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Yelena Bosh Is anyone else excited that Hush, Hush is being made into a movie?! *puts hand up*
Well, I just wanted to see who you think would be a good fit for Patch's character? I still can't decide on a single actor since Patch in my head is different from most actors that come to mind...

So yea, any ideas? :)

Ivana AHHHH!!! When's it supposed to come out ??!! :D

Yelena Bosh Nothing is set yet, not even the main characters but the rights to make a movie have been approved so SOON i hope :) Any ideas on the main characters?

Ivana Drew Roy? This is so hard to think about ! ah! :D How about you? Any ideas?

Yelena Bosh Maybe, he does kinda have the face but I dont know...I always think of Patch as handsome but dangerous/dark at the same time? haha it definitely is hard to decide.. Someone like Ethan Peck when he was younger? Hmmm

Ivana Steven Strait when he was younger would've been a good candidate too. Wade Poezyn (even though he's not an actor? haha)his normal looking pictures not the pouty ones though, haha.

Yelena Bosh wow he is definitely something haha I could see him as Patch for sure! Nolan Gerard Funk? Luke Mitchel? I'm just going through all the "hotties" I have on my pinterest haha

Ivana ooohhhh they are definitely cuuuttee. Possibly any dark good looking(VERY good looking) guy could possibly fit his role haha

Yelena Bosh Definitely! For TMI:City of Bones movie, I didn't really know who Jamie Campbell Bower was but after seeing him in the movie I think he is the perfect Jace so for Patch, we'll have to wait and see I guess :)

Ivana I can't wait for more info to come out !! :D I'm sure they'll get good(good looking)actors !

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!! *squeal* I can't wait for this movie to come out! I LOVED this book.
these are potential patch's :)

Yelena Bosh Haha that was my exact reaction when I first found out! I thought it would never be made into a movie - completely wrong on that part :)) Ohhh I can definitely see a couple of those as Patch [especially the first option]!

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Jan Walters Even though I'm probably older than all of you, I think this is very exciting. Even 60 + women enjoy thinking about who will make a strong lead. I loved reading the series.

Yelena Bosh Of course, and it's great to hear from anyone about their opinion :) Who do you think would be a good Patch?

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Jelena wrote: "Of course, and it's great to hear from anyone about their opinion :) Who do you think would be a good Patch?"

From the link put up? The first third and seventh guy. (actually the matt latner is probably just me :))

Yelena Bosh Yea I like matt lanter too but I kinda picture Patch to be really tall? Like, the height of the first guy or the last one!

Maria I think anyone who has an awesome body and a gorgeous face. The have to at least try to match Patch the best they can!

Katie after browsing through the list in the post above, admittedly for quite a lot longer than necessary I think that ben barnes or ethan peck would make a very suitable patch.... on another note OMFG THEYRE MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!! happy happy happy :D :D :D :D :D

Yelena Bosh @ Maria
Hahah that's true, and maybe acting should be good as well? In some of the book-to-movie adaptations that I have seen, the actors chosen are great in looks but not so much in the acting! I agree with you though, Patch can't be anything other than amazing in the looks area :)

Yelena Bosh @Katie
Omg yes, Ben Barnes for sure!! hehe I know, so freaking excited about this since the first time I heard about the news! Wonder how they are going to do the wings? :D

Lexie Persinger Ian Somerhalder for Patch for sure!! :) He would make a perfect Patch!

He plays Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and he dates 17 year old Elena Gilbert so I think it'll be fine. The picture might not have been the best but go look him up, I swear he is certainly not bad on the eyes;)

Yelena Bosh Omg we'll be one hell of a lucky fan-base if he was cast!! Those eyes...and that smile - PERFECT! How old is he though?

Sönà ian somerhald would be the perfect patch!! (swooon)

Lexie Persinger I know!! :) That would be the only issue because he's like in his early 30's but I think he looks like he's in his 20's from The Vampire Diaries and everything. I think it'll be fine since they do cast adults to teenage roles. He is gorgeous, I hope they cast him!! Especially with his role as Damon in TVD, he is literally the spitting image of Patch;)

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Yelena Bosh I wouldn't complain if Ian was chosen -AT ALL but if they do cast someone younger & with similar physical appearances as Ian then I wouldn't mind either. He just has to have that confident/mysterious/HOT look, that's all I'm hoping for ;)

Maria I know I have already put a suggestion but I was think he else would be perfect to lay Patch would be Keegan Allen. When I was reading hush hush I would just think of Toby from pretty little liars. Even if he has light eyes he would be perfect even tho I love his eyes!!

Yelena Bosh YES!! He is my favourite guy from Pretty Little Liars and I totally forgot to think that he could be Patch. Definitely! Does Patch have brown eyes? If Keegan Allen is considered for the role, I hope they don't use contacts because his blue eyes are AMAZING :) thanks for reminding me about him!

Kayla Jelena wrote: "Definitely! For TMI:City of Bones movie, I didn't really know who Jamie Campbell Bower was but after seeing him in the movie I think he is the perfect Jace so for Patch, we'll have to wait and see ..."


Maria @Jelena He would be perfect wouldn't he!! And yes patch does have browbeat eyes but I think Keegan would still be perfect with those amazing eyes of his!

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