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Qinqin Nora is the character in" A Doll's House". It happened on 19th. She is a strong-minded women and she was not willing to as a no right women so she left her home to begin a new life. She was awaked after feels her husband don't loves her; just look at her like a bird. After Nora was left her home, I think maybe she will being beat by the society on 19th or she will get a successful and also become a start of woman's rights.

Maryam I think that although she stood up to her husband, and stopped allowing herself to be his object or 'songbird', she is still very naive, and perhaps foolish. I don't think she realises the harsh realities of the world, and how a vulnerable woman like her can be treated in a patriarchal society full of misogynists and domineering upper classes.

Anna She is foolish and naive. But she was smart for getting out of such a damaging situation. She saw her chance and took it. I always go back to the beginning and wish she hadn't married the man in the first place. Sadly, during that time period,extenuating circumstances in her life more likely than not compelled her to marry for other perhaps more material considerations.

Maryam Yes, fair enough she took her chance, but she has left her children behind, perhaps not to see them again. Regardless of how she was treated by her husband, she had a pretty comfortable life in comparison to other women who came from poorer classes.

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