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Jaywest wrote: ""Uhhh what are you proposing?" he asked while he raised an eyebrow. He sniffed his nose for a bit while putting his hand down loose.
He wanted to comfort her, but she might have not wanted that. Pl..."

"I was wondering if I could sleep with you? Please. I promise you wont even know i'm there." she put her hands together and bit her lip. To be honest she wasn't uncomfortable she was normally dressed in this all the time.

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"Is this how you get men to spend money on you?" he asked by smiling as he rolled his eyes and leaned over the door way with one of his hands.
"Alright.....if you tend on sleeping me tonight, make yourself in my master bedroom." he said while opening the door for her to enter while he smiled as he still had his dress shirt on.
"I would have given something comfortable for you to wear, but i don't carry women cloth." he said while smiling.

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Jaywest wrote: ""Is this how you get men to spend money on you?" he asked by smiling as he rolled his eyes and leaned over the door way with one of his hands.
"Alright.....if you tend on sleeping me tonight, make ..."

"Ha ha very funny." she said remarking to his joke,"No I don't I normally sleep at the club and theirs always music to keep me safe." she said in a some-what protective tone.
"Anyway I don't mind the clothes, to be honest this is what i'm most comfortable in."

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"You know, the gentlemen in pretty woman bought julia Robert all the cloth that she wanted." Lamarcus said while smiling again.
"Well, make yourself comfortable in my bed as much as you want." he replied by pulling her into his bed while covering the sheets with her.

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"Ahh!" she yelped in surprise. She was giggling in the process. Her hair flew out like a fan. She smiled, in a way it felt safer with other people with her. She calmed herself and said,"Thank you." with a serious face.

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He smiled as he closed his eyes.
"Your welcome. So don't you have like a boyfriend to go back home?" he asked while smiling as he still had his eyes closed. If she did have a boyfriend, Lamar was going to guess her as a total whore. But hey, she was at least honest with her self. She admitted that she was a whore compared to anyone esle.

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"It's- ... complicated. I'm sorry, I don't even know myself." Her eyes closed slowly. She already felt herself getting calmer and warmer. She like the room it was beautiful, she just couldn't shake the feeling of being swallowed whole. Like she would be lost in their just waiting for some one to rescue her.

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"Yeah.....i understand." he said while closing his eyes while not making too much of a case with it.
"Goodnight Ms.Ally." he said while replying to her as he closed his eyes and went to the dream world.

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"Good night Lamar thank you." she whispered. She moved slightly making sure not to wake him up, she kissed his forehead, then went back to her original spot and drifted off to sleep.

((Time skip?))

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Lamar woke up as he saw Ally sleeping with her blond hair glowing. He moved gently as he went downstairs to make coffee and breakfest for his guest as he drank some water. He started to make some cooking noise, as he hoped not to really wake her up.
He started to cook bacon and pancake with strawberry with whip cream. He wasn't sure what she liked so he could every different type of things for her.

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Ally tossed and turned. She hadn't slept like this is forever. She felt the smoothness of the sheets, the warmth of her body in a nice warm bed, and cleanness of her body. She felt like her mind was in another persons body.

She smelt something and it made her stomach growl and she woke up. She looked for a robe or something so she didn't appear naked, apparently that wasn't Lamar's thing. She walked down stairs with a robe she found in a bathroom. She saw Lamar making breakfast and it looked great.

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He made dish of pancake with berries and bacon and eggs while he poured her some coffee.
"Have some meal.....please...its delicious." he said while pulling out a chair for her.
He put some food on her plate while pouring a coffee and a cup of orange juice as he smiled and sat down while pulling out a small news paper.
"So when is your next shift? I know that strip clubs of noir doesn't open til 8pm....so i'm guessing you got a lot of free time today." he asked while smiling.

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She looked at the plate with big eye's. It made her mouth water. She took a fork and cut a little piece of pancake.
"This is amazing. And as for work I generally go in around 7:00, avoids the mobs better." she smiled.

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"So we got a lot of time......Are you planning on going somewhere?"he asked as he had a little plan for her and him. Although if she didn't have anytime, he was willing to let her do her thing. He didn't mind hanging around Ally, she was a good girl that was forced to do unspeakable things to people. He justed needed to show her the good sides although lot of deals that Lamar did himself was around mobsters.

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"You seem to have forgotten you have me for the weekend and be careful, if you keep cooking me this I might never leave." she laughed as she eat some bacon,"Oh my god this is good!" she groaned.

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Lamar smiled as he pulled out $600 from his pocket as he gave it to her.
"Here.....its for the weekend. And early payment for you." he said while smiling as he saw her eat the bacon.
"Eat as much as you want. It something that most people don't know about me. I'm a decent cook." he said while he got up and put on a dress shirt and some sunglasses.
"okay.....you stay here, i'll be back in a second." he said while leaving her alone in the house while taking his car to go out somewhere really quick.

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Lamar didn't give her anytime to react all she could do was sit there with her mouth open just staring at the door. When she was finished eating she sat the plates by the counter. She wandered around the spacious house searching for something to do. She found a stereo and turned on something loud it drowned out everything and she started to dance.

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About an hour later, Lamar came in as he heard some jamming music playing as he saw her dancing on the floor.
"What are you doing?" he asked while he was smiling as he had some bag in his hand while he walked over to her.

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"Oh I uh..." she ran to the stereo and turned it off.
"I got bored." she gave an embarrassed smile. She noticed the bag he had in his hand.
"What's that?" she asked curiously.

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He smiled as he had bags and bags in his hand.
"Uhhh....its cloth. There is a lot of place for shopping. I didn;t know what you wanted, so i picked up a lot." he said while pulling out some beautiful cloth and dress as he smiled while giving it to her as they seemed to be extremely expensive.
"Don't worry about the money, its my gift."he said while handing them for her.

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"Wow, you realize you're trying to turn me into pretty women." She picked up the dress and twirled around,"Do you wanna play dress up? Come one." She picked up a few bags and and pulled him up stairs.

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"Alright julia Roberts. Take it easy." he said while giving her the dresses while he followed her upstairs slowly. He just smiled and followed her while smirked.
"Alright, show me what you got?" he asked while heading upstairs.

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She looked around the house searching for an idea, she pulled him into his room and gently pushed him on the bed," I'll go in the bathroom and the come in here you tell me if it's a ditch it or keep it." she picked up the clothes and went to the bathroom.

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He sat on the bed as he waited for her to come out as he laid down on the bed while looking up on the ceiling and smiling. He haven't had a guest in a while and Ally was a pretty fun guest. He waited for her to come out with her new dress and PJ as he closed his eyes.

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Ally opened the door with the blue dress on. She twirled around when she presented the dress to him. She personally liked it,"So what do you think? Diss or miss." she smiled.

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He stood up while his eye opened wide.
"Wow......definatly keep." he said while smiling as he stood up. She didn't look like a stripper. More of a fashion girls on a magazine. He just hoped that she could see that as well. He stood as he walked over to her as he touched her arms.
"I like it. Keep it Ally."

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"Calm down it's only the first one." she giggled she don't know why she did it but she turned to him and started to poke his stomach like a kid to tickle him. All the while she was laughing the entire time.

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"Alright alright. Go ahead and try your next one. What ever it is, i think you look beautiful in anything." he said while he laid down again as he felt extremmely tried from everything that he did today. He wanted to rest, but he also wanted to see what else ally looked in.

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Ally went back the bathroom, not a lot of people called her beautiful. Sure they called her sexy but not beautiful. She put on her next outfit,

She didn't like it as much but she went ahead and went back to Lamar. She walked and said," I'm not sure I really like this one to be honest."

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"Its your's honey. You can wear and not wear it if you don;t like. I bought it for you." he said while smiling as he stood up.
"There should be few more that should be a mind blower." he said with confidence that she would be impressed. It was a very pretty dress, nothing sluty but pretty.

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"Okay." Ally smiled, she went back to the bathroom, she was getting a little tired this was exhausting. She changed into her last outfit and walked into the room.((Are you going to pick or am I?))

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((Oh well I think three is the charm to be honest :D))

((I don't even know if this is Slutty or not.))

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He stood up as he smiled while grabbing her hands gently while looking at her.
"You look amazing." he said while giving her a small clap as he was very impressed. A girl like this was working in a strip club. To lamr, it didn;t make any sense.

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"So why are you buying me all of these clothes?" She asked curiously.
She liked them but it was just weird to her. To have something other than what she normally wore.

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"Well....you didn't have anything nice to wear beside your bra and panties. I taught it would have been nice for you to wear something classicle." he said while raisng an eyebrow while still wearing his sunglasses.
"So are you up for a dance?" he asked while crossing his arms together.

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"Something tells me not my kinda dance right?" she smiled and put her arms around his next. She doesn't know why but it felt natural to her.
"I could do both." she smiled seductively.

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He smiled as he had his hands on her waist.
"Hey....are you sure you dont want to stay here?" He asked while putting his head where her breast were while smeeling a little.
"You know you dont have to leave." He said while pulling her closer to his bed.

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"I have a job Lamar." She said wining a little. She wanted to she just had to get to work, if she didn't know what would happen to her,

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ℜσǥʊҿ♚ ♥Ɣªℳ℘Ɨɾҿ ℚևεεη♥ ♚ wrote: ""I have a job Lamar." She said wining a little. She wanted to she just had to get to work, if she didn't know what would happen to her,"

"Alright well, at least let me drive you back to work. I don't want to call a cab all the way here." he said as he smiled while smiling at her dresses.
"Are you sure your a stripper, because you don;t look like one." he said while replieng.

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"Thats fine with me." She smiled answering his first question.
"You may, I love your car by the way" she smiled she loved the rumbles of the car, actually it was exhilarating all together.

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He smiled while they still had time left. a lot of time actually until seven hits.
He grabbed onto her hands as he took her to a room.
"You still got lot of time. Let me show you something." he said while taking her to one of his big rooms that he had.

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"What was wrong with the other room?" She giggled. She held onto his firm grip. He led her to a spacious room. She had no idea what it was but she had a feeling that she would love it no matter why

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He showed it why he had his own small movie theater. He smiled as he sat her down in one of the chairs.
"Go and take a seat sweetheart. I'm gonna go put on a movie." he said while going to to put on a film. When he came down, he sat next to her as he smiled while pretty woman intro started.

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"What the heck is it with you and pretty woman?" She smiled and looked at him. The song rang threw her head a million times that day. "Pretty woman walking down the street." She started to sing

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He just smiled as the lights slowly shut down as he sat next to her while the movie played.
"Becasue it reminds of me and you." he said while smiling with her as he held onto her hands.
"I think you are going to be the next Julia Roberts." he said while smiling.
((Srry, my notification didnt show))

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She knew what that also meant. She couldn't get rid of her dream/job. if she did she would go insane.
"No I won't. I like the way I am, Julia Roberts never admitted to that."

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He held onto her hands as he looked into her eyes. Lamar didn't understand. If someone gave a person a chance to get off the streets, they would have taken it any time. Why didn;t she do that?
"And why is that?" he asked while scrathing his goat teeth while straing into her eyes.

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"I like this life style. It's what I want and I don't know how to explain it. I guess it's apart of me." she shrugged. She grew up around it and that couldn't change a thing. Her mother never stopped it and she had plenty of time too.

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