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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments For ~♥Liv♥~ {Everything will be okay in the end} and Aimee

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments I'm going to copy and paste that plot outline...really for myself.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Plot:

A girl who has never been noticed, who has always been alone and had everything handed to her. She has never had anyone to love her. She could never do anything crazy or get with a guy and loose herself. Her father is always controlling her and never lets her out of his sight.

A boy who lives alone and has a wild life. He is always hooking up with girls left and right and doesn't have very much money, he can barely afford his small apartment.

But when they meet everything changes. Its an instant connection that is undeniable and the girl is finally breaking free and being a new person with the boy, she is going farther than she ever has with anyone and the boy feels the same way and they can't keep their hands off each other from the moment they meet. But once her father finds out all he does is try to pull them apart.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments so would you like to start?]]

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Sounds fine.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Name: Dante Nelve
Age: 22
Appearance: He has short hair that is brushed to the side. He's about 5'10" and usually wears a worn Tee-shirt with an old pair of jeans.
Personality: Dante is a nice guy, extremely easygoing and loves to have fun. He lives very recklessly and doesn't always think things through.
History: He had a decent childhood. No one really paid much attention to him so when he dropped out of high school no one really bothered with him. Although he never got his diploma, he is very resourceful in that he finds odd jobs to pay for his expenses. He doesn't make much, but enough to get by. Despite his low income he makes the best of it. More often than not, he will waste his extra money on hookers or drugs or alcohol.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[sorry I hate finding pictures. They never really capture what I want from a character]]

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante was walking down the street, past his old high school. It seemed as lively as ever. He sighed slightly as he continued to walk. It was a nice day. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze that cooled the skin. As he moved, Dante found himself daydreaming. He wondered what his life would be like if he finished high school, if he actually cared, if someone else actually cared. With all those ugly thoughts floating around in his head, he bumped into someone knocking them to the ground.

"I'm so sorry," he blurted out offering a hand to the young lady he knocked over. "I wasn't watching where I was going." She looked older than a high schooler, but then again he could be wrong. With all the girls he hooked up with, they found different ways to hide their age. He would have guessed 20 or so.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[sorry I have to go. Talk later. I'll be back around 10ish. Again I'm really sorry. I thought I would be on longer, but circumstances]]

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante smiled at the girl warmly. She was definitely younger than 20...18 or 19 maybe. When he got a better look at her face, he commented mentally, She's cute This wasn't a cute in 'I want to take you home tonight' but rather a 'may I kiss the hand of this young maiden'. Dante continued to think about what he felt towards her. Maybe it was because she was so beautiful...or maybe it was something else. Either way she was different from the other girls he's dated.

Dante released her hand once she got to her feet and replied, "I'm truly sorry. My name's Dante. To make it up to you...I-can take you out for some coffee or something." He was trying to be polite. Personally, he wanted her to say 'yes', but his wallet was begging her to say 'no'. He was down to his last twenty-five. Although over the years he's learned to make the best of that money...going to coffee shops wasn't it.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante smiled at Jane, "Sure, sounds like a great idea." Dante's wallet sighed with relief as it hoarded the little money left. Because it was such a nice day Dante suggested, "How about the park? Good scenery and a calm, quiet place to talk." He always loved the park. It was usually quiet active, but also very tranquil. It seemed like a great place to just sit down and have a talk.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante smiled and led her to the park. He found an empty bench near the center of the park and took a seat relishing the sun. "It's so warm, don't you think?" He leaned back and rested his head on the back of the bench. His thick mat of chocolate brown hair fell back to reveal his face. He almost forgot about Jane as he lost himself. He used to do this so often not too long ago. "Take a seat. I've got all the time in the world," he stated pulling himself up.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante looked at her in surprise, "You need to get out more. There's a world for us to discover and live in. The park is one of these many places. There's always something happening, even if there really isn't." With a slight touch of concern in his voice he stated, "It's not good for someone to be cooped up, especially in high school."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante blushed slightly before replying, "You look like you could be. Sorry," he continued with a smile, "Well isn't that a good thing. Women always want to look younger right?" Dante was blabbing on to cover up his mistake. It was truly embarrassing for him.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante didn't know what to say. He was practically broke while this girl was swimming in money. With a smile he got up and said, "You were great company. Thanks for the conversation. Sorry again for running into you. Have a nice life." Dante didn't know if he really wanted to stick around. This girl was so out of his league that it wasn't even funny. As he walked away he searched his pockets for his wallet. Silently he looked at the $25 and his drivers' licence. He didn't have any use for the licence since he didn't have a car. Actually it was a few years since he drove, but it was special in that it proved to the world he existed.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[sorry for the late reply, been really busy. I hope you don't hate me.]]

Dante turned around to Jane and smiled, "Sure, when and where. If I can go, I'll go." He really liked her company as well, but should he really hang with her? He was practically a hobo. What could he offer her? With a moments hesitation he continued, "If that's ok with you."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante felt sorry for her. She was like a lost puppy, but he couldn't take any more strays. Nevertheless he replied, "Well, I guess I could spare a few minutes. So what do you want to talk about?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Car? Dante thought. He sighed thinking how much of a loser he really was. This girl was much better off than he was, so why should he bring her down. "Are you really sure you want to hang with me? You should find someone who can provide for you, someone who can make you happy and support you."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante smiled like always and allowed himself to be pulled, "Okay." There wasn't much more to say. He couldn't say 'no' or at least he couldn't bring himself to say 'no'. As he moved towards the car he wondered what was going to happen with this girl.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante raised his hand up replying, "No, I don't have my licence any more." In truth he never had his licence. Although he knew how to drive, he'd never put her life or freedom in danger. "I think it'd be best if you drove."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante got in on the passengers side and buckled his seat belt. He never buckled, but for her he was more aware. Gazing out the window he began, "So why doesn't a pretty girl like you have any friends?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "Well you seem quite talkative now," he remarked before thinking about his own school career. There wasn't much to say about him. He glanced back over to her and found himself staring slightly. He averted his eyes for a moment before resting his head on the head rest.

[[talk later. going to bed.]]

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante wasn't listening really as he watched his home pass before his eyes. It was strange to see his world move so fast. Before he could blink, his home was gone. They were on the highway now. It seemed unreal. He could just keep driving away and never go back to that crummy life, but could he really just disappear? Could he reinvent himself to be someone he's not? What about this girl? Thousands of questions fluttered in the back of his mind as he stared blankly out the window.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Dante turned back to her with a blank look and asked, "Sorry, I didn't hear you. What did you ask?" He wasn't sure what was happening, but he knew that his world was changing. Whether it was good or bad, Dante didn't know how to take it. It wasn't like he had people who relied on him, so why not run away? He thought silently before the stress finally just wore him out. Staring blankly at Jane he waited for a reply.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "Why not?" He replied somewhat exhausted. If he was going to run away from his own life, than why not start here? As he stared forward he realized that he was being rude. "Sorry," he stated with a smile, "do you want to talk?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[honestly I don't know what's going to happen next....]]

Dante allowed her to drive in silence. He had nothing to talk about and couldn't think of anything interesting. As his mind wandered slightly. He watched as the city faded away and the country side came into view.

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