right. I think I'll be able to pull that off." he replied thinking ahead. "And fine. I guess I'll be able to take off my shirt at one point. Although I'm not sure you'll be able to handle the awesomeness of it."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments "Pretty sure I will." She said walking to the edge and looking down. Heights freaked her out a bit, but she'd be fine soon. She looked back at him, "You'll rip off your shirt to save me." She said again walking to the camera, "Tell me when it's on and to start."

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"All right. I'll rip off my shirt and then first blind everyone with my amazing looks. Then of course they'll remember you." he said with a wave of his hand as if she was nothing more then an unimportant detail. "All right. And...action!" he said as he pressed the button to record.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla glared up at him, "Hey, you might get the hard guys to calm down when seeing you." She smirked stepping back and looking up at the sky. She started right when he said action, "Looks like it's going to be a good one." She said with a smile. She then looks back down, "Did you just turn that on? I don't want to be on camera." She said taking a step back into a tree, almost tripping. "Turn it off." She ordered as if she was being serious but having fun still.

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Caleb shook his head. "I want it to get warmed up before we start recording it." he said refusing to. He walked down toward where she was. "Don't worry the only thing that will happen is that you embarrass yourself on the internet. For people to laugh at you. Again and again..." he trailed off

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla wanted to laugh so hard, clenching her jaw. "I'm pretty sure it would be them laughing at you when you fall off the edge." She put air quotes around fall as if she was going to push him off. "And how would I embarase myself?" She asked, but started freaking a bit out over the camera, glancing over at it as if it waas poison. "Now turn it off!" She said, her voice growing louder, a little pang of rage in it. She was using a tip she learned on the internet. She was thinking of how angry she was with her father when he started a fight with her, not an abuse one either, just one about him not listening to her.

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"No." he stated. "And trust me. If anyone is falling its you." he said with a smirk as if he was one of those annoying friends. "Now smile at the camera." he ordered. Caleb took off his shirt and threw it so it would still be in the shot. "Go fetch girl!" he told her with a smirk pasted on his face. It was actually quite amusing to see her get all mad, even if it was cute.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She crossed her arms, "You know.... Maybe I will be the one that's falling. Go fetch yourself a new friend. She started walking to the edge, "Oh wait, you can't." She jumped after a bit of hesitation, her heart hammering in her chest, before she hits the water hard. She wasn't hurt though. She swam to the top, gasping loudly.

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Caleb gasped with a shocked look on his face. "Kayla!" he screamed and rushed to the edge of the cliff. He looked down and saw her failing her arms as if she was drowning. "Hang on, I'm coming!" he shouted and without a second thought jumped. He landed with a huge splash or rather a crash. He made gagging noises as if he was drowning and looked limp as if he couldn't find or reach her.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla was under the water, looking up where he was. She had sunk a bit from where she usually was. She watched him looking limp. She blinked a few times, starting to swim back up, gasping about five feet away from him. She looked over at him, trying to get the hair that for some reason attacked her face. This time she was actually gagging. She started clawing it away, trying to get it away from her mouth and nose. She was running out of air and this was always pretty freaky. She looked up at him when she could actually see.

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Caleb glanced up to see Kayla actually drowning. Straightening up he rushed over to her and attempted to get her to the other side of the lake so she could breath. "Kayla." he said to her as if she could talk. He was getting seriously worried, all memory of the camera gone.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She held onto his body, trying to claw her hair away, wet hair being hard to get to when your head is filled with freaking out. She sat down when he got her to the side. "I'm fine. I'm fine...." She said as soon as she got it out of her face gasping in a breath. "I'm sorry...." She said biting her lip. "I ruined it." She said. She knew that they could always edit it out, but she was hoping it wasn't to bad. She looked up at him, seeing his worry on his face. Actual worry.

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"Its fine. I can always edit it out or something." he shook his head. "I'm worried about you at the moment." he told her helping her get up. "You okay? Shaky? Do you need me to carry you all the way back?" he asked her with a slight hint of a smile on his face. He didn't mind, he probably could carry her easily back up.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She knew he was serious about the being worried part, but the smile made her question the last. "I really can't tell if you're serious." She said. "And I'm fine." She said, "But next time I'm pulling my hair back so that doesn't happen again." She smiled softly, "You only want to get your hands all over me." She winked.

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Caleb laughed. "Aw dang you caught me. See, you are smart. I underestimated you." he said referring to her last statement. "C'mon, lets get you up there." he said just as the rain began to fall down. He looked up and grinned having the rain platter onto his face. "Ahh."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla looked up, laughing lightly as it did. She tilted her body back, feeling it go over her body. She looked over at him, "We should probably go get the camera before it gets ruined." She smirked. She didn't want all that money to go down the drain.

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Caleb nodded. "Yeah. I don't have any spare money to fork over." he said hiking up towards it. He soon reached it and turned it off. Luckily it wasn't too damaged since they had reached it in time. He put away the camera and turned back to her still shirtless. His shirt was already washed away anyways so it didn't matter much.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla smiled as she hiked back up with him, trying to jump on different rocks as she did, hating the feeling of grass on her feet. She bit her lip, wondering why in the hell didn't she put shoes down there. She looked up at him when they reached the camera. "Is it okay?" She asked raising her eyebrow. She was standing on a rock, seeing as her clothing were gone by now. She didn't want to go back with just a bikini though so this turned out really really sucky in the end. Well, somewhat. The dive was fun.

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"Yeah. Its saved and so is the file." he said. "I can edit and send it to you." he promised her and then glanced at her once more. She did look stunning for lack of a better word in her bikini, and he was a guy. Guys liked it when girls were in bikinis. He shook himself and reminded himself that he was just friends with her. Just friends...

(When shall they kiss?)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((I was thinking he says they should go and she slips on a rock and lands on his chest because he goes to catch her.))

Kayla didn't look down at her clock on her wrists, it being exposed. She smiled over at him, nodding, "Oh yeah, that's good! I'll write down my email when we get into a building of some sort." She laughed. She put her hands around herself, not wanting to turn away from him, still self conchous a bit. She tried to keep her eyes off of him, remembering how close they were when he was saving her from choking on her own hair. He was so warm.... so strong. She couldn't hide the blush that was on her face, glad the hair did it that time. Her heart was beating faster, wishing it would calm down. Nothing would come out of this.... they were just friends, like he said he wanted to be.... He didn't want to care about people.

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((Kay. xD OH and I may have to go to bed soon but I have a snow day tom. so I'll be on. Yay!)

"Sure." he grinned. "Or you could text me it if a paper is too hard." he smirked. He caught her blush and wondered why she was doing so.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Sweet! I won't have a snow day though. TT But I do have Data!))

She nodded a bit, "Alright, and no, writing is not to hard." She stuck her tongue out, going to step on another rock, this one a bit farther. She slipped a bit on it, very close to where he was. "Shiz!" She squeaked as she toppled forward.

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(LOL sorry for the short post, my mom randomly came in and yelled at me to finish so I just hit post and shut down. =/))

Caleb rushed forward to catch her which was not easy since the rain was half blinding him. He finally caught her and held her close to him, his well toned body against her stunning self. He looked at her in the eyes, forgetting about the rest of the world.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((It's fine.))

Kayla blushed and looked up at him, smiling softly. She liked up into his eyes, her blush getting deeper. His body was warm a against the cool rain. She bit the inside of her cheek softly, wondering of what he was going to do. She thought he would probably just push her off of him because they were just... Just friends....

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Caleb smiled as her blushed deepened. The rain was falling heavier now, and he gently reached down to kiss her. Finding her lips he held her tight, but kissed her passionately. He made sure he didn't hurt her in the process, as some guys did. He gently opened his eyes the smallest bit to see her reaction to all this.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla's eyes grew wide wig shock. She didn't pull away, melting into to passion of the kids. She closed her eyes, her hands going up to his shoulder and one light on his neck as she closed her eyes kissing him back. Her kiss was passionate like Caleb's but softer, more feminine. She pulled a bit closer to him, but still at a distance if he wanted to pull away.

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(Aww, Ta-da. Their first kiss, in the rain. ;) ))

Caleb smiled satisfied that she didn't seem to mind. He forgot about the rest of the world and his mind seemed to go rather numb. He allowed his body to take control of everything and pulled her closer to himself.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Yay!!!!))

Kayla giggled as she kissed him a bit more passionately. She moved closer, pulling his face closer to him. She was a bit shorter than he Was which made her stand on her toes.

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"You can stop any time you want." he muttered in between kisses. He held her back, and through the rain he stroked her hair an impulse thing. Realizing that she was standing on her toes he turned around to sit on a rock so that it was an awkward position as he put her in his lap to sit on. He kissed her still in that awkward postion.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Kayla shook her head, "I don't want to...." She sighed her leg lifting behind her, but not like a prissy girl but because she was trying to be taller. When he sat down and pulled her down it got much easier. SheDidn't even care anymore that she was half naked on his lap.

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"All right. But if you want to feel free to." he said. He ran his hands down her back, not judging on how she had scars, or anything. Everyone had scars, some that showed some that didn't. He forgot how he was shirtless, so his entire upper half of his body was bare. He slipped down from her lips to her chin.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments She breathed out holding onto his shoulders letting his lips go along her body wherever. His lips were nice on her face, her heart hammering in her chest. Her hands went to his chest feeling his muscles.

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