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North America / Caribbean > Govorner Jay Inslee Suspend Death Penalty

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message 2: by Naomi V (new)

Naomi V (naomi_v) | 432 comments Excellent! The US should abolish the death sentence in all cases in all states. There have been too many innocent people recently released from prisons; it's horrifying to think of how many men have been put to death for crimes that they didn't commit.

message 3: by Jarod (new)

Jarod Wilson I stand against Capital Punishment because I believe no person or a group of people, for that matter, has a right to kill another human for any reason, no matter how diabolical and horrifying their actions were. Exemption of course for situational self-defense. The Non-Aggression Pact doesn't not allow for vigilante justice or mob revenge, which Capital Punishment is, albeit a pretty technical and bureaucratic one.

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