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Rachel | 10950 comments Here you go.
Put pictures if you want.

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Shriana let the sunlight wash over her as she woke up. Her blue hair stuck to her pillow.
"Morning" Sam whispered, kissing her forehead. She sighed, sliding out of bed. Her white blouse and denim shorts were perfect for sleeping, but not for morning. She changed into a red silk blouse a black denim shorts.

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Sam was already sitting at the coffee table when she came down. He kissed her forehead, holding the newspaper loosely. Shriana sighed, stirring some sugar into her coffee. She twisted her engagement ring, the wedding only two weeks away.

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Sam's tail swished happily. Shriana stared off in the distance, twisting her engagement ring. He smiled. Shriana was beautiful, even if she didn't know it.
"We have to finish sending the invitations today" Sam reminded her.
"Who else can we send them to? I already sent one to Caterina, Magnus, the Hathaways..." She ticked the names off on her fingers
"You invited the Hathaways?" He tried to sound even, levelheaded
"Of course. They're a very respectable European family" Shriana glanced up. "Is something wrong, Sam?"

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Same shook his head.
"It's just a old family rivalry. Started way back with the first Hathaway to ascend"
Shriana stood. She wrapped her arms around Sam. She nuzzled her chin into his shoulder, giving him shivers.
"I can uninvite them. A spell here, memory warp there, boom, nothing happened" Sam laughed.
"No worries Shriana. I don't want to ruin your day"

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"It's your day to, you know" Shriana said.
"Fine. Our day." Sam compromised.
Shriana smiled.
"I need to go into town today. I'll be back" she whispered in sam's ear. Sam nodded, and Shriana walked out the door.

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Sam had prepared a small part of the living room for the tracking process. He swished his tail impatiently. Five minutes until Zuzu was due to show up. Lyra Hathaway. The name sounded familiar.
A knock sounded on his door. Zuzu was here.

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Zuzu stood outside Sam's door, holding Lyra's steele. Sam opened the door, waving Zuzu in. neither of them talked. Sam took the steele from her. Zuzu could feel her heart beating faster. This was it.
"Do you have a guess of where she is?" Sam asked her. Zuzu's breath was shaky as she responded.
"Scotland, probably." Sam nodded, then turned his back to Zuzu. Time to begin.

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Sam raised his arms, chanting. Zuzu heard a variety of languages and purple flames shot from the living room floor. She gasped.

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Sam grabbed the steele, wincing as the point dug into his skin. He held it over the flame. This part was the hardest. Focus. Remember to chant the right words. A shudder ran through his body. He closed his eyes and the vision came. A talk skyscraper. A church-that-was-not-a-church. Familiar streets. He broke the chant, gasping.
"What? Do you know were she is?" Zuzu jumped from her chair.
"Se's not in Scotland. She's here. In NewYork City."

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Zuzu stumbled back, falling into a chair. Her breath was ragged, and she pressed her hand to her forehead. For over two years she had ran, hide, and lied to her family. Forbid to see her family, to see a twin who she left behind. Her excuse for never disobeying was Lyra was in Scotland. But all this time, she had been here, in New York. Lyra was just blocks away.

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Sam watched as zuzu stumbled into a chair. She was shellshocked.
"You can find her easier now." Sam tried to lighten the mood. He realized the name Lyra sounded familiar from the wedding invitations. Zuzu whimpered something, her voice unable to produce sound.

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Zuzu rose shakily from her chair. Sam handed her Lyra's steele, and Zuzu stumbled toward the door. She turned to Sam.
"I have to...I must... I need to go." She stumbled over her words. Then she turned and staggered out the door.

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