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Katherine (katwithabook) | 6 comments Mod

Katherine (katwithabook) | 6 comments Mod

Dave does phenomenal work promoting literacy and bay area writers. He's the high-water mark for a writer giving back to the community, and we're lucky to have him.

He also wrote The Circle.

Robin (robin_is_reading) | 7 comments Wow. Okay, then. :-) This should indeed be a fruitful discussion. I do so like it when some people love and others despise a book. It all gets smoothed over with good gin.

Robin (robin_is_reading) | 7 comments Say, ladies of publishing, how many of us have now finished this hefty-yet-strangely-weightless tome? Is it time to schedule our meeting?

Frances (frances17) | 3 comments Aye, says I.

kelly (kelly_reads) | 2 comments Yes! Second week of March is the soonest I could meet.

Katherine (katwithabook) | 6 comments Mod
having no better place to share this - an old boyfriend sent me this vid of a very winning gentleman reading a poem. for your enjoyment and ego:

Frances (frances17) | 3 comments That is an awesome video :) Thanks for sharing!!

Robin (robin_is_reading) | 7 comments Love it! Also, guess which former book club book shows up on this crazy list?

Katherine (katwithabook) | 6 comments Mod
HOLY TOAST. thoughts. so many thoughts.

here's another thing:

It looks like folks have mostly finished the book (Leslie, Robin, Frances, Cady, Kelly... can we Skype in Anna and Rachel)?

Do we have a location? I have a friend with Google Glass who may or may not be willing to let me borrow them to #getweird with book club.

Ladies of book club, I am, adoringly, your friend

Leslie (chatongriffes) | 1 comments I don't have a suggestion for a time or a place, I only wanted to chime in that I am SO looking forward to this meeting of book club.

kelly (kelly_reads) | 2 comments Yes to skyping in the non-locals, to ogling Google Glass, to this being a meeting to go down in book club history.

As for place: I feel like bars will be too loud for hearing Skypers. I can volunteer our living room again. We do have good booze, bitters, beer, wine options over here. + TJ appetizers.

Robin (robin_is_reading) | 7 comments Katie also wants to come -- she finished the book and can't wait to talk about it!

Robin (robin_is_reading) | 7 comments No need for Skype either -- Anna hasn't read it yet and I don't think Rachel has either, as she's doing a literature-by-women year, or so I understand.

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