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Head counsel: Elsen

message 2: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments Elsen entered.

message 3: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments He plops on his bed staring at the ceiling.

message 4: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments (hi im new u mind filling me in on what to do in this cabin)

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(most likely you chat with the kids of the hades children and you are one of them elijah)

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Elijah | 11 comments k

message 7: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments (How do i bring myself in?)

message 8: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments ((Just walk in))

message 9: by Rania (new)

Rania Vasques (Wolves_Rule) | 2551 comments ((*nod*))

message 10: by Rania (new)

Rania Vasques (Wolves_Rule) | 2551 comments ((You role play in third person with your character.))

message 11: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments Scar walked in afraid and excited at the same time.He searched for his bunk.

message 12: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments "Looking for your bunk? Its over there."Elsen said pointing to the bunk across from him.

message 13: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments "Thanks."He didn't know what else to say,and walked to his bunk dumping his stuff on top.

message 14: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments "Welcome. New here?"

message 15: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments "Yeah,whats your name."

message 16: by Gwen (new)

Gwen (GwenidaughterofAthena) | 632 comments "Elsen."

message 17: by Elijah (new)

Elijah | 11 comments "Nice to meet you"

message 18: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) ((Hey am I aloud to join?))

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message 20: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) ((Okay)) Imperia knocked on the door to her cabin. Imperia waited for someone to answer the door.

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Tristan opened the door "What?"

message 22: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "I'm Imperia," Imperia says, "Daughter of Hades."

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"New kid?" He asked moving out of the way.

message 24: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Imperia walked into the cabin, "You could say that."

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He shut the door "Your bunk is over there." He said pointing to it.

message 26: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Thanks," Imperia says. "So are you going to introduce yourself or what?"

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He sighed "I'm Tristan."

message 28: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Nice to meet you, Tristan. So how many Hades children are there?

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"I don't know." He said sitting on his bunk

message 30: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "I meant that live here."

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

"Probably about seven counting me and you."

message 32: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Okay dad has been a busy man, well god, I guess," Imperia says and smiles while she turns to put some if her things away.

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He grabbed his laptop

message 34: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Doesn't being in electronics attract monsters?"

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"The Hephaestus cabin fixed that." He said without looking up.

message 36: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Cool, I guess, I wouldn't know."

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He didn't want to carry on the conversation but he wanted to know. "How long have you been at camp?"

message 38: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "A few weeks ago," Imperia said.

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He nodded "So you just got claimed?"

message 40: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "No, I was claimed the night after I got here," Imperia says.

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"That's nice it took him a year to claim me."

message 42: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "I'm sorry about that, then again dad had to claim me soon because I already knew he was my father."

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"How?" He asked

message 44: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "My mom told me a few years ago before she died."

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message 46: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Yeah, I've been living on my own since she died."

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"I've experienced that before." He said remembering when his mom died.

message 48: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) "Haven't we all?" Imperia mumbled.

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He turned around so she couldn't see the tears in eyes.

message 50: by Joya (new)

Joya (hawkrose13) Imperia knew without turning around to look at him that he was probably going to start crying. "Tristan, I'm sorry if I'm making you upset, I do that to every person I talk to about my family problems. I'll just finish putting my stuff away and then leave if you want."

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